whispering pines triangle

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the triangle version is here, bursting onto the scene with big color and making the grass look even greener. a beautifully wearable version of the snowflakes in cedarwoods square, this one is whisper-light to carry us through spring, edges dancing in the wind.

shown here in the sweet sheep’s sweet lace, colorway cranapple. kit available here

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

kudos to michelle whose masterful magic produced this snazzy colorway.
and to amanda, architect, knitter, and a great friend, who took on the test knitting gleefully, persevered to the end, and was sad when it was over. how can we not love her??
and a deep bow to rachel, who untiringly reads the pattern line by line, adds the numbers, and checks the charts; she has the patience of job.
we also had jocelyn providing backup proofreading on this one (there were lotsa charts and lines to read!)—we heart you joce!

48 thoughts on “whispering pines triangle

  1. Another winner for sure. The color, the design, the execution, the model, what more can one say. You’ve outdone yourself.

  2. Thanks for letting me know pattern was up! Had to log on and purchase before going off to bed. It’s so beautiful!

  3. I think this is my favourite design of all your shawls. No, I KNOW it is. This is gorgeous. I just may have to make it in that snow squall yarn.

  4. I already have the snow squall in queue. Your gorgeous triangle shawl is being added as of this moment. How truly beautiful!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I’m still knitting the bee shawl but this is going on the list! Now, the jumper. I’ve admired it in a few posts and need something just like it! Where can I get the pattern?

  6. I see spring has arrived there—lots of retina-scorching green patches in the background (which really make the cranapple color pop)! I’m so glad I already ordered the kit! It’s gorgeous! (Nice modeling, too!)

  7. I seriously think I must quit work and just knit lace shawls. Forever.
    This is just outstanding. The colour, design, size, everything. Beautiful.

  8. absolutely stunning. and i think someone was having fun snapping photos of that beauty too! 🙂

  9. Anne- If I come to your house when I finish my shawl, can we twirl around your backyard together?

    I may need to borrow your lipstick.

    Seriously- it is magnificent. Well done.

  10. This makes me drool!

    What beautiful work – design and knitting. And I love the shadow photo – you look like an angel (or a prehistoric bird!)

  11. Stunning! I’ve been drooling over it ever since I saw it yesterday-it’s awesome! Have just finished BeeFields in almost the same colour as this.. This is really beautiful!

  12. Very pretty! I’ve been trying to figure it out from the photos and have decided I just can’t be sure. Are the motifs the same between the square version and this shawl or are there differences? I seem to remember reading about some slight changes but I’m not sure if that was real or one of the very vivid knitting dreams I had last night.

  13. Good lord, you knit amazing lace. that is beautiful, it inspires me to try and finish my neglected Peacock feathers!

  14. I am on record saying I don’t like triangle shawls, but leave it to you to make me realize it’s not the triangle, per se, but the SIZE of the triangle! What I object to is the pointing-to-the-butt aspect, but now seeing you with this really lush, really LARGE triangle and envelops the entire body — NOW we’re talkin’!

  15. How beautiful! How nice to be gone from your blog so long and to come back to such a luscious colour and inviting shawl!

  16. This shawl is just so beautiful. It looks like you are wearing gossamer artwork. Will have to try it. Thanks for designing something so wonderful.

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