A Club Like No Other

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It’s rare that a club is impeccable and inspiring from start to finish. It’s also rare that a club hits it out of the park the first year of its existence. Knitspot’s Fall In Full Color did all of this and more in 2011. I know you’re probably thinking “yeah, yeah…of course you loved the club. You work for Anne.” But remember folks, I started working for her in February. I was only an FIFC clubbie back then. Just a fan girl.

I remember when word got out on twitter that the club was available. I immediately went to knitspot’s site to see the cost of being an exclusive member. I have been in many clubs over the years and was shocked at how reasonably it was priced. I didn’t hesitate before I clicked “join us.”

I impatiently waited for my club shipment. The anticipation was killing me! And how did clever Anne structure her club to set it apart from anyone else? SHE SHIPPED THE YARN FIRST! The postman brought a lovely skein (well two. of course I bought the extra yarn option!) of Spirit Trail Fiberworks Nona and an adorable Birch Lane Bags project bag. The bag was just a little surprise, thanking us for being club members.

I left the yarn on the shelf, petting it day after day as I walked past. I kept wondering what accessory the skein of merino/cashmere/silk would become.

After everyone received their packages worldwide, the ebook was released. Finally the wait was over! I downloaded the most beautiful pattern I had ever seen. It was no couple page document that you threw in a sleeve. No sir. It was a CHAPTER of gorgeous photos of a breathtaking design and a detailed story about the creative process.

Page after page, I felt like I was sitting outside Anne’s studio peering into the window watching a master work. She detailed her process from start to finish – working with dyer Jen at Spirit Trail Fiberworks to get the perfect color, swatching motifs to create the perfect marriage of yarn and pattern, and then knitting the final piece.

August’s pattern was Longshadows, a pretty rectangle strung with leaf motifs that are highlighted all around in yarnovers, like moonlight peeking between garden vines.

Beautiful finished design and the whole chapter was a fascinating read. You almost forget the prize at the end of the chapter is the pattern for you to knit an accessory.

The club got more amazing with each month’s shipment of exclusive luxury yarn and captivating ebook chapters. Plus, it was a hoot to read about what all the members were up to by their posts in the ravelry clubhouse.

The patterns outdid themselves each month…

Hazeline in Shalimar Yarns Breathless

Oktober Zest in Briar Rose Fibers Fourth of July

Hasselnusse in String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn Merino DK

Echo of Bells in Great Northern Yarns 70% Mink 30% Cashmere DK

Squall in New Hue Handspuns Lace BamHuey

Seriously. This is one magnificent club.

Did I mention we got more little random prizes along the way in our packages? Did I mention that the clubhouse is an amazing group of knitters that are extremely helpful and supportive? Did I mention that Anne constantly checked into the clubhouse and offered words of wisdom as well? And, as if this wasn’t enough, Anne included some surprise patterns along the way that would work with our club yarn. BEST. CLUB. EVER.

Fall In Full Color 2012 is going to knock your socks off. How do I know? This time around I’ve been part of the planning process. I’m beyond giddy with excitement. So click here and be part of the fun. You need to be a member of this club. It’s a magical six months.

Don’t wait. Memberships are going fast…

10 thoughts on “A Club Like No Other

  1. I’m pattern only this time round in a vain attempt to try to use up some of my rather extensive stash!! I so much enjoy reading the chapter each month. It’s a great club and the clubhouse on Ravelry is such fun too.

  2. anne tries to get a variety of weights for the FIFC pattern accessories. in 2011, there were:
    2 DK
    2 fingering
    1 lace
    1 worsted
    of course, the details of 2012 are a secret! hope you join the club!

  3. Yarn clubs look like alot of funf perhaps some day but I have extensive stash (including fiber) so maybe i’ll spin something lol

  4. Thanks for the little push — I thought that all the spaces were probably gone, so I didn’t even dream of trying to sign up until I read your post. Now I’m already looking forward to August!

  5. Will the 2011 patterns be available for purchase at some point in the future for those of us who weren’t able to participate in the original club?

    Thank you!

  6. Thanks so much for the ‘nudge’.
    I love Anne’s patterns and have so many of them!

    I also have a huge stash – lots of luxury yarns that I just could not resist — so, I went ‘pattern only’ in hopes of using up some of what I have with her perfect patterns.

    I look forward to getting to know a great new group of knitters!

  7. I’m looking forward to the FIFC 2012! We had so much fun in the FIFC Ravelry Clubhouse, talking about all the patterns/yarn and making new friends! Can’t wait to see what comes around this time!

  8. OK, you convinced me – I need more yarn and patterns like a hole in the head, got such a backlog of projects. But – Anne’s designs are so beautiful and I enjoy the blog so much. Have never tried a club like this – now I can’t wait!

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