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i just love a good collaboration . . . for these socks, david picked the yarn color and selected a stitch pattern out of several that i swatched, catherine provided her wonderful new bamboo/merino blend yarn, and i knit them up and wrote the pattern—now that’s a ménage à trois i can write home about.
(for the record, wikipedia tells me that the french phrase literally translates to a household of three. and houses have socks, right?)

ok, back to the stats: sock is show here in knitting notions classic merino bamboo fingering yarn, colorway tea rose (many more luscious color choices available).

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to go to the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

much thanks to catherine for her generous yarn support and dyeing prowess . . . honestly, it’s really hard to choose when i go to her site (which is where david entered the process—he was completely and singularly decisive about the pink).
and thanks again to rachel who is proofreading this month from isreal; i bet you can’t even tell she’s half a world away!

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  1. Those look fabulous and they really compliment David’s skin-tone! (And I don’t mean a single weirdthing about that at all!!) So he really knows what he likes AND what’s going to work, it’s like magic.

    I love how the stitch pattern looks a little like a ribbon being threaded through the socks. Neato!!

  2. Wow, they’re great. The pattern is so well defined and a beautiful colour too. Aren’t socks the most perfect knitting project for late summer knitting? – small and woolly.

  3. It takes a manly man to model his new pink socks in his Crocs for all the world to see! Seriously, the socks are gorgeous and the color is great for David. Congrats on another success!

  4. Wonderful socks! Color, yarn and stitch all work together beautifully.

    And BTW? I am waiting patiently for kits of the lovely sweater in the last post. I’m not sure how you’ll be able to hold out against knitting with that fabulous yarn – good luck with the self-discipline!

    I enjoyed the gorgeous plant photos – what inspiration!

  5. Well, gee, thanks Anne! ;> I’m motoring right along on my Caterpillar socks and you create another wonderful sock pattern. These will go on my “to do” list, right after Luxor. (Please don’t ask about my progress on Alhambra…)

  6. A successful ménage à trois doesn’t happen all that often, but that one certainly qualifies as a success! All three of you did beautiful work!

  7. They’re perfect! And David was right to go with the pink — it looks great on him. I’m thinking Rick needs a pair of these; they’re great man socks 🙂

  8. Love that David will wear pink socks. I have two
    sons that I knit for, and I can tell you neither
    of them would wear pink. It’s so boring to knit
    for them.

  9. Those are really cool, and they look great on him! (Pink wouldn’t work on my hubby. He’s too white, and he’d look all pasty and sickly, ha ha!)

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