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i don’t know about the guys in your life, but david (and my brother, and my nephews) seems to gravitate straight to the rustic look and airy softness of handspun yarn.

and well, who wouldn’t? and it’s not just the look of it that is appealing . . . handspun has soul.

this winter set of three mix and match pieces was designed with handspun yarn in mind, using simple shapes and a strong stitch pattern to turn those little inconsistencies and color variations into a feature.

these pieces are just the thing to take advantage of skeins that don’t exactly match but are “related” through experimentation or mixing fiber from various dye lots.

and of course you could use a commercial yarn as well for a sleeker, more polished look. this set would be elegant in a merino/silk blend or a worsted weight cashmere yarn; just the thing to pair with a dress coat.

the thing is, this terrific trio would be appealing to almost anyone you knit for. you could make this now and tuck it away for—dare i say it—next christmas without even having a recipient in mind just yet, if your new year’s resolution run along these lines.

or hey; if selfish knitting month is more your style—go crazy and make all three just for yourself.

now if you love the look and feel of handspun, but you don’t spin yourself, do not despair—you are in luck. there are kits for these pieces and cheryl at newhue handspuns has them on offer in five colors.

shown here in newhue handspuns baa baa huey, a lofty handspun gradient BFL yarn. the kits are a great option because cheryl has measured out exactly what you need to knit any size of each piece.

the mitt kits for instance, have two matched skeins of 75 yards each, plus a 20-yard skein of contrasting solid color for knitting trims or doing color work. it’s genius (and reasonably priced).

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the knitspot pattern shop. or purchase the pattern in our ravelry pattern shop.

cheryl newhouse loves to spin and when i knit with her yarns, i can feel her excitement for her craft in every stitch; it’s intoxicating yarn to work with. cheryl lives and works in portland, OR, where her family also runs a small bakery. you can (and should!) learn more about her handspun products by visiting her online shop.

many thanks to handsome mister knitspot for modeling for us once again; isn’t he cute? he looks like he’s not having fun at all, but that’s a lie—he loves this stuff.

he really, really does.

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  1. wow, is this pattern gorgeous! i love the look of cheryl’s handspun so much and this is the perfect marriage of texture and pattern. david looks stunning in all the photos. i think matt needs this set.

  2. This pattern might have to go in the queue, because it’s gorgeous and because my husband is an avid fly fishermab.

  3. Another gorgeous pattern—this set would be perfect for walking outside. Can you explain how the Knitspot pattern shop works on Ravelry? I have bought your patterns there, and it linked me back to the pattern shop on your site. Is there a way to save the patterns I purchase from you in my Ravelry library? After having a hard drive crash and losing a few patterns I hadn’t printed out, I like having stuff stored in my Rav library.

  4. Wow, I love this set! David looks great in everything he models but this set looks made for him–perfect color and fit and everything! Definitely whipping out some fiber to spin for this one!

  5. Great set, Anne, and David is a perfect model to showcase how your designs look on the fellas in our lives.

  6. David does an outstanding job and looks great. All I can say about Cheryl’s handspun is STUNNING. Another must knit pattern. Thanks Anne

  7. Oh David must love the modeling–you can tell he’s smiling in the one where the cowl is across his whole face! 🙂

  8. Those colours are stunning on him – but is that a (gasp) STOREBOUGHT SWEATER he’s wearing?! (If not, I most humbly beg your forgiveness!)

  9. Your hubby is a great model! It is absolutely beautiful! Do you have to pay David to take all those photo’s? 😉

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