done and done

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i am crossing things off my lists.
i am getting things finished.
and . . i feel really boring.

not that i’m bored, mind you (are you kidding? heck, i can entertain myself with bubble wrap). i just feel like i don’t have anything to talk about. of course, that could be due to this headache i’ve had for a number of days running—it feels like a hat, in fact, and a very heavy one at that. one that has a vise inside it (and dammit, all the ibuprofen migraine formula is gone).

it could be that so many things are in bloom

my dye garden runneth over. for real. you can’t see it very well but that is a planter, with sides. obviously, the dye plants don’t care about that . . they will go where they want. one of these days i will go out and clip all the flowers off to make dye with. sigh. it might not even be this year, but i will. in the meantime, i find the plants and their flowers offer plenty of eye candy as they are

i love this green santolina . . . its tight-fisted buds have been dotting the vivid green foliage for a couple of weeks now, pleasurable to look at in and of themselves.

but today, their little, itty bitty petals (or maybe florets?) started to umbrella outwards.
soooo delicate.

but anyway. so yeah, instead of getting distracted and running around forming plans to dye up 16 pounds of wool, all natural-like, i’m finishing projects that i said i would . . . only two sock mates left and one is underway. which means that another new one (or two) could be on my mind.

OH. speaking of socks.
remember these? and that awesomely perfect yarn they are knit from?

well, chris has her grace bamboo/merino blend yarn back in stock, and is offering knitspot readers a special chance to have first crack at buying some, along with a 10% discount. the yarn is not shown on the site’s main page, so if you’d love to score some, use this link to go through the back door for browsing and purchasing.

and she’s got it just in time, too; david likes his luxor socks so much that he has “talked” (wink) me into knitting another pair with the skein of grace chris gave to me at wooster

so another contrasty design is underway in my head.

now, much as i am being diligent, finishing scarves and socks and getting patterns finalized, i like to have some fun too. i like summery colors, summery fruits, and pretty flowers. and i have the perfect yarn for that

i know. you can’t tell at all what i’m doing with it yet, but this photo is strictly for drooling. you know what the name of this colorway is??

for real—look at it . . . . . now say it . . . GWAAAAH-va
yum yum, how summery it that?

this is a new yarn that one planet yarn and fiber is carrying from kaalund, called—ready—enchanté

and it is totally enchanting. there are a couple of colors that i love but this one really spoke to me (ok, it was more like this one licked it’s lips, smiled lasciviously, and winked . . . everything short of flicking its tongue). but who cares what its manners are? it’s di-vine.

(i cna’t help it wiht the flowers . . they just go.
because it’s a bit thin and slippery, i don’t think this will be a project i can grab-n-go with; i might have to keep this one at home to work on (no, really, that’s not an excuse not to share).

so i was thinking i would start another in the next few days with this

deb at fearless fibers has added this new merino/tencel blend to her shop, which has a beautiful drapey feel that i think will make an excellent scarf. my skein is the serenity colorway, but there are others beautiful ones. because it’s fingering weight, it will knit up very quickly while offering nice sheen and a rich hand similar to a silk blend. once i get it underway, we’ll let you know about a forthcoming kit for it.

did you notice that i have two pair of finished mitts and two finished scarves in the pile of done stuff at the beginning of the post?

(this picture sorta reminds me of ones taken when i was small, standing stiffly in front of some rose bush or other of one or more siblings, in scratchy stickout skirts and ties, squinting into the sun while an adult told us how cute we looked).

yup, all done, and i’m really satisfied—i like them both a lot. and you know what that means? we’ll have the pattern ready for release in a few hours. i just need to do some photo editing and choose a couple of nice shots.

yep, i better get to it; see you later.

19 thoughts on “done and done

  1. Wooowhooo!! Way to go! and mitts too 🙂

    I love the yarn……Grace was my mother’s name and I find it hard to resist anything much called that 🙂

  2. Wow! You’ve been busy! One Planet’s yarn is fabulous! I love Fearless Fibers as well, and I’ll look forward to a kit from the two of you soon. When the flowers seem as plentiful and vibrant as they do now, we’re fooled into thinking they’ll be around forever. Enjoy them now! Oh, a good remedy for a headache: Freshly grated ginger root, 1 tsp or 2 tsp ground in a cup of boiling water. Let it steep for about 10 minutes. I will take the edge off!

  3. Ha! I call that the “first day of school picture”. 😉

    Very excited about this latest pattern. My summer of knitting cold-weather accessories is going to be heavily Knitspot-themed, I can already tell. 🙂

    Hope your headache clears up! Any chance it’s weather-related? I sometimes get persistent headaches when the barometer drops.

  4. Yay for productivity! It clears the mind for new things (and I can see that you’re already going there — I love those yarns you’re working with!!). I can’t wait to see what you come up with (and, of course, I’m waiting to see what the next *big* project is going to be 😉 ). I hope your head feels better veryvery soon.

  5. Lovely work as usual. Now, I really have to work on finishing up some of my work. I’ve told myself I have to finish up the three (yes, three) baby blankets I have on the needles before I can start anything else. No, of course, that isn’t everything I have in a ‘pending’ status but the ones I’ve decided must get finished!

    Hope your headache gets better…

  6. mmm, Jacaranda, Wisteria and Waterlily were being pretty flirty with me…
    Yay with the FOs!
    I’m waving my magic wand in your direction… wishing that headache far far away from you… I hope you feel better soon.

  7. Mmmmm Guava! 😉 Can’t wait to see your pattern release. I want some more shots of the scarves… I”m sure you’ll have them.
    I use Excedrin Migraine. It usually works for that sort of persistent migraine and makes me “functional.” You seem to be functioning however… 😉

  8. That guava yarn is to die for (and the waterlily and wisteria colorways aren’t too bad either)! Can’t wait to see what it will be.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon-

  9. ooohhh… many pretties – the knits, the yarns, the flowers! that guava looks absolutely wonderful! must restrain myself…too much to knit and too little time…

  10. I hope your headache goes away soon! That’s miserable, having one of those semi-permanent ones.

    I love all the photos. I think I love most that you have a dye garden you might not manage to dye with this year though. Thanks for sharing that. Makes me feel soooooo much better somehow.

  11. I have started reading your blog and am wodering where I can see how much YOU matched for this amount that your readers are donating. In other words, I donate $5, you say that you match this correct? If this is the scenario, where can I see documentation that you yourself matched it. Also,where is the documentation that states it is being matched indeed by you and not by monies sent to you from your readers (in thoughts that you will send it in under the actual donators name).I attempted to search your blog to see if there may be a link to this information but am unable to see one.

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