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one of the tasks i wanted to accomplish over the last couple of days is to get several new small projects on the needles that would be good travelers to tote along on my two upcoming trips. i won’t be home to plan and start new items for almost two weeks, so i needed to get squared away before i leave on thursday. that means that today there are new little knits sprouting all over the house.

i have the butternut scarf and david’s handspun grandpa sock, and to those i added a new mitt project (which will eventually be joined by a matching scarf and maybe a hat, too).

isn’t it just good enough to hug??
i love this yarn—it’s bunny patch from cheryl at newhue handspuns, and i started a new project with it. there are so many things to love abut this yarn—the beautiful colorings (this one is rose petals), the beautiful spinning, the incredible merino/angora fiber blend.

but what i love most is the fabric it makes. it has that soft flannelly feeling like thick, warm baby pajamas have, mmmm. the fabric drapes beautifully, even with cables knitted in, which i am ecstatic about

because i wanted to knit cables in it and i want to knit a scarf. the softness and fuzziness of the fiber called for a motif with strong lines, but that sometimes makes a stiff fabric, and i don’t care for stiff scarves. not so here . . . it’s just right for one of my favorite cable patterns.

i love this cable so much i have used it in two different sweaters,

(including this one from my own handspun) and still i want to knit it some more.

it feels so good to have a cably project on the needles. thank you cheryl; i really love this stuff.

then i started another small item

in this rich brown/deep purple colorway from fearless fibers. it’s a sock club color so it’s not in the shop yet, but there are lots of other choices in deb’s new tight twist merino sock yarn which is FAB. i love the way it knits up; it has that top-quality touch that all of deb’s yarns have, and i’m so glad she added this one to her line.

i have a pattern swatch for this one too but i think i’ll stretch out the suspense a little and reveal it as it comes off the needles.

david’s sock is growing a little at a time; today it joined me in a meeting for work, but i have a feeling it will gain lots more inches in the car on the way to and from rhinebeck, when it’s kim’s turn to drive.

i love the way the light looks when it passes through handspun yarn . . it really glows.

now, i have lots more to do before we leave in about 36 hours, so i better scramble. kim is coming in tomorrow evening and i told her i’d bake a cake. i also have to pack and do some other work before i’ll feel completely ready (ha, yeah, like i’m not gonna forget something).

i’m so excited my stomach hurts.

16 thoughts on “sprouts

  1. I don’t blame you — I’m that excited for you, and I’m 3,000 miles away! I’m loving the small sprouts, and the man-sock is perfect timing; I was just thinking this morning that the next socks OTN need to be for Rick; he’s sorely lacking in handknit socks. 🙂

  2. Love all the sprouts, can’t wait to see what they all are!

    And just don’t forget your clothes like I did when we moved…

  3. Camera in purse/knit bag w/projects and wallet. Laptop. Undies and jeans and a tshirt and a sweater and a sleeper tshirt.That should about do it. All else can be gotten during the trip! Gotten conserve on space for purchases!
    Love the handspun sock, even at this point!

  4. Have a wonderful time at Rhinebeck! Wish I could have gone this year as I had hoped to, but some things are maybe just not meant to be.

  5. I just love your sprouts! Of course, now add two more sweater patterns??? I wish you could swing by and pick me up on your way to Rhinebeck!!! I’ll be thinking of you both!! Have fun 🙂

  6. The colours of wool look yummy. Just what you need when it starts to get dark so early. Lots of little projects are so satisfying, a little knitting produces so much. Can you tell I’m knitting an adult sweater which is winding down to the end but not quite quick enough?
    Have fun at Rhinebeck. I know I don’t have to say that because you obviously will, how could you help it. Do I sound envious? Yes! I look forward to some photos of what I’m missing. Maybe next year … is that a song?

  7. Massive oaks grow from tiny acorns, so bring on the sprouts! 🙂 The new mitt project looks very tempting–I can definitely see why you keep going back to that cable.

    Hope I see you at Rhinebeck! 🙂

  8. I love that cable too. I did something similar in a sweater from a Phildar or Pingouin pattern some years ago for my son. It is also fun to knit.

    Thanks for all the yarn links.

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