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tired of bulky winter wraps, but not brave enough to bare your neck to the nipping wind? a swirl of lace-and-cables fringed with border of crystals makes a light-but-cozy layer to transition you through to spring.

shown above in dye dreams twinkle toes, a drapey merino/tencel blend, colorway, lavender.

shown below in dye dreams dream sox, a silky merino/nylon blend, colorway, passion flower.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

thanks to my friends, mona and stephanie at dye dreams provided the beautiful yarns for these sample projects.
and to our beloved kim at the woolen rabbit did a test knit with her own lovely opulence yarn—check it out by visiting her blog.
and also to rachel for proofreading the pattern for production.

david has a few more photos we want to show you

18 thoughts on “hoarfrost

  1. Another stunner! Both versions look so comfy, besides being very pretty. And I agree with Kim about the last photo!

  2. Just lovely! Would the pattern be difficult to leave the edging off? I don’t know if that part is for me, or not. I might be surprised. It really is pretty!

  3. Lovely! Have you ever considered designing one with a fastening? I have hair I can almost sit on, and there is no way I can get one of these on-especially when my hair is up! The only fastening ones I have found are heavy cabled versions. I would love to have a nice lacy one-and the back of my neck gets cold with updos!

  4. Woman, you are going to bankrupt me! I’m saving up to do a bulk pattern order – it might look less suspect than 15+ individual orders…

  5. I’m so glad you named it Hoarfrost!!! I love it, love it, love it!!! You know what follows hoarfrost…Rime frost!!! Can I bribe you for a sock pattern (Mwahahahaha)??? 😉 pleeeeeeez!!

  6. Anne – I’ve been out for 10 days and am just catching up with all your lovely knitting. David’s Jacket is utter perfection. What a perfect fit. I am speechless over those flawless pockets. This hoarfrost creation is stunning. It looks like handknit jewelry. What a wonderful creation.

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