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inspired by the grand maples of new england, whirlygigs of light lacy panels descend from the shoulders of this shawl into a dramatic hem of swirling, richly carved leaf shapes. a tonal variegated yarn emphasizes the dancing lines of the motifs to perfection.

shown above: petite size shawl in woolen rabbit whisper merino lace, colorway, new england red. shown below, petite version knit in colorway, chiquita.

kit for shawl in two sizes and choice of five colorways available from the woolen rabbit

the beautiful heart-shaped pin shown with the shawls on this page was created by julie using healing stones and wrapped wire; see more in her etsy shop

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

my friend kim has been supplying yarn for the autumn shawl series ever since it was just a swatch and a little gleam in my brain a year ago; her inspired colorways have married so well with the concept, i wonder now if the shawls could be the same without them. i love teaming up with kim; she will email me in the night to show me new colors she is excited about—many a time we have commiserated at weird hours as only true fiber lovers can do. if you haven’t had the pleasure of working with her yarns, you must take a look at her wonderful shop of delights (and have i mentioned lately that she also blends the best hand creme ever??).

rachel really came through this week on proofreading in the middle of her travels; we bow to her diligence and good humor.

and we must thank my wonderful knitting friends who tested the pattern and gave us more colorways to dream on:
nan, who worked hers up in the oakmoss colorway (go see!), and emailed me with delight every few days
vanessa who has the fastest needles in the west, who knit the sample in the chiquita colorway, above
jocelyn who is working hers in a gorgeous cream color—totally different and exceptionally lovely
and hattie, also knitting in chiquita, who works, has kids, and knits like a fiend; how does she do it all?
and of course, david—it just wouldn’t be the same without fantastic photos, would it?
thank you one and all for your support and enthusiasm for another great team project completed.

let’s go crazy with pictures . . .

71 thoughts on “maplewing

  1. Wow, truly, truly gorgeous shawl. Your modeling shots are amazing! I can’t imagine a person not wanting to knit this piece of art!

  2. Oh Anne, that’s just wonderful, once again you inspire me with your beautiful design work and such precise execution. …and look at you, you look just gorgeous.

    have a wonderful weekend
    best wishes

  3. Don’t you just love it?! It’s gorgeous. I love the color, and I love how it sways and moves. It’s really different from anything you’ve done, in my opinion! Truly amazing! Kim’s yarn sends it soaring!

  4. Can’t wait now to get my kit! This is such a gorgeous design (again!). You and Kim are two of the finest artists around!

  5. Anne- It is so dramatic, yet understated. Does that make sense.

    I don’t think you can go wrong with any of Kim’s yarns- and I agree about the handcream.

    Is it me, or are you wearing a new shade of lipstick? You look fab!

  6. This is my all time favorite. And I actually have the yarn I want to do it in, a lovely smokey blue gray merino laceweight. Don’t know when I’ll find the time to knit for me, but this is the one!

  7. Love it!! And that’s the petite size? How tall are you anne? It’s looks like the perfect size but I’m wondering what to make for me…

    Off to order the pattern and I already have the yarn from Kim!!

  8. Time to clean up the keyboard. I just drooled! Can’t wait till my “kit” arrives!!! Lovely job.

  9. It’s a beautiful shawl, and I love the pictures. As I scrolled through, I had to wonder what the neighbors think…is she out there dancing some right of spring? LOl!

    Well done!

  10. I always love your shawls & patterns, but I have to say also that I really appreciate that you show your pins and let us know where to get them. I am a fine-tuned yarn hunting machine, but I’m always at a bit of a loss for pins. Thanks!

  11. You are the most amazing woman. So inspiring! Thank you for your wonderful talent that you so lovingly share with us fiber addicts!! If only I could knit faster…

  12. so very, very, very lovely. definetely going into the queue of “when I am a better knitter”, right next to Icarus!

  13. Utterly stunning. This is an amazing design which looks even more amazing in these gorgeous yarns. Congratulations. And I think I just saw a challenge in front of me in the shape of this shawl.

  14. pattern arrived this morning,
    now waiting for yarn,
    need to finish so many other projects first,
    how to hold back??

    Jocelyn’s work in progress is very pretty in the cream color. Hers may end up looking like magnolia blossoms, perfect for a southern spring.

  15. Weird, my comment didn’t show up! I’ll link my blog this time lol, I’m always too lazy to do it.

    LOVE all the pictures. It really does remind me of autumn and the leaves in the fall, my favorite time of the year for foliage. 🙂

  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I love it in all of the different colorways, and it is SUCH a fun knit! Have I mentioned that when we were kids visiting my Nana, we used to play with those maplewings by splitting the seeds and sticking them onto our noses? Our moms taught us that trick… 🙂 (And I love Linda M’s comment about the cream colored maplewing looking like magnolias — she’s right!)

  17. I do not know if you clearly, really, realize that you are a knitting designer genius. There is no, not one of the pattern you publish that I wouldn’t like to knit..
    Frankly you should be amazed at yourself.. and we are happy that you dropped everything you did before to engage in that creative venue.. that was a very clever move on your part.. Congrats !

  18. Absoutely stunning, the shawl, the photographs and the model!! Kim sent my pattern, and the yarn (pussywillow) is on its way . . .

  19. I not only love the lace – especially the delicious swirls of the lower border – I love the shape of this one. Somehow a semi-circle seems more modern and wearable than a triangular shawl (though I knit and wear those, too!).

  20. Anne, among all of your gorgeous designs, I think this one must be one of my favourites! I love those little samaras swirling down the shawl!

  21. You know, I voted for the other name for this shawl, but now I can’t even imagine it as anything other than Maplewing. Truly beautiful! You should be proud!

  22. This is my favorite of all your shawls I just can’t stop drooling over it. I think I have the perfect yarn in my stash. I’m so glad one of my hearts worked out with this pattern. You’ve really outdone yourself with this!

  23. now that i’ve seen the whole thing, blocked and modeled…maplewing IS the perfect name. this is such an inspired piece. it looks exactly like leaves falling from the tree. beautiful.

  24. This is beautiful. This is next up on my knitting queue after I finish a few things first. 🙂 Absolutely lovely.

  25. Anne,these photos made me gasp. I ordered the
    kit from Kim in Oakmoss (and couldn’t resist the Norwegian Woods for something else) so I can wear
    this breathtaking shawl all year.Kim’s dyeing skills are magnificent!
    You know,I think it should be named Anne’s Masterpiece. But I also know (because I have every pattern you have created-I am SUCH a fan) that you will top this.So,Anne’s Latest Masterpiece. Bravissima,Anne! Brava!
    And thank you for working so hard to create such
    beauty for my life.

  26. OOOOO LA LA!!! Simply beautiful. Thank you David for the gorgeous pictures. Of course having the perfect model doesn’t hurt.
    I’m going to attempt to do this shawl because of it’s beauty and design and also because Kim’s yarn is the PERFECT fiber to do it in. Anne, your designs and Kim’s fiber are a match that was made in heaven.
    Thank you for another fabulous design.

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