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inspired by the grand maples of new england, whirlygigs of light lacy panels descend from the shoulders of this shawl into a dramatic hem of swirling, richly carved leaf shapes. a tonal variegated yarn emphasizes the dancing lines of the motifs to perfection.

shown above: petite size shawl in woolen rabbit whisper merino lace, colorway, new england red. shown below, petite version knit in colorway, chiquita.

kit for shawl in two sizes and choice of five colorways available from the woolen rabbit

the beautiful heart-shaped pin shown with the shawls on this page was created by julie using healing stones and wrapped wire; see more in her etsy shop

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

my friend kim has been supplying yarn for the autumn shawl series ever since it was just a swatch and a little gleam in my brain a year ago; her inspired colorways have married so well with the concept, i wonder now if the shawls could be the same without them. i love teaming up with kim; she will email me in the night to show me new colors she is excited about—many a time we have commiserated at weird hours as only true fiber lovers can do. if you haven’t had the pleasure of working with her yarns, you must take a look at her wonderful shop of delights (and have i mentioned lately that she also blends the best hand creme ever??).

rachel really came through this week on proofreading in the middle of her travels; we bow to her diligence and good humor.

and we must thank my wonderful knitting friends who tested the pattern and gave us more colorways to dream on:
nan, who worked hers up in the oakmoss colorway (go see!), and emailed me with delight every few days
vanessa who has the fastest needles in the west, who knit the sample in the chiquita colorway, above
jocelyn who is working hers in a gorgeous cream color—totally different and exceptionally lovely
and hattie, also knitting in chiquita, who works, has kids, and knits like a fiend; how does she do it all?
and of course, david—it just wouldn’t be the same without fantastic photos, would it?
thank you one and all for your support and enthusiasm for another great team project completed.

let’s go crazy with pictures . . .

71 thoughts on “maplewing

  1. This is so beautiful I had to run right over and buy a kit. I’m going to go with the Pussywillow colorway because for me it is the most wearable color. I love this. Although casting on 600 stitches has me a bit nonplussed.

  2. Love, love, love. Great knits, great pictures, great yarn. What’s not to like? Adding to the queue… thanks!

  3. Okay, I bought the yarn yesterday, I ordered the pattern today.
    Even though my house will explode, I’m definitely casting this one on. 8)

  4. Lovely! I’m looking forward to purchasing some yarn from Kim as soon as I finish up a couple of things. I do drool over the colors quite often already!

  5. absolutely gorgeous! i’ll have to keep this one in mind for a fall project. kim’s colors are all so beautiful too, and so many of them would work well with this pattern.

  6. I’ve never ever ordered a kit before it was released before.
    Just got my email with the pattern today from Woolen Rabbit along with notice of the yarn having shipped!


  7. Wow Anne, you have really outdone yourself with this one! Its S T U N N I N G!!! I just got the pattern and can’t wait to get started on it. 🙂

  8. The last photo reminds me of a superhero! I guess we all know what your superpower is. 🙂 Beautiful job!

  9. ^^^ what they all said! Seriously, it’s just glorious. I adore the sculptural quality of the lower pattern and how its curves are echoed in the upper pattern. At the moment, my only problem is I can’t decide on a colourway…

  10. Wow Anne, that is really really beautiful. I LOVE the edge. It really does look like those little whirly gig things that float down from trees. . . .

  11. Beautiful, I love the bottom edge especially. I finally got past my anxiety about blocking and with blocking wires and those foam floor puzzle pieces I received for Christmas, blocked 2 shawls I had made last year. It did amazing things to how they look and especially to how they feel. I had no idea. Now I can understand why you love the blocking process so much.

  12. OK, maybe it’s the color, but I think this is the best thing you’ve ever done, still think you need a d——book for posterity! Nevertheless, I’ll be purchasing the kit. What is it about orange?! Congratulations on a stellar design. You can never have too many shawls…xo

    Wendy in South Carolina

  13. OK, I’m going to say what most everybody else is probably thinking:

    Not only is the shawl impressive, so is your rear end. I know how much work I’d have to put in to finish such a beautiful shawl but I have no idea how hard I’d have to work to make my butt look as great as your’s…

  14. I saw Jocelyn’s (knittinglinguist) knitted up and came here to see the original. As I said to her, it’s a marvelous interplay of name and patterns–just exquisite. You have the most incredible talent.

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