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yup, it’s snowing. pretty heavily, too.
i am so glad i don’t have to go out to work today or anything.

once i got the car cleaned off and moved out of the way of the snow plows, i got to come back inside and settle in with the early morning email and work.

hehe. not just a cup of coffee—that’s a whole canister my mom left me (can you believe she went out already this morning? yeah, by 8 am she was gone to church—in a coordinating wool outfit, too, mind you—while i was barely able to put sentences together still, nevermind a nice ensemble.).

sigh. this being young stuff is no good.
although i have to say, my habits are already changing. i dunno whether it’s the diference in daylight (it gets light an hour earlier here than at home), or just rubbing elbows with all these early birds, but last night i had to go to bed by 11pm (or risk falling out of the easy chair and breaking my neck) and i was AWAKE by 5:30 am this morning.
and i felt good (just not like talking; i like quiet in the morning).

i don’t have that much new knitting to show you, but tesserae progresses nicely.

i’m almost to the heel.
over breakfast and talk radio this morning i added another couple of inches i think. being the capitol of new york state, albany is smallish, but mighty, and always a hotbed of politics. so the talk radio (and news in general) here is fast-paced, full of debate, and makes for very good listening.

right now there are some dirty, nasty conflicts going on between the governor and the senate majority leader, and at the same time, the constituency in a large, rather depressed area of the state has made its dissatisfaction with its elected senator known by ousting him in a recent vote. and the way things are going upstate industry, housing, and education, there is plenty more where that came from. there’s so much political activity going on in so many directions right now that it’s a lot like being a spectator at the coliseum.

so, if you listen with knitting in your hands, you are bound to look down at some point and realize that exciting news is good knit fodder. i’m gonna keep this up all week and see where it gets me.

12 thoughts on “knit radio

  1. For the love of good wool, your mother rocks!
    I’m usually a very early morning riser but have no desires to interact for at least 3 hours :^) I do loves me a nice quiet morning.
    Like I said.. Tessarae is calling my name.. that and whispering sweet-things in my ears. :^)
    The snow is beautiful and I’m really glad you get to stay in :^)

  2. This “exciting news as good knit fodder” thing reminds me of the mother of a friend of mine: she knits while watching hockey, and the better the game, the faster she knits! Sweaters get done faster when Montreal’s Canadiens have a great season!

  3. Agree with Marianne – I can hear Tesserae whispering “knit me!” I am on Stashalong, but thinking some of Kim’s Roasting Chestnuts sock yarn for these socks might be worth a strike. Ummmmmm

  4. My goodness. And here I thought *we* were coffee drinkers! I love the idea of political speech-making as motivating knitting. I’ll have to give it a try 🙂

  5. Yummy socks. Starting the Gale – think the sz 8 too big for the blue yarn, will go down a size.
    Stay warm and enjoy!

  6. Live an hour West of Albany & get up everyday at 5:30AM to knit & look out the window at the beautiful woods& drink my coffee before heading off to work at 8:30AM.Working on my second Hypoteneuse-love it! Just became a first time Gramma on Monday & traveled to Plattsburgh to visit the new wee one & hand delivered a pair of “OH BAbys”

  7. Haha! I’m a definite night owl. I do my best work after dark. I could probably sleep all day and stay up all night very easily except for the fact that the rest of my family is normal. 😉

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