the long home walk

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we are very lucky that our house was built on a double lot all those many years ago—it offers some really nice perks, such as a distance of more than 15 feet from our neighbors windows, an open area to have the garden each summer (which we now feel we couldn’t live without), and plenty of space left where tall trees can grow to shade the house in summer so we can forgo air conditioning.

there’s just one drawback to all this which comes to mind: double the shoveling in winter. and today, we’re in the midst of a real doozy of a storm.

our property is an oddly-shaped peninsula at the end of our street; because of the backstreet that runs behind, it’s not very deep but it is very long streetside, with a lot of sidewalk trimming the edge. since our mail carrier delivers on foot, i feel it’s only fair that i get the stoop and walks cleaned early.

i like shoveling actually; it’s a good chance to chat with the neighbors and get some fresh air. of course there are days when i wish a thousand shoveling faeries would descend on harvard avenue out of thin air to make the snow disappear—it isn’t always convenient to drop everything and shovel. but in general, i like getting the exercise (today it was a strength workout; this snow is dense, wet, and heavy).

i’ve been smiling that so many people think i’m going to be weaving now (you know—in my copious free time). while i admire weaving greatly and wish i enjoyed it more, i’ve never seriously gotten into it. i really can’t take on another thing that i can only pay a little attention to. but, maybe some day . . .

no, the big box that arrived the other day contained something completely un-fibery and very mundane in its own way

i’ve been wanting an exercise bike for years to use in bad weather. ever since we moved to ohio, where week-long bouts of bad weather keep us inside too often. david always poo-poo-ed these things, preferring to ride on his set of training rollers. with my balance, that option is so dangerous that even david had to agree we needed another option. i tried using my regular road bike mounted on a resistance training stand, but it was killing my back.

finally, i rebelled (haha, like that’s a new turn of events).
i don’t care anymore if my exercise bike takes me down a peg in david’s estimation. honestly, this winter has broken me. and it’s not like i’m training for the tour de france or anything (ha-HAH-haha!!).
it’s been almost impossible to get outdoors even to walk regularly since thanksgiving; i need my endorphins, dammit (david won’t argue with that).

today though, the shoveling may have sufficed for a workout.

on to knitting . . .

caricia it is.
thank you all for letting me know your thoughts on the name; i appreciate it. with the heat running pretty briskly this week (you know it’s been damn cold when you glance at the thermometer and say, wow, look, its 21!!), the shawl was well-dried by yesterday morning so i draped it on the dress form for a few photos. we’ll do real modeling shots in the next couple of days. rachel has the pattern for proofing now so we should be all set to release it pretty soon.

in the meantime, lis at one planet yarn and fiber has put up a listing for anyone interested in preordering a shawl kit, which includes the yarn used here and a copy of the pattern. there is a link in the listing to views of a few more photos as well.

bougainvillea socks are done—got those back on track monday night and did the toes last night to finish, yay.
to recap, these socks are a design for the first installment of the dye dreams four seasons sock club, and are knit from their new dream sox merino/nylon blend yarn (which is yummy).

after i finished that up i worked a little bit on my reincarnated bunny hop sock

it’s really time to get these done so i can take advantage of the angora content.
(omg, the amount of snow coming down is starting to freak me out a little, heh)

after this sock i think i really need to start a little scarf—i’m jonesing for that sort of project . . . maybe a little nothing is in order. too many socks make jane a dull girl.

now it’s no use having a all-day blizzard if you don’t spend at least part of it curled up with a good audiobook and some knitting. since i still feel sorta wet and chilly from shoveling, i think i’ll grab a shower, put something good in the oven for dinner, and spend the rest of the evening doing just that.

39 thoughts on “the long home walk

  1. So strange, I lived 22 years in the high Rockies, 8,000 feet or more up there, and now, after 8 years in New Orleans, I forget all the time that it’s snowing everywhere! My roses are blooming, they got tricked with a warm spell.
    I hope that the weather eases up on y’all soon.

  2. The shawl is lovely–and I love those bunny hop socks! I’m knitting a little scarf with a skein of 85% merino (someone’s handspun) and it makes my nose run and tickle. I hope I’ll actually be able to WEAR it. When you said the other day that the box wasn’t yarn-related, I had a feeling it was something for exercise. So can you knit and ride, or do you fall off? 🙂

    Chicago missed the bulk of this storm–we only got 3″ this time. Hang in there! I totally agree with you about hot showers, audio books and knitting. And a nice cup of tea!

  3. Oops–the scarf is 85% angora and 15% merino. That’s what I get for rereading my post AFTER I post it…

  4. I’m glad you put that shawl on a dress form. I have one that needs photos and I have a dress form (or three). I’ve planned a trip to the Cleveland Greenhouse on Sunday morning for live photos. It’s hard to find a good background for a pale pink shawl.

  5. I am justifying not getting a gym membership by the fact that I am picking up 2 wheelbarrow-load’s full of frozen horse poop every day. And then carting down the access road to the dumping station. That’s strength training…. right?

    Stay warm – be well!

  6. Reminds me of my lonely elliptical that serves as a place to hang clothes…the plug is MIA, so I got a gym membership instead lol.

  7. I thought the box contained an exercise bike! Your bike in the picture was a clue. Can I ask what the model and make you got? I have been thinking of getting one!
    Love the color and name of your new shawl.

  8. yeah, i think there may be just a little bit of snow out there…with some nice quantities of ice as well.

    caricia is really quite lovely – i love the way it blocked out – the magic of blocking!

  9. Cool exercise bike! That is an awesome plan for winter fitness. I’d love to know how it works out for you.

    Although my gym has plenty of fancy stationary bikes, I’m choosing to rest my tendonitis-plagued knee from the cycling motion and I’m doing the ellipitical instead. So far, so good.

  10. That looks like a great exercise bike. Wrecking your back on your road bike on a stand doesn’t seem the best way to stay in shape. Exercise bike–much better.

    I love the new sock; it looks so fuzzy and soft. And the shawl is amazing.

  11. Eye candy, eye candy, eye candy!

    The long snowy walk, the beautiful knitting, the cool exercise bike.

    I am so glad I have treadmill ( a bike would be nicer, but that’s a long story) set up in front of a TV/DVD–we’ve had a lot of cold, sunny weather which is great for walking, and a ration of ankle-deep slush which isn’t so good–even if you have slush boots, those passing cars don’t often give a damn about their churn-up:–and then there are the deceiving corners where it doesn’t look so bad and then you sink in.

  12. That shawl is lovely-is it the mini, petite, or tall size? I was just wondering-I am hankering for something new to knit!

  13. Wow! Look at all that snow!! I bet wrapping up in that shawl with those uber-lovely bougainvillea socks on your feet should keep you warm and cozy!

    Can you knit while you cycle? I’ve not tried it, but have been tempted!

  14. The shawl is gorgeous! The colors remind of the hills in Italy. A treat for the eyes. Very pretty!

  15. snow! I remember it. 18 long years of my early life. could go the next 18 years without “feeling” it. taht said, i love to see photos of it.

    the shawl is beautiful.

  16. Although I’m a road biker in the other seasons, I too ride a stationary bike in the winter and I don’t really get why a trainer is “supposed to be” better. (I also have rollers but not a whole ton of coordination). By the way, I’m loving your cup-holders! And, of course, the shawl looks beautiful, too!

  17. The Bunny Hop yarn is certainly the perfect match for the pattern now — and vice versa — the pattern shows off the yarn so well. And I can see the softness!

  18. That bunny hop yarn is so beautiful…I’m a wee bit partial to angora 🙂

    Audio books while knitting…..great idea!

  19. Take care of your back-that’s how I killed mine.
    The shawl is gorgeous-doesn’t it just “lovingly embrace” that dress form? :-).I couldn’t resist a
    final try for my submission. It’s gorgeous work
    by a very talented designer-you.

  20. Love the socks Anne. Both the pink ones and the bunny patch. They are beautiful! And of course the shawl. . . .. can’t believe how fast you whipped that out.

  21. Your Caricia shawl is stunning. I absolutely love it! Good luck with the snow. I used to live in Erie, Pennsylvania and moved to Nashville about 2 years ago — can’t say I miss the snow one bit! Hopefully getting to use your bike will help with those “winter blah’s”!

  22. BEAUTIFUL – – love the shawl (gasp!) and the socks are just lovely too!
    We don’t get that much snow in Portland, Oregon BUT I did have the opportunity to shovel our street with some great neighbors after Christmas. What a great time for “community”.

  23. That exercise bike looks just the thing. Wish I had one, actually… not that I have room for it, but still. It may not snow here, but my neighborhood’s one big hill, tons of up and down, and narrow, with lots of blind corners, and with cars that are trying to break speed records. Not safe. That bike would be just the thing.

    Love the shawl. Gorgeous. But then, I’m not surprised. You designed it! 🙂

  24. Caricia is so beautiful! Can’t wait for the pattern.

    I should really excavate my exercise bike from under the coats and handbags…

  25. I am so tired of the snow!!! I saw in The Rep that we shoveled almost 9 inches yesterday. My back and shoulders were sore!!

    I love your pattern for the Four Seasons Sock Club so I placed my order for the Winter installment today!! I can’t wait to get it. The yarn is so pretty! The pink definitely will help clear away the winter blues.

  26. Oops…missed the vote but I would have chosen Caricia anyway. The Bunny Hop sock looks so warm and cozy…an embrace for the foot.

  27. I have an exercise bike too–not as cute as yours, but when I’m cooped up for too many days, I use it. Listening to a knitting podcast while pedaling away makes it somewhat more appealing than my regular exercise routines.

    There is a kind of advantage to having the long path to shovel–at least you get your exercise. I only have a small driveway, and I’m sure I’m using up about 25 calories when I clear it, despite getting cold and wet.

    What a beautiful shawl!

  28. Oh, look at that! You got a lovely new free standing clothes hanger!… What do you mean that’s not what it is? That’s how I’ve always seen it used!
    Actually… I’m trying to figure out just how I *can* exercise right now… incipient plantar fasciitis and a bum knee mean no walking for a while, and biking hurts… wish I could mail order a nice heated pool.

    Really like the poppy socks… I’m assuming you’ll offer up the pattern for those…?

  29. Caricia is a gorgeous shawl. I would love to make that someday! I think you have hit it out of the park with the new bunny hop sock. It looks perfect for the yarn to me. And is making the yarn look much more tempting too. A little look at the link for it couldn’t hurt right?

    Almost caught up!

  30. I know what you mean about the shoveling! I’ve got some shoveling to do today too, and I thought I’d wait until it stops snowing before I go out and do it, but… waiting seems totally futile: it looks like it won’t stop snowing ever!

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