FIFC, A Club for Fall

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Fall In Full Color, a knitspot club, is an exploration of a variety of gorgeous fibers and colors through a series of intermediate fall and winter accessory projects. Each project is designed by Anne specifically for a custom yarn, to be portable and fun to knit, appropriate for gifting or keeping as a treat to oneself.

Yarns will include a selection of six hand dyed choices from familiar knitspot favorites as well as new collaborating artists. A range of yarn weights and luxury fiber blends (mostly animal fibers) will be represented. Signups for this club begin May 1 (current club members can signup now. check your email for a discount coupon). Members will have the opportunity to purchase a full membership, a full membership plus extra yarn, or the ebook only option.

The full membership includes a monthly shipment of exclusive yarn, starting in August, plus a chapter of the ebook. The extra yarn option is basically the full membership plus a “double dip” of yarn. This way you can knit the project for you AND a friend. The ebook only option is a great way to be part of the fun by knitting all the patterns using your stash. Peruse choices here.

This is the third offering of Knitspot clubs. Anne launched her first Fall In Full Color club in August 2011, followed by Bare Naked Knitspot in February 2012. Bare Naked is currently in its third month and explores a variety of fibers in their natural, undyed state to learn about and appreciate the unique characteristics of each. Yarns include a range of animal and/or vegetable fibers (sheep, goat, camelids, yak, silk, and cotton are some possibilities) in shades from cream to khaki to gray to chocolate—”sheepy” yarns if you will. Some will be soft, some will be lustrous, some will have stout, sturdy character that softens over time with long use (like vintage blue jeans). Yarn weights will vary; projects will focus on accessories, scarves, and shawls (possibly including a sock or baby item) that feature lace and openwork stitch patterns.

Though this club is sold out, you can still purchase the ebook and keep up with club by choosing your own yarns. Plus each club has an amazing clubhouse on ravelry for members to share info, WIPS, FOs and gain a little encouragement as they work through each month’s projects. Check out FIFC clubhouse here and Bare Naked clubhouse here.

Do you still need a little enticing to join the club this year? Check out the deliciousness of FIFC 2011…


Spirit Trail Fiberworks Nona,


Longshadows – a wide lace scarf or stole strung with leaf motifs that are highlighted all around in yarnovers, like moonlight peeking between garden vines.


Shalimar Yarns Breathless,


Hazeline – a striking triangle shawlette where cozy garter stitch accents the slender hazel leaf motifs that line the hem, in contrast with the eyelet fabric of the body above. The silvery-green base color of the yarn is shot with bright yellow, signaling the change of seasons when the hazel tree turns to a blaze of gold, seemingly overnight.


Briar Rose Fibers Fourth of July,


Oktober Zest – cozy quick knit accessories to fit older children and adults featuring an appealingly tweedy rib-and-cable texture.


String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn Merino DK


Hasselnusse – neckwarmer with a ring of hazelnuts dusted with gold encircling the hem. The piece features a buttoned closure and knits up in a hurry from a surprisingly small amount of yarn.


Great Northern Yarns 70% Mink 30% Cashmere DK


Echo of Bells – criss cross scarf and wristlet set with softly-sculpted overlapping curves that create warm depth.


New Hue Handspuns Lace BamHuey,


Squall – a flirty, half-hexagon shawl featuring openwork motifs that mimic the textured patterns in ice crystals and snowflakes.

Along the way, Anne might surprise members with goodies – fiber wash, a project bag, candy or even some bonus patterns for the yarn you’ve received.

Mark your calendar! Signups start May 1!

10 thoughts on “FIFC, A Club for Fall

  1. I signed up for the pattern only for the first FICA club. There were chocolates that came with that club for those who signed up for the yarn. The BNK club is really great! I am knitting my way through along with those signed up at Ravelry. It is helpful and fun to belong to the groups online too.

    Anne’s patterns and yarn choices have been a real benefit to my knitting. I would never have knitted or even known about some of these yarns left on my own. Really, really worth it!

  2. So so worth every penny! Anne’s ability to match pattern to yarn in amazing. I’ve enjoyed both clubs and have already signed up for the next one. Can’t wait!

  3. I bought the indigo colorway of Nona last Maryland, then knit a shawl with it. Beautiful colorway and yarn!

  4. LOVE the exclusivity of the colors – they’re all gorgeous. . . . makes me feel like I’m getting something really special when I know it’s just for the Club members! And of course all the unexpected surprise extras! And all the wonderful patterns from you, Anne! Love this club! Oh – not to mention all the fun we have in the Clubhouse!! Can’t wait for FIFC 2012!

  5. I’m reducing my stash now so I can have room for the excellent yarns that I know will be coming my way this fall. I did the FIFC last year as pattern only, adn I did the Bare-Naked club with yarn. Now I’m doing FIFC with the yarn and then some. I look forward to sampling the excellent yarns with their corresponing patterns that Anne has picked out for us.

  6. Any chance the individual patterns from last FIFC will be available in time? Like the Oktober Zest pattern? Drooling over that one.

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