such a good little knitter

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yesterday we had our youngest—and probably happiest—class participant ever. due to a scheduling glitch, marcus got to sit in on sweater fitness class. so we put a measuring tape in his hand to see what he would do.

into his mouth it went, haha.

normally, i experience a bit of trepidation when i see a baby come through the classroom door, but this kid turned out to be a champ (and a terrible flirt; for which i fell completely). and sorry debby, but i really must give marcus the good little knitter award this week—he’s probably the best behaved, most congenial baby i ever met.

i got a chance to take a few photos around the place yesterday, too; this is the house we’re staying in, which faces the water. the sun rises right out front every morning.

the whole island is in bloom right now—i saw the most stunningly perfect lilac bush on my way to dinner last night, growing in the center of a gorgeous bed of variegated tulips. i don’t know what they feed the flowers here, but they are large and beautiful everywhere (maybe it’s the water).

the camellias are almost done already, but the dogwoods are just at their perfect blooming stage, every flower open, but not yet in decline—lovely.

yesterday’s sweater class was really great; we all worked very hard and then i inadvertently talked for nearly an hour longer than i was supposed to, oy. for some reason i got it in my head that class ended at 5pm instead of 4 and everyone was too polite to stop me.

afterward we had some terrific seafood on the west side of the island, where we hoped to watch the sunset form the upstairs dining room, but a cloudy sky foiled those plans.

then it was back to the house for several hours of knitting and socializing; it’s such a pretty, comfortable place to gather.

i turned in on the early-ish side once again, because i knew i had to get up early to get some work done on the april BNK book chapter. fortunately, i was able to get out of bed before 5am and now i feel pretty good about my progress; it should be all done tomorrow with plenty of time for ronni to look it over before we publish on tuesday.

no run this morning (pout), because i still have a bunch more work to do, but if i continue to make good progress, i’ll go out this afternoon for a final turn around the island. today we’re having a finishing class, which is one of my favorites to teach; wish you could be here to join us.

there’s no point in getting up early and putting in some work if i can’t take a moment to enjoy the sunrise—it was a bit cloudy on the horizon this morning, but i managed to catch it just coming out of the cloud bank, when it was a lovely lilac color.

7 thoughts on “such a good little knitter

  1. Such a wonderful place to knit… and work! Lucky you! I’d like to be there!!
    Cute cute baby by the way, ready to get in touch with some knitting! lol!

  2. Beautiful! What a lovely way to spend a weekend. I’m sure your class participants weren’t just being polite last night, but were riveted by what you were saying. 6+ months later, and I still say that your lace class was the best class I took at Sock Summit. I’m amazed by your knowledge and ability to share it!

  3. Beautiful! I agree with Dianne. I’m sure they were riveted. You are the best, Anne!
    I see a little quilting action too. Cute, cute baby.

  4. wow I’m jealous of all your foliage and flowers. It’s still looking pretty brown here. We had 3 days of 80’s and then it dropped back to down to 20’s and 30’s , now it’s evened out to 40’s and 50’s but I think the plants are confused. Marcus looks so happy what a cutie-pie.

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