Bare Naked on the Brain

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Wussypillows is such an addictive knit. I’m flying through 16-row repeats and it so gratifying to whip up a project that is so beautiful and so quick. I keep trying it on, so pleased with my progress.

I love how the stitch pattern looks like pussywillows. The entire time I can’t help but think, how would this look in a natural color? Wouldn’t the stitch pattern look so elegant? Wouldn’t it look stunning in Bare Naked Wool breakfast blend? It’s the yarn we introduced to club members in the April 2012 Bare Naked Knitspot shipment

and this luxury yarn will be available to the public at the end of the month. That’s right, it’s Knitspot’s first luxury blend in a line of custom artisan yarns. This yarn was a hit with clubbies and soon we’ll have it in five natural colors! Though the exclusive pattern was Waffle Creams,

a lot of members made other projects with the club yarn.

BarnOwl knit a beaded Trevi Shawl (her rav project page) with her club double dip (2 skeins) and calcairns knit Fishbone Ganseys (her rav project page)

and Waffle Creams with her double dip. judetha knit Les Abeilles (her rav project page), a perfect little luxury shawlette. Months ago, Anne and Cookie also knit a Les Abeilles in the club yarn for Alice when she had her baby. What a nice new mommy gift!

I’ve had Bare Naked on the brain for a couple months now and I was finally allowed to let out a little skinny on Knitspot’s very own yarn line on ravelry here. It’s been so exciting to not keep this SUPER FUN secret any longer and the excitement is just buzzing in the thread. Knitters are so excited that the exclusive club yarn will be available at the end of January. So many people coveted the yarn; once clubbies knit with it they wanted more. Now they’ll be able to get their hands on as much as they want and play with all the colors.

Last week David calmed my antsy butt by sending me the new DK yarn. I tore open the package and immediately wound it. I wasn’t allowed to show a picture, so I left the ravelry thread with this teaser photo

with the words, ” i feel like i’m showing you a package of baked goods i gobbled up, before i could show off how delicious they were. all i have left to show is the licked clean wrapper. ha ha” Can’t you feel my excitement?

Last night on the phone Anne said, “why don’t you show your yarn on the blog.” I was thrilled and I new all of you would be too. Here it is…

in all its glory. Now I know it’s no Anne or David photo, but can’t you see how lush and gorgeous this blend of alpaca and merino is? I cast on the Squeeze Me infinity cowl with it, but my wheels keep turning dreaming of other projects this would be perfect for. Possibly




or Leafprints

and don’t even get me started on the numerous projects I could do with the fingering weight! Yep, that’s right. Bare Naked on the brain. Anyone else in this predicament?

13 thoughts on “Bare Naked on the Brain

  1. I confess, the lure of this stuff is the only thing keeping me from pushing the ‘purchase’ button on some other yarn. Trying to save my pennies to try this out. Worse than waiting for Christmas.

  2. Mmmmmm, I cannot wait! This yarn may be the only one that will make me break my yarny diet. And in 5 natural shades? Mercy!

  3. Well, I decide to behave myself and you come along with what sounds like an absolutely luscious sounding new yarn. However, I refuse to even consider it unless there is a picture of baby Padraig in your next post. Lol

  4. Endless projects await the new yarn! Lovely yarn and I know it will be a hit with everyone. I was so excited to hear this yarn will be available to purchased. Scrumptious!

  5. I am beside myself with excitement; I adore Anne’s aesthetic and can’t wait to explore the possibilities with their new yarns. I’m also crazy excited about the club shipments. The patience will pay off, I know it!

  6. I am so excited to see the DK version of this yarn! I am currently working on the Wing O’ The Moth shawl with the fingering weight version and it’s really beautiful, even if I do say so myself. haha Can’t wait to see the other colors, too. Gotta save my pennies!

  7. Woooohooo! I adore this yarn, one of the most beautiful and luxurious ever.. A cardigan would be gorgeous.

  8. So many of my favourite knitspot patterns would look fabulous in the new yarns. I’m very excited and shall definitely be breaking my yarn diet!! The Creel set would look amazing, Roger socks, Les Abeilles, Grey Gardens……. the list is endless!

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