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once in a while, you feel you want to knit something for “the girlfriend” (aka, la novia), even when you haven’t met her yet. or maybe it’s for your own girlfriend, or just anyone you want to feel special. it’s a delicate balance to find just the right thing—not too big, not too small—and definitely not too complicated. this pretty (pretty easy, that is) scarf just might do the trick. it’s warm and inviting but not overwhelming. it also works up quick as a lick. nice.

shown here in fearless fibers alpaca and wool DK, colorway embrace (what else??)
well, actually, deb has several gorgeous colorways there, including quietude and enticement that i’d pick.

budding celtic spiral shawl pin pictured with scarf is from nicholas and felice, purveyors of artisan metal jewelry.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

once again, the right yarn for the right girl was provided by deb kessler.
thank you, rachel for putting the finishing touches on the pattern with lightening speed.

and david has generously taken more photos because he knows what we like . . . (hmm, does this mean i need to come up with a “boyfriend scarf”, too? . . . there might be time)

30 thoughts on “la Novia

  1. I adore it!
    I feel like I’m in a race though…so many pretty knits and nowhere near enough time to knit them all up!

  2. It’s beautiful! It’s a good thing I am NOT knitting anything for anyone for the holiday. Although I look at your patterns way too much for someone who is NOT knitting for Christmas!!!

  3. Good golly, I can’t believe how fast you turned this one out for all of us. I adore it! And, Deb’s gorgeous yarn makes it all the better. Beautiful! What a lucky girl your nephew’s girlfriend is to have an Anne original. Hope she won’t mind if we have a copy!!

    Thanks, Anne.

  4. Just gorgeous Anne. You look beautiful in it, that colour is lovely on you. I wish it were cooler so I could wear a scarf.

  5. A boyfriend scarf? Yes please! Some of us don’t have girlfriends, after all. And I like to believe that you are a broad-minded, inclusive sort of lady.

  6. This is for the girlfriend of your nephew right??? That’s why it’s called the girlfriend scarf?? It’s very sweet! And you look radiant in that color Anne! I know you’re not selling your cuteness, but you are awfully cute in it!!

  7. Oh, I really like this scarf! It’s delicate without being fussy, and the name is perfect! And you ARE awfully cute in it!

  8. Anne,
    You look beautiful in your beautiful scarf and your beautiful pin and… I’m buying the pattern…

  9. That is very unusual and I just love it. How hard would it be to knit for an experienced knitter who likes a challange but doesn’t have the patience for lace?

  10. Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is more hours in the day to knit all of Anne’s beautiful designs! 24 hours just aren’t enough when sleep is factored in. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  11. once again you bring home the winning pattern. very lovely.

    i’ve gotten to where i don’t really wear scarves or hats but love cowls that are long enough to cover my head. why not do some of those as well?

  12. Anne, you don’t disappoint! You are so prolific knitwise and webwise…you are an inspiration. I’m in time-out right now with tendonitis but love seeing your new creations.

  13. I have been away for awhile and busy with other things. That is why I am leaving a comment so late. I love the scarf and your socks from yesterday’s post. Just like all your other works, they are beautiful. I can’t wait to see David’s sweater.

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