yep, summer’s coming . . .

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it’s that time—poppies popped this weekend right on schedule for memorial day; how do they do it? i can’t help but snap one shot after the other of these gorgeous flowers.

and the buds with their tight bundles of papery petals

hahaha, speaking of paper, we had a very interesting morning here yesterday . . .
on sunday evening, david decided it was time to set our plan for mulching the garden in place. we’d been collecting newspapers from neighbors for several weeks, which we planned to lay down all over the dirt between the plants, top that with soaker hoses, then spread a layer of clean straw on top. this design (copied from our friends beckie and mark, who used it last year to great success), would cut down on weeds, keep the ground damp and cool (thus conserving water), and hopefully, help keep the plants healthier. a great plan, right?

i was a bit dubious about getting started without the straw on hand but david was convinced it was a ok to go ahead. all went well with laying the paper—the weekend was warm humid, and still.

first thing monday morning, it was all still in place. then the wind picked up and the sun began to dry out the paper—are you getting the picture? i quick went out back out to start hosing everything down again, but i had to run out for a bit to pick up a friend, so i couldn’t stick around to keep vigil. by the time we got back to the house, there was paper all over the yard (but very little in the garden, oy!)

i roused david and asked him to please go get some straw while i wet everything down again and got the paper back in place. within a couple of hours, we had it all fixed up again

but wow, i never expected to spend half of memorial day chasing paper around the neighborhood . . . instead of say, writing a nice blog post about poppies and wool shows, heh.
but all turned out fine, and if nothing else it was completely entertaining for our guest, luci, to watch us figure out another gardening dilemma. if you try this at your house, do not start without all the requisite supplies on hand, no matter WHAT your significant other says.

luci, a filmmaker, is an old friend of ours from NYC who is in town for a few days to do some screenings of the documentary she and her husband scott made this past year about children of missionary families. and we’re lucky to have her with us for a few days that have been really fun (and a nice break from the usual pace).
we went to the film saturday night—it was awesome. it was great for us to see the results of their work for the last few years—they stayed with us during some of the filming in 2004 (some local families are featured in the picture). she was out of town sunday and then yesterday she came here for a day of vacation (and odd, spontaneous outdoor entertainment, as it turns out). she has one more screening and is staying tonight as well—it’s been SO so good to have this time together to catch up.

BTW, if this film sounds like something you’d be interested in viewing yourself, or viewing with a class or group (highly recommended), you can contact luci or scott here to find out more about screenings or purchase a personal copy here. you can also find out more, watch clips, and see current news on facebook

(see our strawberries? im so excited about them . . .)

and that’s not all that’s happening around the place—this weekend was also the time for our local fiber show in wooster. friday evening we went to dinner with chris and roger of briar rose fibers and had a wonderful meal at the south market bistro, spending several hours talking about all things under the sun and enjoying each other’s company.

roger held the sock knit in his honor (i think he has a future as a sock rep, don’t you??).
on sunday, i went to the show with my spinning class, where we spent the first hour or so in chris’s booth—we all came away with something gorgeous.

i picked up this beautiful shawl pin—you might be familiar with the one-of-a-kind buttons chris sells, which are created by her sister; now she has pins, too (and stitch markers). every single one is different and i fell in love with the pebbled texture and color of this one. it is surprisingly light and will look wonderful on a shawl or scarf knit from natural wool.

i also came away with a couple of skeins of harmony, perfect for the hillflowers scarf or stole, to be released very soon. and i might have scored a small bump of merino roving, which i haven’t tried yet, but it feels very promising

just four ounces, quite mangeable to spin over the summer, i think.

not far off we came across catherine’s knitting notions booth where whole other realm of colors and yarns tempted us

catherine’s been busy over the winter and spring getting lots of yarn ready to sell at summer shows. this is one of her new colors—winter sky—i just melted when i saw it (look familiar?). this is her classic merino sport yarn i can’t wait to think up something to knit with this (hmm, it would be beautiful and soft for a baby . . .).

catherine was also happy to feed my love affair with good bamboo merino sock yarn with this wonderful skein of gray classic merino bamboo to knit up into some classy socks for one of my guys during the summer.

it was so good to see catherine and talk about what’s new (she has a new sport yarn coming out soon with a tighter twist), what yarns would work with what patterns, and just catch up on news. and meredith was there with her, smiling as always.

we found the fleece sale soon enough and purchased a gleaming white, blue-ribbon coopworth fleece which we are having processed by wooly knob fiber mill and blended with nylon for spinning sock yarn. we’ll split that between a few of us when it’s done; we were actually looking for a nice light gray fleece when we started out, but then this white one stole our hearts, what can you do? anne marie and i also found some lovely finn fleece that we bought and dropped ff for processing as well—beautiful soft brown fiber, enough for a sweater each—yummy.

unfortunately, we were so carried away doing all the we didn’t take any photos (and i managed to leave home completely forgetting my camera, so there you have it).

between the ride to and fro, i started the second roger sock

obviously, we also did a LOT of talking in the car, heh.

last night we watched a wonderful german movie and i finished the second david sock

all in all a great holiday weekend—there’s more to talk about, but i think i’ll save that for next time. also, later today—the release of the ondulé sweater pattern. right now i have to take luci to her screening but i’ll be back in a few hours to post that. meanwhile, how about another mighty poppy picture?

22 thoughts on “yep, summer’s coming . . .

  1. Your poppies are stunning — I love how their petals look all wrinkled at first, like they’re just waking up and getting out of bed (which, I suppose, they are!)
    What kind of camera do you have, Anne? The quality of your pictures is fantastic, and I’m in the market for a new camera and looking for input.

  2. Poppies bloom right on time — swallows come back to Capistrano on schedule — and buzzards return to Hinckley OH on March 15! Isn’t nature wonderful?

  3. Yes, and the black flies return to Maine like clockwork too!

    Your fun with newspaper reminds me of advice I was recently given: don’t buy chickens before you have a place to put them (when I was wistfully thinking how nice it would be to have fresh eggs!)

    Standing by for Ondule! Love the complex colors in the yarn photos – yummy!

  4. Later today—the release of the ondulé sweater pattern. Hooray!!!! I am at the computer waiting to place my order. It will be hard to type on the swaying keyboard, as I am jumping up and down with anticipation. Makes it kind of hard to knit while waiting!

  5. Love the yarns, and that merino, looks yummy!

    Our poppies look ready to bloom I think, soon!

  6. your poppies are just stunning! I used to have the most beautiful, vibrant red ones. When we moved, we brought them with us, and the bunnies devoured them. I still miss them, every spring.

  7. Your poppy photos are beautiful! The first one looks like a watercolor – what a beautiful photo.

  8. I love the poppy photos. My mother always had huge beds of poppies in her garden in England. I don’t have good luck with them here in Virginia. SO seeing yours is wonderful. The colour is amazing.

    LOVE the button too!

  9. I could just eat those poppies, I love them so much. Do you know the color of the poppy? I’m always trying ot find that one.

  10. It sounds like an amazing weekend, full of good friends and stash enhancement 🙂 I’m loving those poppy pictures, too!

  11. Your poppies are so pretty. Your strawberries reminds me of the strawberry festival that I went to a few years ago. I am sure your strawberries are probably tastier than theirs.

  12. Oh your poppies are the same colour as mine, but mine are not out yet, the plant has put out lots of buds this time.

  13. I love your poppies! So pretty. I love Chris’s and Catherine’s yarns too. I don’t think you can go wrong with either one. I may have augmented my stockpile over the weekend…whoops…

  14. Did you feel stalked @ the Fiber show?? Had I seen you, I would have gladly “Kinneared” you (see Harlot Blog for definition) since you forgot your camera. I had never been to a fiber show before and felt like I was walking among royalty. I bought some of your patterns @ both Knitting Notions & Briar Rose for autograph if I saw you. I’m a new lace knitter and thought I’d try some of your “little nothings” – they are gorgeous! Who would have ever thought that not even having ever met you or even Kinneared you that I would after one repeat done 7 times – not seven repeats – the same one – {K1 repeat, count, frog}7 times that same day curse you. Just joking on the cursing – entirely operator error – or needle malfunction – or inadequate lighting – or… you get the idea. Anyway it was a great show (of course I have nothing against which to judge it) and I now have in my grubby little sweating hands your beautiful patterns. Who knows, with some practice over the next several decades I may actually meet you some day while wearing one of my very own “little nothings” and get your pattern autographed! Just a little question regarding lace – when you first started knitting lace, did your living/knitting room have little tiny holes in the walls from projectile needles? I think I may wait until my kids have left home to try again. Just cause I taught them to speak didn’t mean I want them to – especially as I dip my toe into the pond of lace.

  15. I love your poppies! They are such happy flowers!

    Looks like you got some lovely finds at the show. I was there on Saturday (sorry to have missed seeing you!), and it was a treat to get to meet Chris…I bought some of that merino roving as well, and also some of the cormo she had. Can’t wait to play with it. I really liked the show…not too big, not too small, and what a pretty weekend it was for it, too!

  16. I love the idea of recycling newspaper in the garden! I’m always trying to figure out ways to reuse what I already have on hand rather than purchasing new supplies.

  17. It’s a good thing Knitting Knotions (or Briar Rose for that matter, heh) isn’t anywhere NEAR Montreal. I’d be in trouble!

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