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it’s nice to have a project that zooms along.
i’m being very faithful to the two large lace pieces that i have on the needles, and another new sock-design-in-progress, but it’s nice to have this little project that gives so much bang for the buck. i work on it for an hour or two and i feel like i get a lot accomplished. yesterday in class i got half the second sock done. i think we all need that sometimes.

yesterday was the last session of the sock class i’ve been teaching; seven newly enthusiastic sock knitters have been released into the wilds. hehehe.
but did i have my camera to take photos—NO! sorry about that . . . .

meanwhile, i got to the point with the snow shawl where i decided it was time to put it on a bigger needle (amazing how many stitches will fit on a 24-inch needle in a fine yarn). having the shawl between two needles during the process, i was able to get some nice photos of it laying flat.

you can get a better idea of how big it is now—i’m about two-thirds of the way through. dummy me, though—i forgot to measure it; i’ll have to do that today.
here is a closer look at the motifs themselves

after seeing the patterns laid out flat for the first time i made one very slight adjustment, but overall i am liking it. soon it will be time to start the pine forest—and i’m ready for a change.

yesterday i received some last birthday packages, and as much as i hate to flash all my goodies in front of everyone, i really want to let the senders know they arrived and show you how thoughtful my friends are.

our intrepid test knitter, nan, sent a luscious assortment of edible and non-edible goodies. some divine chocolate, jasmine tea (my favorite), and mint soap.
funny coincidence—at the yarn shop last night i got to experience this type of flowering tea; it’s so cool. the tea comes rolled into a ball about the size of a superball, and when you put it in a pot of hot water, it “flowers” as it reconstitute itself and steeps. (the yarn shop owner, melissa, is a tea aficionado)
mmm, thank you nan, you really shouldn’t have—you’re way to good to me as it is!

and jocelyn sent a boxful of nice smelly stuff . . . lip balm, soap and scrub from faerie made. don’t they look yummy?? and i love the inclusion in the box of several tiny samples—i’ll pack those in my travel kit and take them on my trip at the end of the month.
thanks jocelyn!

i also got a box from my brother joe’s family with some really nice casual jackets in it that i can wear when i ride my bike to classes. i took a photo but it’s too blurry to post.
thanks kids!

we went thrifting the other day for chairs for my “classroom” here and hit the motherlode at the habitat re-store. not only did they actually have chairs we like, but all chairs were 50 percent off. yeah, baby.

we got 5 of these solid cherry and blue vinyl ones.

how those two materials even remotely belong together in one piece of furniture is beyond me, but some day we can recover them and they will be spectacular. for now, a good scrub is all they need to be usable. not bad for $5 each.

then we saw these two and i just could not leave them behind; i love them with all my heart.

these are from the goodyear aerospace corporation (they have little metal plates on the back of the seat that say so). are they supercool or what?? i can just picture them in someone’s 1050s-era office, looking all aerodynamic and stuff. and they are truly comfy, too.

the original upholstery and metal frames are in perfect condition and they look as if they were barely ever sat in. when i turn them over, the muslin and springs look new. they must’ve been in a storage closet for the last 40 years.

they are SO me.
they are going right into the new library on the third floor.

guess how much they cost? you won’t believe it when i tell you. ready??

$2.50 each.
you read right—no lie. that’s two-fifty each. SCORE!

worth the trip?? you betcha. we spent $30 bucks, got stuff we like, and recycled at the same time. yay.

ok, now, i gotta go write some thank you notes.

42 thoughts on “sock-a-block

  1. the lace shawl is coming along nicely…very pretty!

    Now those chairs…I would not have pegged them to be so you..LOL. They sure are different 🙂

  2. They don’t make stuff like they used to, huh? Of course those are “retro” – real retro! Great bargains…
    Lovely shawl! I even have some laceweight I can use to make it…I can’t wait for the pattern.

  3. I also go to the habitat store….under the control of someone responsible! I have a little problem with Pimento cheese glasses…always find one or two. Last time I found a perfect little chair for the under the eaves guest room. Happy me.

  4. Interesting chairs. Not my style, but it’s fun to wonder what they could be. Do you read Cabin Cove? He’s the son of upholsterers and did an ode to a couch once upon a time, showing the same couch he’d recovered several times in several different styles. You’d never have guessed it was the same piece of furniture. Ever since then I see something I wouldn’t normally choose and wonder how it would look covered over with something. (Not that I have nearly the skill of the child of upholsterers!)

  5. The shawl is looking beautiful — it’s fun to see it out of its jellyfish incarnation 🙂 And the chairs are a deal on wheels! I’m glad you like the goodies 😉

  6. Good score; don’t you just love treasure hunts? (especially when they’re spectacularly successful?) And I’m another jasmine tea lover – Do you have any favorite brands? (I’m looking right now for a good one; Jasmine Jazz just got too expensive, but may have to cave if I don’t find something wonderful soon…)
    Got the yarn for the shawl and it’s absolutely beautiful; so soft, in both shade(s) and the feel of it. This is going to be one cozy, peaceful project.

  7. I’m sure Goodyear Aerospace Corporation will love the thank-you card! 😉 I think I’d send one just to see where it ended up!! Nice day all around (presents and chairs!)

  8. Again, you have the best stuff! Your friends just love you. Cool stuff. I love the flowering tea! Can’t wait for the sock pattern.

  9. FAIRIE MADE!! That’s my girlfriend!! HER STUFF ROCKS! We started making soap about the same time. I’m so proud of her! and it’s a small world!

    Enjoy your goodies! oh and that numi tea, my boss LOVES it. she gave me one to try the other day and now i love it too. heh!

  10. Oh curses. I was resisting Snow but I really think I might have to order it. You and your lovely lace! If I don’t watch out I will spend the next year just on things Knitspot.

  11. Great shawl, great gifts, and great deal! Cool!
    I should try more often to go thrifting when I need something… There is obviously great stuff to be found out there!

  12. Oh, Anne! The shawl is beautiful. I can imagine working on it in the heat of summer and thinking about cool winter days.

  13. All those chairs! They are awesome! Even the blue vinyl has its charms:) We live in the land of ye olde colonial, and nothing 50’s retro hip every shows up here.

    As for the shawl–ha, ha, ha, no pressure–but I did receive my yarn the other day. Too beautiful.



  14. Love the snow shawl…. of course… but WHOA! SCORE indeed! LOVE those chairs, all of them! how very very cool! yowza!
    I’ve not seen that ‘flowering’ tea, I drink a LOT of Numi Monkey King (jasmine green tea, yum)
    Great goodies :^)

  15. NEW CHAIRS FOR CLASS–I’M SO EXCITED!! I’m thinking more chocolate will be necessary!! The shawl is gorgeous. Can’t wait to touch it Monday!!!

  16. I was giving my new Interweave Knits a quick run-through. I saw the Cobweb Lace Stole, thought it pretty, then upon closer look, decided it was a bit too busy. I turn the page, see the Bleeding Hearts Stole, and think “that’s it — very, very pretty!” and then I discover it’s yours! I really wasn’t surprised because it has your beautiful style. I’m delighted you’re in IK — congratulations! Your first (I presume) design there is beautiful and a keeper. Very well done — as usual. How are we all to keep up with you?!

  17. oh wow, that shawl is really coming along. i’m beginning to think that it’s holding off the real stuff too – i don’t think we’ve had any (of consequence) since you started…hmmm…

  18. The shawl is just lovely. I can’t wait to see it once it has been blocked. And I absolutely love the typo in the date of the chairs! Yeppers – they sure don’t make ’em like they used to.

  19. Oooh, now I’m thinking maybe I do want the square rather than the triangle. When I’m ever going to manage to knit all the patterns of yours I want to knit I don’t know but I like living in happy-optomi-land so I’m gonna just keep imagining I knit 5 times as fast as I do and for 10 times as much time. Or vice versa.

    I can’t believe how great a score you got at that sale. Those chairs are great! I like the color combo on the blue/cherry chairs but I see your point about vinyl… As I used to say in college (well, and still do now that I have a kid), whiskey tango?

    My IK arrived today just as we were running out the door for haircuts and dinner so I had to take it with me just so I could check out your shawl, That’s the only one I took the time to look at by the way. Congrats!

  20. Oh what a great chair collection you have now and enjoy your lovely gifts.
    Love the shawl and I am very tempted to order my yarn for this one after seeing the gorgeous patterns. It would make a great Spring/summer knit.

  21. That is a real bargain you got there ! I can just imagine how they will look like if you ever decide to upholster them.
    And the snow shawl is looking lovely !

  22. The shawl is really coming to life! And those chairs. Fantastic. And what a bargain! Your birthday loot looks excellent, glad to see that the celebrating lingers on—that’s the way it should be. I meant to comment to your previous post about the sushi—it looks delicious (and I am so jealous)!

  23. Yea! New chairs – we may never leave class now – we’ll be too comfy. Thanks!
    Need a viewing of snow shawl.

  24. I find great chairs, etc., in similar styles, but they are typically worse for the wear. Sometimes we buy them anyway. Some things you love for what they are, regardless.

    Great score!

  25. I think the thrifting angels were hovering over you both that day – what great! finds! Comfy too! Ah, the shawl is looking gorgeous! You need to find a way for your fans to have all the time to knit all your gorgeous shawls, scarves and sock patterns we’ve been getting 🙂

  26. Oh I’ve had that tea before with a friend from japan…. it was yummy, but must confess it gave me the willies just a tad bit because it looked like a sea urchin at the bottom of my cup!!! hahaha

  27. Those are some seriously awesome finds…why can’t I even find great thrift stores?! I have a whole house to furnish and redecorate, I’d love to be able to find good thrift stores around here.

  28. The snow shawl is looking really nice….possibly the only snow I’ve seen this winter so far-ahhahaa. Just finished reading my new IK-CONGRATULATIONS! Bleeding Hearts is gorgeous!

  29. What an amazing score on the chairs! I love a good bargain … must to the Scottish in me 🙂 Your shawl is coming along beautifully …

  30. I love that shawl!! I have to admit I had my doubts, I frequently find that the little motifs don’t look like wht they’re supposed to to me, but these snowflakes totally work. I think I’ll actually consider buying the pattern. Of course, I’ll probably pay tuition instead, but maybe once my degree is done?

  31. You’re still not giving me you’re address, right? ‘Cause you so know I’m stealing… um, borrowing, yeah that’s it, those chairs. Along with the contents of your freezer.

  32. Anne — just dropping in to tell you how much I LOVE the Bleeding Hearts shawl in IK. It has immediately shot to the top of the queue, and since I just finished a shawl/scarf (to be blocked today), it’s very good timing!

  33. The snow shawl is looking gorgeous. Lots of thoughtful goodies! Fun, fun. Those chairs are pretty funny. Cherry wood and vinyl, what a combo, but great for their purpose and truly a good deal.

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