i’m not kidding

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ummm, where’d that come from?

heh. yes, well.
i sat down last evening to swatch that cashmere/silk yarn the lilith sent me—remember the one i showed you yesterday?
(looks like she doesn’t have the silk/cashmere in her shop yet, but if you email her from that page, i bet she’d answer any inquiries).

and i did. swatch the yarn.

i’ve had my eye on this one stitch motif for a while, but it never worked that well in laceweight for a scarf. but here i had some fingering/sport weight yarn, and by devil, it worked a treat.

i did two swatches, one on size 5 (which i really thought was the one) and one on size 6 needles. after soaking and pinning, i could see right away that the looser swatch was just what i wanted. it looked just like a blackbery thicket . . love.

and wouldn’t you know—the name of this colorway is bramble.

“see—this was meant to be”, i thought, “maybe i’ll cast on and just get it set up by knitting a few repeats. it’s 10 o’clock now; i’ll get it started and then work on my sock while we watch TV”.

next thing i knew i had a third of the scarf done. then a half.
when we went up to watch TV, i did bring the sock along with the scarf, but i don’t think i seriously considered working on it even for a minute.

that is to say, be warned: this yarn and pattern will cast a spell on you. instead of saying just one more row, i kept saying, just one more repeat (because they’re so short, you see).

and oh, what a spell it is. please, be my guest. fall.

i really mean it—if you have been dying to try knitted lace with pattern stitches on both sides of the fabric, this is the pattern to start with. it’s so easy you will surprise yourself. you will be making knitted lace before you know it, and nary a p2tog tbl to be wrought.

i never intended to knit a whole project in seven hours—it just happened. for those who have been wondering which is the fastest little nothing, i think we have an answer—7 hours/one skein; what emergency won’t this cure?? and in fact, i know just who to gift this to.
i even knit mine a little longer than i usually like the little nothings to be, because i was so close to the end of the single skein.

i will pull the written pattern together as quick as i can.

65 thoughts on “i’m not kidding

  1. Hey, Anne. I have some Anne that would look great in that pattern – I think – altho it’s pretty variegated… Just got it in today! (Along w/the other Anne for my Honeybee!!! SQUEEE!)

    Dude, you’re spitting them out faster than I can buy yarn for them!

  2. Insane! You’re a machine, that’s what you are… (And I say that like it’s a good thing, because it is!)

    That yarn looks phenomenal, as well; love the colorway.

  3. That is soooo beautiful, blackberry and such a pretty lace pattern. I like doing lace way better than colourwork but have been struggling with the IK Leaf Kimono Top lace pattern, which looks a lot like this one. At least there are no decreases on a scarf LOL!!!! Would love to try this one, might take a bit more than 7 hours but even 7 days would be a sensation ;)) I’d just like to say you have wonderful designs, they are soft, pretty, romantic but still totally modern, that is awesome!! Looking forward to this one…

  4. OMG! I want that sooooo badly I can taste it. Yum. Although, I do wonder what the equivalent of 7 hours for you is for me. I totally want to cast that on right away, you evil temptress you! 😉

  5. Ooo, this is just the thing I’ve been looking for – I’ve been needing a rectangle for a gift! Is it really that easy to execute? Would it be simple enough to make wider?

  6. I just love your latest scarf and eagerly waiting the pattern. I have the most gorgeous dark purpley cashmere which to my mind has always been my Blackberry yarn. It’s obviously been waiting for this pattern.

    I’m also interested to know whether it will be simple enough to make wider.

  7. Anne,

    Your new design is simply beautiful. The yarn and the pattern are in perfect harmony. I can’t wait to treat myself to the pattern! Thank you!

    Blessings, Sandy

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