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whoa. i’ve been a whirling dervish the last few days, which is why i’ve been AWOL (sorry!).

thursday, friday, and saturday i just put my head down and worked like dog from dawn to late night. not much knitting to show for it, but i got tons of computer work done; everything i wanted to get out before i left home was accomplished.

the test knitters are all settled in now with their snow shawl patterns and so far, so good i think (very little news from them and i consider no news to be good news in these matters).

and i met my deadline for the proposal which is a huge relief.
then i jumped in the car sunday morning and headed for albany with the laptop here, a pile of knitting, and some good books on my iPod (i’m listening to the pillars of the earth by ken follett).
i’m not a huge fan of the kind of thrillers that make up the major body of his work, but my friend debby recommended this one and so far i love it. it’s good and long (32 CDs), and there’s a sequel. so there’s plenty of reading to hunker down with there.

check it out: i even knit in the car for a bit on the way here. traffic was stopped dead for a while somewhere around buffalo due to an accident (which was horrible; i’ll spare you the details), so i took out my tesserae sock and knit a couple of repeats—about two inches worth.

i’d love to show you the pictures i took, but i realized halfway here that though i dutifully packed my camera and even thought to take some photos on the road, i forgot the cord that connects it to the computer. duh.

never fear; i do have pictures today. my mom has a camera that i’ve absconded relegated solely for my own use “borrowed” and can use while i’m here.

see how nicely we are settling in?
we watched the oscars last night (i think that is the first time i’ve ever watched the oscars, actually—weren’t the dresses lovely?), and i got another chart completed. just one more to go, then i start the edging.

you can really see the forest emerging in the fabric now, and i’m excited (i know. when am i NOT excited about knitting?)

though i didn’t do a whole lot of knitting at home at the end of the week, i did manage to finish one pavé sock before i left home, and make progress on two other socks which i’ll show you tomorrow.
i am totally in love.

this is the sock for me, alright. i like it so much that i would walk around with the just one on, but it’s a little chilly for that.

(and for those that have asked, chris says yes, she will be dyeing up a bunch of this colorway).

elsewhere is sock news, rachel, who agreed to test knit another new sock completed hers in record time and even mailed them to me so i could take photos.

isn’t she amazing? they look great. again we used briar rose grandma’s blessing, this way in a flame-red combination.

both these patterns are ready to roll and i will post them in the store tonight (i would do it now, but my mom wants to go out.)

ok then, i better get cleaned up and ready; i’ll be back.

22 thoughts on “i’ve landed

  1. Wonderful update! I REALLY like the Pave sock… i must admit I wasn’t to keen on it in it’s earlier incarnations but maybe that’s because i didn’t get to see them on someone? Anyway, those are lover-ly!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Have a great time with yer Mum!

  2. You’re not the only one who feels like walking around with one sock on: I’ve just finished my very first sock… Plain stockinette sock, not as lovely as yours, but hey, it’s a sock, and I made it myself, and wow!!! There won’t be any second sock syndrom here: I can’t wait to wear the pair!
    Enjoy your time with your mom!

  3. I love the zig-zag socks. I’m still working on the leg of my first pair of socks for my husband. I swear he’s either only getting one sock or two different onces!!!

  4. I love the zigzag socks!! Those turned out really really well. I hope you’re having a great time up there, and staying warm. Travel home safely!

  5. Anne: Pillars of the Earth is not the usual Follett thriller. It’s a fascinating account of the generations of folks who built Salisbury cathedral. (You know that by know, of course.) Anyway, I think you’re going to really enjoy it. Assuming you like historical fiction.
    P.S. I *know* the shawl is going to look absolutely gorgeous when blocked, but it just looks sooo soft and snowy just now…

  6. Have a lovely visit. Question for you… how high (tall) do you knit your generic socks? I know certain patterns call for a certain number of rows but I was wondering in a plain ole’ stockinette sock ~ how hi do you go? I’ve heard many knitters base the height on the foot length. I have a size 9 1/2 inch foot(boat) so that seems a bit high.

  7. *gasp* you’re right near me! There are some lovely yarn shops in the area, and my small spinning group meets on Wednesdays, if you’re so inclined.

  8. Aside from adoring the new socks, I have to weigh in with Deb on Pillars of the Earth. I read it for the first time 17 years ago and it is – hands down – one of my very favorite books. And I read A LOT. I just re-read it and enjoyed it just as much after multiple reads. I think it takes a few hundred pages to be completely grabbed, but once grabbed — hold on! It will contend for knitting time! I hope you love it!!

  9. I’m glad you’re liking Pillars of the Earth! I got it for Christmas this year and I loved it. As soon as I was finished I wanted to read it again! Now to get my hands on the sequel…

  10. Hey Anne!!! Hope you’re having a wonderful time with your mom!! That is great that you get to visit her. I love those pave socks. I am getting that dang pattern as soon as it’s up!!!! I love it!

  11. Ha! I’ve been walking around in one cardigan sock! And sometimes two inches of the second, with all the needles poking out. Punk leg.

    Two inches of sock = horrible traffic, horrific accident. Also, sanity in the midst of it all.

  12. Anne, your socks are wonderful, but I’m really excited about the forest emerging from the trees in your snow shawl pattern. I think it will crystalize this winter in Wisconsin for me. When the pattern’s finally available and I’m knitting it up (in the heat of August or sometime completely removed from my current experience), it will bring back memories of the snowiest winter ever… And also of how glad I am to have found your site to drop in on all winter. Thanks.

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