wow, is it friday already??

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i guess you could say that it’s good to have focus. it’s good to be monogamous to one project from beginning to completion. but boy, howdy—as much as i like the results,

i am not used to it. being so buried in working on one thing makes me feel disoriented when i’m done. like i lost a week there or something. but nevermind, i’ve got a new sweater, yay.

and one i really like. i finished knitting the sleeves on wednesday evening and blocked them.
then i sewed the first one in while we watched TV late into the night.

yesterday i put the second one in and sewed on the buttons, then wove in all the yarn ends. finis!

and it fits great . . . it’s dense and warm and the fabric feels yummy—it’ll be a great indoor/outdoor sweater. it’s a little smaller than i imagined it would be, but if it was bigger i might find it baggy; a bigger sweater would need to be a bit lighter than this one i think. this has a classic fit with about two inches of ease and looks trim and neat. there is plenty of room for a shirt underneath without excess folds of fabric where i wouldn’t want them. i’m very happy.

and hungry to knit more sweaters now. i have another batch of this yarn in a different colorway

that is keeping me awake at night.
and then there is the baby spice handspun . . .

which i would love to knit up in a looser, more casual sweater.
something like my old bathrobe sweater

which has seen better days and now cannot be worn outside the house (besides, the size of it dwarfs me and that looks a little silly). but i reach for it day after day in winter because it’s so right—it’s light but long and cozy and warm. and while i’m not saying i want to replace it*, i think that in its old age it deserves a few more rest days than i give it—an alternate choice would be a good thing.

*(i just couldn’t. and anyway, it’s still very good except for those cuffs i am too lazy to fix—or maybe i just like them; i think that might be more like it. you know, when it comes to clothes i see myself turning into my father a little more every day and i really need to watch that. he was married to his oldest, most worn clothes, and i’m afraid i’m just like that.)

and it’s about time i knit that yarn up; i spun it at least two years ago, maybe three.
i know it’s not a colorful color like i said i would knit, but i love it.

now i know that before all that, i need to write the pattern for this new one (it will take time—i’m new at the sizing thing—but i’m doing it. please be patient with me; it is coming.). i also have a couple of shawls on the agenda for the next little bit and some small items (mitts!).

late last night i cast on for one more sample of the spiraluscious neckwarmer and knit the body while we watched TV

and all i have left to do on that is the edging at the bottom. then i can block it and take some photos of both the red and the iris one.

this afternoon i’m swatching for the fearless fibers shawl (i think it’s going to be a triangle), and hopefully casting on mitts as well.

my butternut scarf is growing and maybe tonight i’ll put some inches on that—it will be nice to have something light and delicate in my hands.

46 thoughts on “wow, is it friday already??

  1. As usual, I’m stunned at your progress! Two days ago you had a vest, now you have a finished sweater. In the same amount of time, I’ve managed to finish the remaining three inches on a sock. Your sweater is absolutely amazing and I love the way the yarn knit up. The buttons are also great–their irregular shapes are a nice contrast to the regular pattern of the sweater. Bravo!

  2. What a great sweater. I love the colors. I have just finished a sweater/jacket for me that’s been taking back seat to everything since last spring. Now I have a new “coat” for winter (that’s about the maximum we need in Louisiana!
    I love having old standards to wear, but don’t have any since the levies broke. It’s very strange, still don’t recognize the sweaters I got right after the storm…
    I want that Briar Rose yarn. How lovely. She makes such pretty colorways. They suit your work very well.

  3. Yup, absolutely gorgeous! And it looks wonderful on you 🙂 I know exactly what you mean about those old favorites; my very favorite sweaters are in a rather embarrassing state, as is my favorite long denim skirt. Oops…

  4. Wow, that sweater is gorgeous! I can’t believe you finished it so quickly. I’ve only knit a couple of sweaters and they took me forever. Actually I have a really bad case of sweater phobia. I love sweaters but am scared to knit them. What if I put in all that time and effort and they turn out horrible!

    I can’t wait for new mitts! Mitts are by far my favorite thing to knit.

  5. That sweater is the embodiment of autumn. GORGEOUS!! I love everything about it.

    I have a bathrobe sweater in the same state of [beloved] disrepair…

  6. Oh wow, your sweater is glorious, the colours, the stitches, the armhole details and the buttons, all combine so beautifully… totally gorgeous

  7. metoometoometoo — I LOVE the stand-up collar and will wait patiently for the pattern. I need to find worthy yarn for it first.

  8. Oh, just, lovely! Your sweater is gorgey. Will you have it as a pattern for us, too?

    What a great marriage of pattern and yarn, once again…

  9. Stunning sweater! I love the way the irregular shape of the buttons work against the more rectangular shapes of the texture of the sweater!

  10. I LOVE the cables at the armscythe [?] on your new sweater. Hubba hubba. As for your next choice? Handspun. It’s just that much cooler.

    The scarflet just looks so smooshy, I want to touch it!

    Can’t wait to see your new projects 😀

  11. I stand again in amazement. Just gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what’s up next….looking forward to that triangle shawl! **She skips off to see if Briar Rose will be at Rhinebeck!**

  12. I think we have a history with our old clothes, and it’s almost a game to see how long we can now make them last (a sentimental game). I’ve gone back to wearomg sweaters from the 80’s that still look good and am getting a kick out of that. Talk about memories. Your new sweater is so very nice. It will be your everyday sweater when you’re 65!

  13. A really lovely sweater. Classical, functional, and beautiful combination of stitch patterns and style. Will you please seriously consider offering sweater patterns?

  14. Youza…you cranked that baby right out!! What a beautiful sweater! I have to admit, I too would love that pattern 🙂 (running for cover…LOL)

  15. Have mercy! You are a knitting machine! I am crazy in love with this sweater!!!! Is it for US?! Please say it is! The yarn is awesome. Gorgeous. Beautiful. I’m smitten

  16. This is EXACTLY the kind of sweater I want to knit. Not a super-girly, wierdly shaped sweater, but not a boxy, frumpy old man sweater either. A classic-looking sweater. Just right.

  17. Like previous commenters, I am waiting for the pattern. The cables are a wonderful touch. The basket-weave (tile?) pattern is masterful. I am not really into knitting sweaters, because they have to be measured, get gauge, fit, etc. But I LOVE that sweater. I might even have the yarn for it.

    i don’t have a bathrobe sweater but I do have a beloved hand-knit cardigan that I got years ago at a thrift shop. It’s too big, it’s baggy and I keep telling myself that I will rip it out, “refresh” the yarn and knit another that fits properly. One of these days. After I knit this “classic-looking”, “just right” sweater.

  18. Love the new sweater..over here, we’d call that a cardigan but by any name, it’s lovely. Looks so comfy and how great that it’s not brown!

    The spiral neck warmer..super looking pattern..a new one for the collection I hope.

  19. What a gorgeous sweater! Seriously, I just love it. I am going to have to give Briar Rose a try…I’ve seen a few sweaters knit in their stuff now and it just always looks amazing.

  20. Your sweater is gorgeous, beautiful colors and the pattern looks difficult. So much better than buying an expensive designer sweater….and you made it yourself! Amazing.

  21. I predict that your stunning new sweater becomes a fav this season – love it.
    and heh heh.. becoming married to your oldest clothes sounds so very familiar 🙂

  22. I love your sweater! Love the colors, love the buttons, love how quickly you knit it up. And I do know what you mean about being married to your oldest, most worn clothes—but they’re so darn comfortable and you know they’re not going to spring any surprises on you. Some days one needs that.

  23. Such a gorgeous sweater! The colorway is perfect for your design. And those tagua nut buttons are a perfect complement – their simplicity allows them to stand on their own without overwhelming the sweater design and complementing the overall work at the same time. (As a good button should!)

    I really enjoy your designs. You’ve got a great eye for colorways that will work with your designs. It’s a real treasure to visit here! ~ kbc

  24. Love the sweater, Cant wait for the pattern… What yarn is it from Briar Rose? Want to buy the yarn at Rhinebeckthis weekend….

  25. OMG, I love your sweater!!! I knew you were going to have it completed for Rhinebeck. The weather is starting to get cold here and after seeing your pictures, I might make one for myself.

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