the nice thing about a hat is . . .

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it’s a quickie project. just when you think it’s going slower than you’d planned, it’s time to start the decreases and from there it’s 1-2-3-done.

for myself, i knit the smallest of the three sizes i’d planned; it’s probably perfect for most youngsters. almost anyone else will need one of the larger sizes (if one knits to gauge). i’ll probably knit another in a bigger size to match the gray/brown tweed mitts, too—then i’ll have a nice set to give as a christmas gift.

speaking of christmas (wow, can we really be speaking of christmas already?), i’ve been thinking about david’s christmas sweater. he says he wants a HEAVY sweater this year. really heavy were his exact words: i want to replace the old red sweater that’s wearing out.
“wearing out”—i love that; more like falling off because there’s nothing left to hold it up

(and we laughed at its condition last year, but it was positively pristine then, compared to now. i think he’s clinging to the sweater it used to be—he keeps calling it his “after hours” sweater. i know—suave, right?)

i was skeptical about the heaviness, but i believe that people should discover their own folly in life, so i duly forwarded his thoughts to chris, who is always eager to enable help (she was dying yarn for her son; could she by any chance send some for david?? hehe).

this is her robusta chunky/bulky yarn—it’s 100% blue-faced leicester, just like the yarn i knit my october sweater from, only fatter. the mail carrier just dropped it off; isn’t it great? david’s not here at the moment but i’m sure he’s going to like it.

so, he says he wants a “plain” sweater. of course he said that—he always says that. but does he wear his plain sweaters? not as much as the patterned ones i’ve made (i don’t go crazy with it; just enough patterning to keep me from losing my mind). so i’m going to have to pin him down on the design a little bit more.

i have time though—i almost certainly won’t start knitting it til december 1st (it’s sort-of a tradition around here to race the clock on the christmas sweater project), but i’m planning it.

before i even swatch for that though, i’m making myself another hat. and starting the new lace stole. today is the day—i can feel it.

29 thoughts on “the nice thing about a hat is . . .

  1. I hope the hat and mitts are going to be a pattern so you can enable – I mean help – the rest of us! That red sweater reminds me of the tattered piece of my cousin’s blankie her mom carried around in her purse after the blankie gave up the ghost!

  2. Woah. That sweater is… well, it’s certainly well loved! Have you thought about reinforcing some areas (such as those elbows) with nylon the same way sock heels get reinforced?

  3. Lovely hat and mitts. I’ll bet the color alone is enough to keep you warm, to say nothing of the fiber content!

    Awww, look how he loved his sweater to death!

  4. “…i believe that people should discover their own folly in life…” I love that sentiment! I’ve never heard it voiced quite like that before.

  5. I love the mitts and hat! Your pattern shown off the yarn beautifuly. Ofcourse I’m a more than just a little biased :). Thanks again for trying out Bunny Patch Yarn.

  6. OOOoh! Can’t wait to see the finished sweater in that gorgeous color!

    I adore that David wears out his hand knits. Thereby proving over-and-over that he’s a keeper 😉

  7. Oh. my. I guess he couldn’t bear to give it up. I can see that it was once beautiful. But yes, he wore it to death. But of course that’s the best way for a sweater to go. It’s now no longer a sweater but an artifact.

  8. The red sweater is absolutely beautiful. I’m always worried when I knit something for someone else that they won’t like/wear it. I’d be delighted if something I knit ended up in that condition because it was worn too much!

  9. Well, at least there is never a question that he likes and appreciates your work 🙂

    That new yarn is really a very beautiful colour, and will make a very handsome sweater, I think. I hope that you will be able to post some progress shots.

  10. The hat and mitts came out really nice. I’ll be eager to make these for my granddaughter. Chris’s yarn is gorgeous, as always. David’s sweater will be perfect, whatever it turns out to be.

  11. Just wanted you to know, you came to Barbados with me.
    I knit the cloverleaf mitts (for myself this time! for cold hands at work) You can see a pic of the mitts on my balcony by the sea on my ravelry projects page.
    I really like this new hat and mitts, may have to knit for a northern friend!

  12. Love the hat and glove pattern! The design just pops! I finished my first hot waffles glove (first glove ever) thank you for such a great pattern.

  13. the red sweater looks like it was dragged behind a truck! I can see it was beautiful though 🙂

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