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tiger rules.
sorry about the whining yesterday . . i’m much happier today being back on tiger for the time being. thank you to everyone who sent suggestions for dealing with leopard; we will continue to sus out solutions for the problems we have with it and i feel confident that someday, i’ll try it again.

but for now it feels good to be home, so to speak.

i didn’t get a whole lot of knitting done yesterday for all the juggling, but i do have progress pictures of the snow shawl, which is growing steadily.

it’s still blobby-looking and about half of the finished rows are folding underneath, but here you can see the beginnings of a wonderful snowflake-go-round. here’s a shot of it with some light coming through

i am at the halfway point in terms of the number of rows, which means that i have about one-third of the knitting done (the rows get geometrically longer as we go; in fact, i am probably not even one-third through the knitting but i am opting for denial here).

i now have a nice progression from larger to smaller motifs in place from the center outward and am about to start a band of allover tiny snowflakes which i like to think of as the blizzard section.

i need to do some charting work today in order to continue, and i’m hoping to make good progress on that before i need to leave for classes this afternoon.

next time i photograph it i will probably be changing to the longer needleβ€”the stitches are starting to get quite crowded on the 24-inch one. at that point i should be able to get some nice shots of the opened-up piece to show you.

i also started the gale stole in anne’s cormo/angora artisan yarn (see my link?? my working link?? i can copy and paste today and all is well.).


this is gonna be pretty. it’s so soft, and the gauge i chose to work in will make it quite sheer. thanks for all the feedback on the swatches, BTWβ€”i had already made my decision and started work using the smaller motif on the larger needles, but it’s always nice to hear what you think.
i know lots of you like the tighter swatch, but i promise it will be pretty.

we got some decent photos (as opposed to the indecent ones i know you love) the other day of the gale scarf in judy’s delicious arequipa silk/alpaca. here’s a little taste

judy will be offering kits on her site in a variety of color choices; as soon as she has that ready we will release the pattern along with a whole bunch of other photos.

what? you want to know about that gorgeous stick pin, which happens to be the perfect thing for this scarf?
it’s by rosemary, of courseβ€”one of the selections in her sticks n stones collection. (oh dear. i just went over there and saw another one i like too. that aventurine teardrop. good thing it’s out of stock or i’d be abandoning you to buy it)

what else is new? since the lady cardigan socks are done, done, done, i pulled out the last of the languishing socks to finish it up.

can you believe i haven’t finished this? it has been right at this very point since before christmas. but then, christmas knitting ensued and it kinda got lost in the shuffle. i blush to say it, but it even became sort-of a background note in my “knitting still life” (that would be the pile of half-finished ideas and WIPs that graces the side table at my end of the sofa in the TV room).

suddenly the other day it registered with me that this half-finished sock had been sitting there for ages and i was horrified to realize i hadn’t given it a thought. at all. in months.

that’s all gonna change now; i’m taking it to class tonight and if i don’t finish it up completely in those six hours, i will during monday’s classes.

ok, now time to get to those charts before is have no time left.

31 thoughts on “rrr-r-r-RAWR

  1. Anne- Romi’s site is evil in a good way.

    How do manage to have the right color shirt to model in? I’m lucky if my hair is brushed sometimes.

  2. I want it ALL. Now, that’s a post!!1 I had to laugh at what Lorraine said about you having the right shirt to model the scarf! Funny! I love everything, as usual. I hope Romi restocks soon; she’s going to have to now!

  3. Gorgeous, as usual. I have so far not allowed myself to be tempted by Romi’s things. (Okay, I have been tempted but I haven’t purchased.) You’re making it hard!

  4. i was toying with the idea of moving up to Leopard, but don’t want to buy lots of new software. Sorry you had all those problems but I’m willing to learn from your mistakes and wait for a while. And isn’t that cormo angora wonderful? I made some mitts in it and loved how it handled.

  5. Anne, I went over to IWK after commenting yesterday, and was positively astounded by the “Bleeding Hearts” stole. It’s another highly innovative design, and looks like it came straight out of the garden!

    Please tell David that I sympathize with his having to restore Tiger for you–in my household, I’m the one who has to listen to the moaning and groaning when a new computer configuration doesn’t work, and then try to put everything back the way it was before. πŸ™‚

  6. I cannot keep up with all the wonderful things that are coming out of your brain and from your fingers! I have been down for the count with the flu and started Hypoteneuse yesterday. I love it – knitting it in Katmandhu (wool/silk) and it’s so beautiful!

    I was forced into Leopard when I got my new MacBook Pro. It has gotten better though. (We have about 10 macs in our studio – only half have been upgraded to Leopard.) I do feel your pain.

  7. Oh…I am loving the gale scarf! I don’t knit fast enough to keep up with all your gorgeous new designs!

    I tried to finish Hypoteneuse last night…but after working 14 hours and getting home at 8:30 I just couldn’t keep my eyes open to finish. tonight for sure…plus I just got a lace blocking kit in the mail over lunch…so more incentive!

  8. Oooooh. Very nice! And btw, I have another one of those aventurine sticks left and it has your name on it. πŸ˜‰

  9. What I want to know is how you manage to have such an elegant neck?! When I model scarves, I’m all chins… Maybe if I had a pretty stick like that I would look elegant too. Must consider…

    I hate hearing these stories about Leopard! I’m on a campus mac, so I’m on Tiger until my refresh. At least it’s a year away, so maybe they’ll get all the bugs worked out on this year’s refreshed computers, and my transition won’t be so bad πŸ™‚ I hope your classes are great!

  10. Oh this new baby looks so good! and I love how the colours of the other Anne’s yarn look different in any photo you show us.

  11. Oh, I love it so much now that it’s blocked and modeled! And this one looks like a much simpler knit than a certain other scarf which I also love, but which doesn’t love me back…

  12. Oooh the shawl is so pretty…and cormo/angora for the stole…gasp! I feel like such a plain jane with my stunning merino over here πŸ˜›

  13. So interesting to see the differences between the scarf and the stole – yarn changes are big changes. Looks like the yarnovers and the colour dominate the scarf. The swoops seem to come into their own in the more monochrome laceweight.

    Fun to watch!

  14. How do you get such great yarn all the time? I suspect that people just *send* it to you, you insanely lucky person. Actually, don’t tell me if that’s true. I don’t want to know! I can only stand to be so jealous. πŸ™‚

  15. Oh I love the gale scarf! So pretty, perfect for one of my random skeins of lace weight – but definitely AFTER we move. No matter how much of a good idea it sounds right now, I’m fairly sure taking on a new lace project during the packing would be a bad idea!

  16. It always amazes me how *blue* white often looks in photographs. I really shouldn’t have gone to look at Rosemary’s site. I thought you’d finished those socks ages ago! Oh, btw, I left a little something for you on my blog. Go look. πŸ˜‰

  17. The scarf done with Anne’s yarn is going to be scrumptious! Don’t you just love Romi’s pins? I have a few that were gifts that I cherish!

    Teyani and I are on the same wavelength….check out the blog πŸ™‚

  18. That gale scarf looks so amazing…and wouldn’t you know, some of that very yarn somehow got purchased on a weak moment the other day and showed up in the mail yesterday–I love it! Now I wait impat…, make that patiently, for that pattern so I can cast on! Another beautiful design!

  19. I swear your blog is like crack. Every single day I come and fall in love with something new. The only days I get a reprieve are those when pictures and links are not possible for you. Promise me that’ll never happen again, I’m not sure I can go many days without my fix!

  20. Thank you Anne, that’s the snowflake fix I needed. I can’t wait to start knitting with that beautiful, peaceful color!!

  21. So funny. the rest of us have unfinished projects languishing all the time. I love the cormo angora yarn, such a beautiufl colour. The scarf looks great the pin does look perfect. The shawl is growing, I look forward to seeing more.

  22. Oooh so many pretties and so little time. I really need to clone myself. Of course, with my luck I’d be the clone stuck with all the chores and boring life necessities while the other one got to do all the spinning and knitting.

  23. ANNE – you always look so good in scarfs – mine start out nice for a few secs – I ‘me better wrapping a nice big shawl arround my neck – the shawl looks great, love those lg snow flake motives – looking forward to seeing it on larger needles – you sure can knit girl

    yours in knitting pat j

  24. Today I found some yarn in the stash; jaggerspun suoerfine merino in ecru. I have 1,260 yeards.
    Do you think this will work for the snowflake shawl? We are all waiting for you to finish the pattern. Hurry up!

    The bleeding heart stole in IWK is beautiful. I think that I am now able to put my finger on why I like your designs so much. They have a lovely mixture of elements of nature blended with the beauty of patterns, lines, rows, diagonals, feathers, leaves, canopies, spirals, swarms and storms. They tame the beauty in chaos. You’re terrific. Warmly,

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