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mmmm, that cake was good.
(recipe here for metric users and here for non-metric users)

we had a nice birthday evening for david with sushi, cake, and some relaxation, though i did fall asleep on him around 2 am. oh well; long day for me . . .

with full day at home, i had a lot to take care of, but i managed to get out for a run despite that. i wanted to have a look at the neighborhood to see if anything had changed in my absence. luckily, with the beautiful fall weather upon us, i can run at any time of the day; i don’t have to be on the road by 7 am to beat the heat.

while i was running, i ruminated about how it felt to be a tourist for one day in my own town and even my house—being home for such a short time makes me feel like a guest, but in a good way. haha—a guest who bakes . . .

bret has begun to get ready for halloween in small ways, but he tells me the big decorating push will be over the next few days, so that at the end of the weekend, most of it should be up. (if you don’t know what i’m talking about, visit the halloween archives for any given year).

i told him that readers have been asking and he assures me it will be another good one.

i had a couple of appointments tuesday, david did some laundry, i repacked my suitcase and organized my teaching materials, and finally, worked on a pattern (but didn’t get as far on that as i wanted).

i also managed to get some knitting time in while we watched TV at night. david has started a new small (blue) project, so i wanted to make sure he was set up and had everything he needed to knit on it while i was away. i wish i had a picture; he looks so intent when he knits . .  . maybe when i get home i’ll get one.

i got everything completely ready to go for wednesday morning, so that i could get up early and get out for a bike ride

SO worth it!

i rode the route that passes by the swan ponds—the white swans on one side of the road

and the black swans (and geese) on the other.

anyway, after my ride, i showered fast, grabbed a protein shake and a coffee, and got back in the car to head for michigan, where i will be teaching at the briar rose yarn in the barn event this weekend.

first stop was erica’s house, where she had the car all packed to go. can you believe how much stuff it takes to take a baby to nana’s house these days??

buddy is appalled. he gave up his front seat spot for me—thanks bud!
i will repay you with a nice long walk when we get back later this weekend.

in the car erica and i chatted about our plans for the upcoming barenaked 2013 club, as well as other knitspot business and i got to knit while she drove.

in about 2 hours, we found the briar rose compound and look—there is the barn at the end of the driveway. and guess what?? there IS yarn in the barn!

you should come on friday or saturday—it’s going to be a fun couple of days. see hours and information here

17 thoughts on “in and out

  1. May I just say….my family will be glad to see me get in the car and LEAVE for the Briar Rose compound tomorrow! I have been driving them crazy (I’m sure) with my rather vocal excitement!

  2. I soooo wish I could drive up, I’m southeast MI, but being so far along with my own pregnancy Hubs won’t allow it. Maybe next time?!
    The picture of your glorious cake is enough to entice all of my craving buds at once. Now I MUST go get something chocolate. Mmmm.

  3. Have fun! I wish I could be at the compound with y’all! Did you take along some cake, or does David have to eat the rest while you’re away? Suffer through it, David…lol.

  4. Tell Chris I said hi. Wish I could have been there, but we are heading to Iowa for a wedding and to see grandbaby! Let Chris know, maybe next year.

  5. Oh, I would love a picture of David working on his small (blue) project! You go David! And I agree – poor effort on the cake. I think you need me to come visit and clean it up for you.

    I WISH I were in Chris’ yarn barn!!! Have fun!!

  6. The cake looks yummy!! Happy Birthday David.

    It was a wonderful weekend. The Briar Rose grounds were lovely as usual, it was perfect fall weather and I got to meet Anne. Thanks for your advice for the Blümchen sweater. I can’t wait to cast on for it. The trip was well worth the 3-hr drive. 😉

  7. wishing David a wonderful birthday and a year ahead full of health & happiness,
    please give Chris an extra big hug from me to thank her for the wonderful gift for our blankets of love ..mwah!

  8. Happy Birthday (belatedly) to David. The BEST people are born in October 😉

    And, oh, how I wish I could have been there for Chris’ big event. I hope it’s the first of many so that I can go one of these days.

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