there are men in my bath

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we are homing in on a finished bathroom and the men are here to install the glass shower enclosure today—yay. we’ve had the door in place for a while but not the glass wall. i’m hoping that soon we’ll have a functional toilet in there, so we don’t have to run up to the cold third floor at night.

i had a very focused work day at my desk yesterday and managed to square away some pattern edits and write up two new patterns—one for this strömming cap, which i knit during our vegas trip and then one for the creel handspun set, which i had mostly written before christmas, but realized needed a total overhaul once i tested it. knitting it up made me change my mind on how that one was constructed . . .

strömming turned out so cute and feels so delicious in shalimar breathless DK. it’s cozy, elegant, and drapes beautifully for a slouch cap like this one. yum!

i love knitting the stitch pattern i used for the brim; it’s one of my all-time, lifelong favorites. i carried a bit of that linear detail up through the hat body and swirled it into the top decreases.

there are a different number of swirls for each size, so i’m hoping the effect works out well across the size range; we’re testing it now to be sure. so far, the design passes mister knitspot’s approval.
(such a good sport; he lets me dress him up for photos even when he’s busy with a phone call)

working at my desk a lot meant i didn’t get a huge amount of knitting time the last couple of days, but i did get started on my wide bloch ness neck and button bands. i have a few inches to go on these, but should be able to finish them tonight or tomorrow.

i did find something in my button box that i love for this sweater—these pewter and faux bone (or stone, depending on how you look at it) ones that i’ve had for years and have been dying to use, but never had the right project. i think they’ll be smashing on this sweater. i have to decide if i want them to be two columns and three rows or do i want just a single column of seven buttons. hmmm

the single column will be far less annoying over time, but the double column would be stylin‘. i’ll have to ask david what he would do; he always gives me good style advice.

ooops, speaking of david, we have a small project we need to get done right now—i gotta run. happy knitting; see you in a couple days.

16 thoughts on “there are men in my bath

  1. I’m loving the buttons. And it will be so good to have that bathroom one step closer to finished. Nothing worse than bathroom or kitchen renovations

  2. I have those buttons! I put them on a store-bought sweater that needed a little oomph. If I am remembering right, they are antler.

  3. I am so excited for you and hope you have your new bathroom very soon! We remodeled two and a half years ago and redid our bathrooms and kitchen–they are wonderful and I have often wondered how we did without for such a long time! Love the stromming hat and the brim stitch pattern!

  4. Awesome knitting! Hope you are enjoying your new bathroom very soon. I’d love to redo our bathrooms and make the kitchen more useable but there is so much else to do on our fixer upper first.

  5. Oh you are so close to getting your bathroom finished, how great for you! Love the hat, David always looks so stylish in headwear, doesn’t he? Those buttons are fabulous, I would go for the two columns of three. I am guessing that you already have test knitters for the creel handspun set.

  6. The workman in the plaid shirt certainly looked like he was enjoying himself…made me think of Al on Home Improvements! I love the band on the new hat!

  7. Love the hat – I think my daughter would love it! LOVE the buttons! They look just perfect with your sweater.
    Happy New Year!

  8. Love your hat patterns, Anne! I made an Oktober Zest hat for my dad for Christmas, and just finished a Fallberry hat for my mom. Next up is a Matterhorn hat for a friend; his wife will get a pair of Fallberry mitts (might make a matching hat for her too, if I have time). 🙂

  9. fyi – the link for ‘shalimar breathless dk’ takes you to, not to the shalimar yarn website.

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