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i love practical sweaters, but we also need sweaters that will dress up a pair of trousers and travel easily. i thought a little semi-fitted cardigan with a subtle texture would be just what was needed—it looks like a jacket, but feels like a sweater, with a flattering amount of shaping for any body type (and it comes in eight sizes, yay). knit up in sport yarn, it’s a wearable weight for several seasons.

shown here, size small in briar rose grandma’s blessing, colorway, 9027, which is very similar to 9068B (has all the same colors).

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

my dear friend chris has been sending me gorgeous sweater yarns for several years now, which i have been lucky enough to knit into garments for both david and myself. all this time i’ve been promising i would write the patterns for these pieces, so i’m awfully happy to be featuring the yarn and patterns together (finally). thank you chris for making these pieces possible!
rachel put her usual eagle eye to the new task of proofreading this pattern; many thanks for all your hard work and attention to detail rachel.
tana took on the enormous task of tech-editing and sizing my sweater patterns, for which i am completely grateful as a newbie to this work. i am learning so much and hope that our working relationship becomes a long-standing one.
my friend jocelyn eagerly volunteered to test knit this sweater and has been letting me know she enjoys wearing it as well. thank you so very much jocelyn!

and of course, many thanks to david for pulling off yet another lovely series of photos—it was very hot, i was tired, but he made it all look good anyway . . .

44 thoughts on “ondulé

  1. Ooooh looks great and love the buttons! Also, I think that’s a REALLY good color for you.

  2. Oh my…..! Spectacular sweater and I truly, madly, deeply appreciate the nice range of sizes. I look forward to this! Cudos to David for the great photos. I second what Hattie says, that is truly a great color on you.

  3. Awesome color and beautiful sweater! Is it as blue as it looks in the photos?

  4. David outdid himself on this photoshoot! Kudos! This really does look to be your new most favorite sweater. And, yes, those buttons are absolutely perfect.

  5. Thank you so much for writing this pattern. I just purchased and printed my copy. Now I am off to find the perfect yarn and to finish my current work in progress while waiting for the yarn to arrive. You out did yourself with this pattern. Stand up and take a bow.

  6. This is beautiful. Given that it’s supposed to be fitted sweater, what kind of ease would you recommend?

  7. Gorgeous!! I love fitted cardigans and this one is a winner.

    The pooling is very cool too.

  8. I love that last photo — it’s so you! I’m wearing mine right now, it’s the perfect weight for a day with a chilly breeze. Love it!!

  9. I’m happy for you (and for us!) that you’re releasing your sweater pattern! It’s really pretty, and I love Chris’s yarn!

  10. So versatile — you and the sweater. I’m looking forward to seeing and handling the Briar Rose and Knitting Notions fibers in person at the Sock Summit. Excited to be in your Friday morning class too! I hope you’ll be bringing sweater patterns to sell — even though it’s technically all about socks.

  11. I’ve been waiting in anticipatio for the pattern release since you “teased” us with it. I’m so glad it’s ready for release. I immediately went over to the store and purchased it and marked it in my queue on Ravelry. I’m not sure which of the colors of Grandma’s Blessing to use. It’s a hard decision cause I want them all!!!! Great job, the sweate is so beautiful and it fits you so well. Maybe you should put that photographer under contract for future use – LOL.

  12. I love all of your work, and I am really excited that I will be in you class at sock summit! Look forward to learning from you.

  13. That’s an absolutely fantastic sweater. I’ve never before contemplated knitting a sweater for myself in anything less than worsted weight due to the sheer number of stitches involved. But I’m making an exception for this one. A sport-weight sweater is probably more wearable in California anyway.

  14. Great cardigan Anne, it is a very flattering shape. Very simple and extremely sophisticated. Thanks for helping us all out again with a great pattern.

  15. What a different pattern It looks great on you. Love the fit You did good again. Jean

  16. Fabulous! Finally a sweater any woman can wear. Lots of style flattering to any size. Looking forward to casting on.

  17. Love it! I’ve been waiting for this one… will pop over and order the pattern as soon as I get off the work computer.

  18. What a lovely pattern! The stitches are very interesting. The shape looks flattering on you… and I am guessing it will be flattering on several body shapes as well (Kudos – that cannot be an easy design feat to master).

    I signed up for Sock Summit – but didn’t manage to get into one of your classes. Boohoo. But I’ll definitely be there – so I’ll come by and say hello. Can’t wait.

    Hat’s off to David for yet another wonderful photo shoot.

  19. That is a lovely sweater–very suitable for dressing up or down. Are your poppies pink? I have the orange variety and they are so much fun.

  20. Lovely sweater and very wearable, even for those of us larger women. Thanks so much!

  21. I am ordering some Grandma’s Blessing right now and I’m going to start on Ondulé next. I love it! Great job!

  22. LOVE that sweater!! I’ve been more drawn to fitted sweaters lately since they are more flattering than wearing boxy ones. I love how you designed the neck – so classy. ANd Chris’s yarn just makes me swoon.

  23. Once again you have come up with just a stunning design. I can’t tell you how much I admire your design sense! 🙂

  24. Not only is the sweater beautiful, but I am impressed that you’re wearing lipstick.

  25. The sweater is so beautiful! Once I get a few projects off the needles it will be next up. A question about Chris’ beautiful yarns: because she hand dyes them, she sometimes recomends (as do tohers) that you should knit with two balls at once to blend the hand dyed yarns. Do you and or your testers do that with Grandmas Blessing? Thanks again for all that you do to brighten up our lives with your designs.

  26. Beautiful pattern and great pics, as per usual. I love that sweater on you! Maybe you’ll find a chilly day to wear it soon, the weather has been unseasonably cold here in New England at least.

  27. what a gorgeous sweater. That one might even look good on me 🙂
    I am so very delighted to see that you’ve realized the long term goal of publishing sweater patterns – woo hoo!! You rock!

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