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spring is certainly on its way but plenty of mornings are still kissed by a visit from jack frost. or maybe these are tiny crocus flowers, opening to the sun—you pick.

shown here in fearless fibers tight twist merino sock, colorway, hoarfrost.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

deb kessler once again lends her artful hand to the incredible yarn provided for this project. you can explore a world of beautiful fibers in her fearless fibers shop on etsy.
rachel is a rolling stone this month but continues to check and proof each pattern from the road—judos, rachel!
many many thanks to gail and rachael for the hours of test knitting they graced upon these socks.
and to david of course, whose photography has come to express each finished project through eyes possessed only by a true lover of wool and stitches.

24 thoughts on “rimefrost

  1. First let me say all your knits are absolutely beautiful. I’m not big shawl person, but I really love to look at them. My question is…Is there a reason other than just preference that you stop the instep patterning at the start ball of the foot on your socks instead of after the ball of your foot just before the toes?

  2. these are gorgeous! of course, i already have two pairs of (your) socks on the needles, and a pile of newly-acquired lace yarn wanting some love, so they may have to wait awhile…

  3. Anne- Those are really beautiful.

    I was reading the previous post, and I feel the same way about the seasilk- it evens smells like the ocean.

  4. Love the socks! I’m glad you got to try seasilk. I did a shawl with it a couple of years ago, and loved it. I have one skein of Peridot to make something with-I started a scarf w/it and changed my mind and it’s still waiting for inspiration. I’ll have to see how your new ‘not so secret’ project ends up!

  5. Lovely, lovely. Although it looks like Spring here near Pittsburgh, snow is now being predicted for Tuesday/Wednesday so we’ll need all these fantastic socks and sweaters!

  6. These are so HOT Anne. I love em. I am going to make them as soon as I’m done with my other gridiron sock. One down one to go!!! No SSS for me now!! I have these beautiful flower socks (sorry – can’t think of frost in San Diego!!!) to look forward to!

  7. Oh wow, they’re very pretty. I can see several pairs of these coming off my needles this winter (Australia – so ours is on the way).

  8. Beautiful. They look like socks for fairies– in a good way. I think you mean “kudos” to Rachel, not judos, though….;-)

  9. What beautiful socks, Anne! I’ve just finished the legs on my Bougainvillea socks and will surely cast on for these next. I adore your patterns.

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