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a sweetheart of a sock, just in time for valentine’s day. but oh, so much more than a pretty pink treat—these are entrancing to knit as well as to wear, with intertwining leaf-and-petal vines trailing down the leg and heel . . . they have my heart. sigh.

shown here in dye dreams dream sox, a silky merino/nylon blend, colorway, sweetheart (a special club color) or choose any of the other gorgeous dream sox colorways.

kit with sweetheart colorway available here as part of the dye dreams four seasons sock club; mona and stephanie will be putting together a second shipment of this kit for march 1, so there’s still time to get one.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

mona and stephanie at dye dreams are the masterminds behind this beautiful sock yarn; check out their other fiber offerings.
many, many thanks to my lovely friend vanessa for test knitting this sock; she’s just amazing!
rachel came through once again in getting the pattern up to snuff—it was a tough one this time!

and of course, wells of gratitude to david, my own sweetheart, who does so much to make our home knitspot-centric, and then does photos, too.

35 thoughts on “bougainvillea

  1. All I can say is “WOW…you sure do make me want to knit socks, Anne!” I haven’t gone down that road yet. Well, sort of. I took a Knitting Two Socks at a Time class and it absolutely confused me! Glad to see that you use DPNs. Gives me some sense of hope…

  2. Oh my! You’ve done it yet again. I logged onto Ravelry, saw a picture of this sock and immediatly knew who designed them.

    Question…the knit ridge on the heel and the side of the foot don’t seem to be a bit uncomfortable in shoes?

    Also want to let you know that I gifted a friend with “la Novia”. It was a hit with her, her friends and coworkers. Everyone who sees it loves the pattern. I’m jealous and will eventually make one for myself (a rare treat)

  3. Those are really lovely Anne. Help! Help! I’ve got sock startitis (who am I kidding, startitis in general).. 😉 Queuing them up immediately…

  4. LOVE THEM! Do they have a decent amount of give? I don’t have the skinniest legs… Happy Valentine’s Day Anne (and David too)!

  5. Great socks and relegated to favourites in this house. Miss six thinks they are the best socks in they world; they are pink! I think they are great all round. Thanks to David for always taking such great photos. Happy valentines day to you both.

  6. These look very much like the sort of project where there will be separation anxiety at the end! Beautiful socks, and I’ve already ordered them. I love that dye dreams allows one to order a single season!

  7. I’m not a pink girl either but these are lovely and I think they would look just as pretty in my favorite color of Bouganvillea which is the more purpley color (naturally).

  8. those are really pretty. i don’t know if it’s the bright, cheery color, or the pattern, but i think these could almost convince me to make another stab at sock knitting. except for that whole gauge thing…

  9. i ordered these in january. i just got an email notification that the kit had shipped. and i will be in san diego all week and won’t be able to open my package until i get home! (the irony of spending the week bougainvillea-less in san diego is not lost on me….)

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