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chica’s back from the vet today, a little worse for wear and still quite tender, but happy to be among friends, i think. pal and the rest of us are certainly happy to have her home (even kim); there was a noticeable hole in the household last night when she was away.

check out those wounds though—i wasn’t kidding at all when i said she got mauled. jeesh.

today we took off with our knitting for the mountains in the direction of julian, a historic mining town about 40 miles north east of san diego.

on the way we stopped off at summers past herb farm to walk through the gardens and see what plants are available.

kim wanted to pick up some herb plants to create a small growing area outside the kitchen door. this family-owned growery (can that be a word?) specializes in herb and perennial flower plants as well as handmade soaps and garden accent pieces.

they have a nice coffee bar in the center of the pavilion at the edge of the big lawn garden where you can stop for a quiet cup of coffee and some knitting

it makes a nice alternative to a bustling coffee shop. they offer a sand box and play area for small children as well as shady tables where a small family can take a break and have a snack during their visit.

this poppy patch was my favorite thing i think—i love the mix of bright colors and the big round blooms.

in a quiet corner pen, a couple of rabbits cavorted and nestled together, digging around to make cool spots in the earth to loll around in.

we actually ended up packing a wrought iron garden bench in the car along with the plants that kim fell in love with.

back in the car we continued our journey into the hills—when we were close, we saw stonewall mountain to our right.

on a more ambitious day we might have gone hiking there, but today we were content to continue into julian to walk around a bit, grab some lunch, sit and knit, then look for a few gifts to take home to the men.

and i completely forgot to take pictures, oops.

on the way home we stopped off to stock up on ingredients for dinner—i promised before i even got here to make vodka pasta one night (it’s a favorite that i’ve made for the tylers before).

and a wonderful dinner was had by all—lots of people, lots of laughing, and LOTS of good eatin’. the tyler house is full of company tonight (besides us) which we are enjoying immensely.

tomorrow we’re supposed to go home but no one wants that to happen.

just before dark i remembered that i hadn’t photographed my knits today, so i rounded up a couple of muggles to act as honorary sock guys

sam made a run for it, not wanting to get into the picture, but kade and alex were more than happy to oblige, the little flirts. i just know you’ll appreciate them . . .

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  1. You’re in my old neighborhood! I grew up in Alpine (my Dad had the grocery store) I learned to knit from Isobel at the craft store. We always got apple cider from Julian in the Fall and the Kiwanis club had a yearly picnic at the Flinn Springs picnic area. I remember with fondness…as well as some nausea… the merry-go-rounds there. Good times.

  2. That herb farm looks like a wonderful place…the kind of place you might never want to leave. I can only imagine it probably smelled as pretty as it looks, especially with a light breeze. And I love poppies. 🙂

  3. Wow, what a trip! Reading about that growery really shows me how different things are down there – nothing like that would ever work up here in Wisconsin.

  4. Love the looks of the vodka pasta – googled for a recipe but none looked as yummy as yours – will you share the recipe please?

    Love all your pictures – the herb farm looks fabulous!!

  5. Oh my….that vodka pasta looks SCRUMTIOUS!. I think you are going to have to share that recipe…. 🙂

  6. Poor pup. I’m glad Chica is home. The herb garden and the poppies are my picks. Now, you know you have to share the Vodka Pasta recipe. . .please!

  7. Love that last picture! And dinner sounds SO yummy 😉 Julian’s always great fun, and now we’re going to have to stop by that garden the next time we go… I’m glad to hear Chica’s feeling better!

  8. Did you hear my audible sigh? My SIL Kim and I always go to Summers Past when I get home for a visit. Were the sweet peas still blooming? And Julian, it always feels like a breath of fresh air up there, especially in the fall for apple pies.

    Vodka pasta sounds like a treat..all of this plus knitting, I’m so envious

  9. Ouch! Poor Chica. Glad she is ok. I saw an awful dog fight yesterday. One of the dog’s owners ended up loosing his lower lip and part of his thumb.

  10. Kisses to poor little Chica, and hugs to her parents. That must have been traumatic for everyone!

  11. That herb farm looks very dangerous. I think it is a very good thing I live too far north for that to be a viable shopping expedition.

    Poor Chica! I hope she’s feeling lots better really soon.

  12. Kisses to Chica! I’m sure she’ll get better fast now that she’s home.
    Want to share the vodka pasta recipe? Looks delish! (Have you shared it before?)
    Love the muggles with the socks, adorable.

  13. Your pics are always wonderful, but that vodka pasta looks TDF. Any chance you would share the recipe? Or point me to it if it is available elsewhere. I think it would make many people I know very happy.

  14. Bliss! Perfection! Heaven! These are the words that spring to mind when reading your account. Can Kim be my best friend too? 🙂

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