don’t laugh . . .

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it started out as an innocent little trip to a couple of yarn stores (ok, don’t choke on your drink; i KNOW that innocent and yarn store probably DON’T belong in the same sentence). the first thing that happened, was that debbie couldn’t go. debbie, we will definitely catch up and get you out next weekend. and steve, don’t read any further if you really care that debbie EVER gets to go shopping with us!

ok, back to the yarn shopping. i bought this:

don’t say anything yet. i also bought this:

it has a clever secret inside:

it holds knitting magazines and patterns!
actually though, i told david it was for all the magazines, meaning the bike, design, and knitting mags stacked on our coffee table (THAT is too embarrassing to show you). maybe there will be one slot for patterns . . .

about the furniture. i have to explain that we are renovating a large old house. (that is the nasty room there, which will eventually be a dining room). we moved into it with practically no furniture. it has a lot of “empy” (read: yarn storage) rooms and we love midcenturey stuff. i find things at thrift shops and david buffs them up and makes them look great. the chair appeals to my secret “liberace” side; i have a few “princess” pieces that act as a counterpoint to the more severe things. this might get reupholstered some day in a 50s fabric that changes it’s tone completely. i just love the wide seat and low arms: perfect chair for knitting!! plus, it reminds me of jonathan coulton’s song, “baby got back” (see the sidebar for the link)

beth will never go shopping with me again, though. we couldn’t see out the back window all the way home.

BTW, this IS leading to a yarn story. we went to sally’s shop and fine points ( Fine Points Yarn Shop – Cleveland’s Knitting and Crochet Resource). that’s part of the problem; there are some awesome thrift stores along the way. i also bought this:

plus, a bag of polworth fiber that sally herself carried home from australia. what was i supposed to do, leave it there? like i always say, “i’m stopping after this.”

AND! and this is the best thing. see that blue sweater? i didn’t buy that yesterday. i made that last year, and have never found the right buttons for it. you know how you get an idea in your head about the exact, right thing that would finish a garment, but you can never really achieve it?

well, that didn’t happen yesterday!! i actually found EXACTLY what i wanted for buttons at fine points, AND! and, they were cheap!! see, they look like little chips of rock. i love them!

a little clarification here; fine points does not sell anything that is cheap, but they also do not sell anything inexpensive. these were either marked wrong, or they are SO cheap to make, that even fine points can sell them at a good price. at any rate, they are perfect and i am so happy i can wear this sweater now!

seriously, we had the best, fun day! we missed debbie, though. steve, we missed debbie, and we won’t put up with her not being able to go next time . . .

while we were out, david was home doing this:

washing clothes. did i mention that i live in a dream world? no really, i do. seriously, i do NOT deserve this man. he is the best. david made that drying rack; he thought i needed more height for my handspun skeins to dry . . .

oh, and that is another view of the nasty room. see the nasty, Nasty wallpaper? i know, it scares me too; i try not to look at it. but once, and i kid you not, i saw it on debbie travis facelift, in someone’s house.
no wonder there is a debbie travis.

tomorrow, i am going to talk about this:

bet you can’t guess what this is?

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  1. *screaming and pointing at the computer screen* Steve, I like THAT for a drying rack…oh my gravy Anne, the fact that you have that many needles to do that many things at once is scary heehee.

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