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grid⋅i⋅ron: [grid-ahy-ern] –noun
1. a football field.
2. a utensil consisting of parallel metal bars on which to broil meat or other food.
3. any framework or network resembling a gridiron.
4. a structure above the stage of a theater, from which hung scenery and the like are manipulated.

shown here in araucania ranco, colorway, #120 midnight

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many thanks to rachel for quick and efficient proofreading. thanks!

17 thoughts on “gridiron

  1. Anne, such a beautiful sock pattern. You told me it would be coming out real soon and it did! Got the pattern and now just have to decide on the yarn. Thanks for your beautiful work.

  2. I think that just as soon as I finish spinning up some of my Harvest Pigeonroof studio BFL, I will have to get this pattern to finally knit up a new pair of socks for my hubby. Thanks for the incentive! Another great pattern!

  3. i read your blog faithfully & am totally inspired by it. These socks speak to me-I’ll be ordering them shortly. I’ve promised myself to hold off on projects until I finish the two sweaters I’ve knit for myself! I knit your Hypoteneuse design (for the third time) as a gift for a dear friend-she was so touched-thank you for your creativity. So nice to know there are kindred souls out there.

  4. It’s official now. I have to go out and get a 2″ binder since I’ve filled my 1 1/2″ binder to the brim with all your patterns. Love these socks. Can’t wait for the “poppy” socks. I have a lovely skein of Yarn Nerd in a beautiful red all ready. A perfect Valentine’s color. Now which bin was that in??!!

  5. These are great! I want them for myself! Yes, Barb mentioned a binder. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have an official KNITSPOT binder??? Huh, huh? Come on!!! It’s been three years since I mentioned this!!!! I want one. You would sell a ton of them!

  6. This morning, I felt sort of proud of myself for staying on task and practicing project fidelity in the face of rampant startitis. I got half a glove done on those fumes….then saw your awesome/fast/beautiful knitting and felt so jealous I started another project to soothe myself – LOL!

  7. Oh
    I sympathize. We bought our house from a ‘contractor’ who we now refer to as S==t for Brains, as in “Want to see what SfB did in here?” I wish he had not tried to renovate anything. And the ‘decor’ looks like the bastard offspring of Salvador Dali and Martha Stewart. Good luck with all your fauxness.

  8. wow. that is one fabulous pattern.

    geez.. I blink my eyes for a couple of days and you are just leaping through the pattern design business 🙂
    love it.

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