a little pre-trip knitting

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thanks for your votes on naming the tulip sock; opinions are about evenly split, so i’m still thinking. i only knit about an inch or so more on it in the car—after driving halfway, i worked mostly on a small secret project.

the night before we left i did get one new scarf on the needles. this is the mountain meadow wool merino fingering weight, a creamy soft singles that has the texture of handspun. i looked for a stitch pattern that would show off the rustic texture to advantage—i like patterns that have some garter stitch for that.

i also worked on the maze sweater a bit. the ribbing is done now, but i left that project home—not a good traveling project for a 2-night trip.

so here we are in maryland—james lives in a true man cave; not enough sunlight for good photos. and then there’s champ

who will sit up like a human with her leg on the armrest when we’re all talking. hilarious.

more on them later—i want to show you a cool photo i took in the car just before we got off the highway. the weather was actually really nice all the way here but we ran into a few clouds and showers a little before the end. we were passing by the exit for the fairgrounds where the wool show is held, marveling at the number of livestock trailers and i saw this

oh yeah, baby.
ok, time to shower and get ready to go—lots of wool and people to see today.

11 thoughts on “a little pre-trip knitting

  1. My old stomping grounds, I grew up in Maryland, love and miss it. I guess you are going to the Sheep and Wool festival? I am jealous. Went last year, very crowded though. I hope you have a nice time.

  2. O la la!!! Love the new projects and the dog…the rainbow is beautiful!!! Have a wonderful time and safe trip back.

  3. Cute, cute dog. We lived in Maryland years ago before the sheep and wool festival was on everyone’s radar, and we loved going to it. (We learned of it thanks to friends that were crazy about sheep.) I’d love to get back to it again. Re the tulip sock: I like the name Lisse, the town that contains the Keukenhof. It sounds very feminine as well. I love the yarn color–it says “Springtime!”

  4. Rick laughed when I showed him the rainbow picture. I don’t think he’s convinced yet that wool represents a pot of gold… 😉

  5. The rainbow! I love it! 🙂 It was so nice to bump into you today and to get to meet David. Hope the two of you enjoyed your day at the festival, and I hope you found something(s?) fun to bring home with you!

  6. Love the rainbow! I saw you and David at the festival yesterday, but was in the middle of a bunny-related transaction…plus, I’m a little shy.

    Hope you had fun!

  7. Thanks for the vicarious thrills, for us that missed it. And, I’ve been meaning to say “thanks” for your original post about Mountain Meadow- I live about 1 1/2 hours away from them, and didn’t know about them! I promptly ordered some fiber to try on the wheel, and I just adore it.
    I like the way it’s looking on the needles…..

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