a day late and a berry short

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it was a real tossup today which photo would be the headliner, but i figured you’d probably really REALLY like this one. we’ve finally gathered enough of our home-grown strawberries to make something, so i baked some shortcakes using this recipe which was highly recommended by my monday afternoon knitting class. i added just a little sugar to the sliced berries and let them juice a little, whipped some cream, and while the shortcakes were still slightly warm, put together our dinner dessert. yummm.

this was today’s runnerup photo—honeysuckle. it’s only pretty and alive for about a minute before it starts to decline, so i made sure to go out in the pouring rain to take a few shots. it’s very, very wet today, but the garden is heedless and once i got out there, i took more than a few pictures because i found a couple of other things had sprung open

ooops, a few drops got on the lens, but no matter—the lilies are still striking in the dim light today.
over in the vegetable patch, more amazing developments

the squash, after a week of standing still are suddenly growing several inches a day.
we picked our first ones for dinner (they are about 6 inches long or so)

which david cooked up with eggs and potatoes—sooo good.
while i was out there i realized that if i don’t pick the spinach first thing tomorrow morning, it’s in danger of bolting already. i can’t believe how fast it grew—i have to decide what i’m going to plant in its place . . .

the conspicuous lack of bloggable knitting continues, although it’s not exactly my fault this time—the light in the house was so dim today that almost all my WIP photos were blurry. i have one decent one

of my finished sock. it really doesn’t show very much except the little sailboat motif that rings the leg. the photos of the red scarf progress were nothing but recycling material.
just think though—tomorrow we’ll be rolling in it.

i had a dentist appointment today which i completely forgot about until 30 minutes beforehand whereby i raced through the shower while david started the car—havoc to my work day (hence the late post), but nice for knitting; i added a couple of inches to my green scarf. do i have a picture? no.

last night i knit a whole big whack onto my current secret project (though i still didn’t finish, darn it). i was really hoping to be done with that by now so we could get back to regularly scheduled blog material, but it’s gonna be a couple more days, i think. everything is going swimmingly with it—i’ve just hit a slow patch. i keep saying i’m going to walk away from my desk at 6 pm to knit on it, but it has yet to happen.

tonight is spinning class, which was moved from sunday due to me attending TNNA. they will be here in 45 minutes, so i can’t tarry here. but i can leave you with flowers, how about that?

the first eggplant flowers unfurling.

25 thoughts on “a day late and a berry short

  1. Thanks for the shortcake link. I was just looking for one of these. Love the veggies, flowers, and oh yeah, the KNITTING!

  2. I love that sock!! I have a sister-in-law that turns 50 in July and they have a lake house in Wisconsin. This may be the perfect birthday present for her.

  3. Oooooh that strawberry shortcake looks good. I am sooooo planting fruits and veggies next year. You’re being a very bad (or maybe good _if_ it works out) influence on me. I guess I’m just super susceptible this year because even the squash look tempting and I am not a squash fan usually.

  4. Having made it a number of times, leave out the cream of tartar; increase the sugar a little; and, add a teaspoon of vanilla. Don’t skip the kneading part.
    The lilies are gorgeous!

  5. The strawberries look DELISH. Love the orange lily, those are my second fave flowers. 😛

  6. Anne
    Your shortcake photo looked way to good. I went right to my kitchen, followed the recipe exactly, and have already had TWO helpings. Yum.

  7. I don’t know if you got the same torrential rains as we did this evening, but it may be good that you picked your strawberries when you did or they may have floated away. I think we lost at least half of our big garden tonight from the rain, which created a huge river through our back yard. Such a bummer. Hopefully my little salad garden survived. Guess I’ll see in the morning.

  8. Divine dessert! Yum! I hope you enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you too for the colour. It has been a little grey here and cold. Although, we are lucky it is warm compared to many other parts and still quite sunny most of the time, but no flowers. Thank you for a dose of natural colours and a dose of knitting colour.

  9. Hope the dentist appointment went ok?

    Those orang-y flowers are gorgeous–wouldn’t that make a great colorway for some yarn?

    And the shortcake recipe gives me a great idea for dinner tonight! Thanks!

  10. I say, I think that’s the first time I’ve opened one of your blog posts and started drooling immediately…lol. That shortcake looks tremendous. I will definitely print out that recipe. With as much squash as you have, do you ever stuff the blossoms and eat them, rather than let them all grow? Sending more rain your way…

  11. I so enjoy your garden shots – I’m north of you -our plants seem to be about 10 days to 2 weeks behind yours – seeing what’s up in your garden tweeks my sense of anticipation for mine – in fact maybe I’ll head out now and see what my honeysuckle looks like amidst our rain showers!

  12. We have honeysuckle down here in Alabama, but not in the beautiful shade of pink/fucshia. Ours is white or yellow. I love the smell of honeysuckle no matter what color it is.

  13. What a cornucopia of delights! That shortcake practically leaps of the page (sadly I still can’t taste it). And the tiger lilies are fabulously orange! Your rain is headed our way (we did get two days of sunshine, much appreciated by the soggy tomato plants). Try fresh spinach tossed (briefly) with garlic slivers and olive oil in a hot skillet – yum!

  14. Hi I am here for the first time and love it! (Came over from sel & poivre). Had my first ever and first ever and first homegrwon 8 ball zucchini yesterday. It was so great! I’ll come back’

  15. Man – that shortcake picture is killing me! I love the round zucchinis (they call them 8-ball zukes at the market.) They’re great for stuffing.

  16. wow.
    just look at the awesomeness in your garden. Looks like your plan in keeping the soil covered is working out fabulously.

  17. Your pictures are wonderful. Mostly your garden is way ahead of mine, but I already have a couple baby eggplant and a head of broccolli.

  18. Good call on the strawberry shortcake opening shot. I’ve got about a zillion flowers in my strawberry patch, so hopefully I’ll be able to give that recipe a try myself in a few weeks time.

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