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the quiet astilbe. its fine, feathery flower creates a still spot in the garden that is a little resting spot for the eye an a contrast for the clamoring colors of the nearby lilies. i finally purchased two of these plants after admiring them in other gardens for a few years . . . what took me so long?

after a couple of brilliant days of sun that enabled me to catch up just a little with the weeds and mess in the garden, today it is back to raining. but that’s good too; i planted some new seeds for greens and they need even watering for a while; all-day rain should take care of that.

and it allows me to pass on garden work in favor of knitting. i snuck in a few photos of scarf progress before the rain started in earnest this morning

you know what this means?? big secret project is off the needles and i can move on to something else. late last night i settled in with david to watch the negotiator and worked a couple of repeats on this scarf as promised.

this little nothing will be something of a change of pace from some of the others. while not at all difficult to work, the motif is larger and has a longer row repeat. i felt that it needed at least three repeats across to read beautifully, so it will probably be about twelve inches wide when blocked. but that gives the piece a little substance to anchor it here on earth, because the kaalund enchanté yarn would, i think, otherwise float away—it is that fine and weightless (sigh!). enchanting indeed.

now, i need to find a name for it . . . this is another example of a mesmerizing arabesque, so my thoughts are wandering in that direction. i’m thinking that the arabic word for doorway or portal would be a good start. now, to find it.

meanwhile i got serious on another pretty, and completed several repeats on it in class last night

it is working up a treat in the beautiful merino/tencel blend from fearless fibers. now, this is a good on-the-go project . . . the stitch pattern is truly simple and the heavier yarn knits up quickly, thus providing entertainment for onlookers (a good trait in a take-along project i find).

i’m loving how the pattern looks in an overall fabric—especially the way the solid areas divide and into rivulets and come back together again. when i hold it to the light it seems to have shell structures embedded in it.

after researching the word rivulet a little and finding that it derives from the latin in several forms, all basically referring to that which flows, i decided to name this one rivolo. i like the way it rolls off the tongue.

i’m still debating a little though about the width . . . i really would have liked one more repeat of the pattern across (it seems skimpy to me somehow), but i thought that would make the scarf too wide for the weight of this fiber. now that i have a little more perspective on it—to the tune of 7 or 8 inches i think—i’m really leaning toward ripping it back and adding it anyway. it just seems as if it would be more right. and there is plenty of yarn. hmmm.

so, now that i’m free to start another big project, my eye has turned to this yarn

i have enough yarn to knit a shawl, so swatching some patterns in it shall commence. it’s a sweet colorway in merino laceweight from knitting notions that has subtle variations from almost-ripe green pear to that juicy-sweet overripe yellow pear color, mmm.

i’ve had my eye on another insect motif (or that’s what i see in it anyway), and i’m hoping against hope that this weekend i can pull some vagrant ideas together into a plan of sorts for it. i have to do some chart translating from another language for this one, too, which i am very much looking forward to.
(i’d be looking forward to it more if i could escape to a cabin in the wilderness with books and yarn in hand to work for a week—anywhere away from the drone of lawn equipment. but then again, here with david is fine, too).

oooh, speaking of knitting notions . . . catherine is having a clearance sale on her classic merino worsted, which is the yummy variegated yarn i used to knit the leaflet scarf and mitt set. all the worsted weight yarn is 25% off, while it lasts.

ok, i need to get back to a pattern that rachael is waiting on . . . see you next time.

14 thoughts on “a still be

  1. Door of Paradise in Arabic is Riyaan.

    Then there are different types of doors in moorish architecture that might work

    Pasha, mamad,kufi, tamassna

    Just a few to get your juices flowing! Not that they don’t all the time. You are SO creative.

  2. Ooh, I really like where this is going! I love what Anne L. had to suggest. . .Riyaan! Love that! There’s just so many things I want to knit right now, and you just keep on adding to the stockpile!! I’m overwhelmed!!!! In a good way. . . .

  3. I love Riyaan too. Sounds lovely, as does tamassna. Oh, and I have a thing for dragonflies. Not being pushy, just saying! I’m drawn to greens and oranges and citrusy colors this year too. Not like me at all, but I’m enjoying the change. Hope you have a peaceful 4th!

  4. Oooh – I’ve got skeins of that lace that I bought last year at Midwest Folk and Fiber. 😀

    And those two scarves… I really need to knit faster so that I can knit everything. LOL…

  5. You ask for Arabic, and here I come again with Persian! As soon as you mentioned “door”, I thought of Darvaz-e Shiraz (pronounced something like dar-vah-zeh shi-raz), which means approximately “the door to Shiraz”. When I was studying at the University of Esfahan, I lived close to the place called Darvaz-e Shiraz, which may be why it immediately came to my mind. I think it goes well with the scarf, at least in my eye, because of its colour: I’ve noticed different colour schemes in the mosaic tiles in different iranian cities, and Shiraz was the one that I remember having the more pink compared to the other cities I’ve visited.

  6. The color of the new yarn from Knitting Notions is mesmerizing. I saw it on their website the other day and had to physically restrain myself. Love both the scarves, Rivolo and the scarf-to-be-named-later (you’ve got talent in picking names for your creations, too)! I’m with errs—I’ve got learn to knit faster!

  7. Lovely lovelies to look forward to, but where is the “secret” project you’ve been promising? hmmm? Have a wonderful holiday!!

  8. Oooo, be careful what you wish for. Remember what happened to The Harlot at a cabin in the woods. lol.

    Great designs as always. I look forward to every update of your blog.

  9. don’t you just about love the internet? you send out a query, and viola.. arabic, persian and who knows what else comes flowing right to you 🙂 amazing this connection that we knitters have. it never ceases to astound me.
    love that new yellow pear color too. and your projects – well, they are grand as always.

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