gnarled oakwoods

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gnarled oakwoods celebrates our natural woodland environment with its rich, earthy scents, dappled play of light and shadow, and lushly-textured foliage. large lace leaves travel up from the edge, then segue into a winding vine pattern that wraps around the shoulders to fall once again into a deeply-scalloped hem of leaves.

this piece was originally published in the fall 2008 issue of twist collective; it was an exciting honor to be included in the magazine’s premier release.

shown here in wooly wonka fibers celestial artisan alpaca/silk tweed (now discontinued), the wrap would be equally cozy and beautiful in any fingering yarn with a bit of texture (see suggested yarn list on the store pattern page for ideas)

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

the original wrap was created in collaboration with my friend anne, whose custom-blended and spun into the gorgeous alpaca/silk tweed was used in the sample shown above.
as with so many shawls, my good friend vanessa (AKA, flamefingers) helped me out by test knitting the piece to prepare for publication last summer. her lovely knitting knitting is always so appreciated by all of us!

28 thoughts on “gnarled oakwoods

  1. This is the all-time favorite item that I have ever knit!! The pattern is wonderful and I just fell SO in love with the yarn. I’m sorry it’s been discontinued, but I’m glad I snatched some of the gray and made Stonewall before it was gone. I would have never guessed it, but I’ve worn Stonewall so much more that I would have ever thought. The yarn is cozy, and the design is so much prettier than I’ve ever seen it photographed.

    Wow, it’s only July 1st and I’m alreay wishing for colder weather so I can bring my GO back out!!

  2. Wow. wow.

    This is stunning. wow. Everything. The yarn, the color, the texture, the size, the overall coziness of it. I think this may actually be my favorite thing of all you’ve done.


  3. Dear Anne – have decided I must win the lottery so I can sit and knit your patterns all day long. This wrap would be perfect for those fall afternoons sitting on our cabin porch.

    Must consult magic 8 ball to see if this is a good day to purchase a lottery ticket 🙂

  4. I love this pattern and purchased it when Twist Collective first came out. But I didn’t think I had the yarn for it – until I did some stash diving and found a handspun cotton and I think I now have just the thing – cannot wait to get started. Thanks for your great work!
    Joan in Ellicott City, “Merlin”

  5. Can’t believe I did not notice this in Twist last fall….I am not really a shawl person (I don’t think) but this one really tempts me to make it up in a nice sport weight and use it for a knitting-chair blanket for the winter…hmmm…just lovely!

  6. Oh Anne! This one is beautiful too! I’m off to search for the perfect yarn for this one. I may have to spin up some of the alpaca I have.

  7. Is it wrong of me to have stockpiled a set of 3 last, lone skeins to knit this in the original yarn?

  8. This is awesome! I tend to prefer triangles but this could change all of that! The ends especially are fab!

  9. This was my favorite pattern that came out of that twist collective edition. It’s beautiful!

  10. Boy! Do I ever miss Wooly Wonka and their 80/20 cormo/angora. And their other yarns. I sure wish I could find someone else who spins this up. The shawl looks solid, cozy and ultimately practical. the yarn is perfect for it.


  11. Enough with the pretty things already. I am barely 8 inches into Highlander with Ondule waiting in the wings and then this. It’s like that old bit on Second City TV: “SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATER!”
    and I don’t know where to look next. Stop with the pretty things. At least while I am working full time. Cripes.

  12. I love how you are combining the Gnarled Oakwoods Shawl with your beautiful Ondule Sweater. What a great combination. The shawl is yet another wonderful addition to your patterns. I’ll definately be getting this one too! Oh to clone myself so I could knit faster – hehe!!

  13. This was the first pattern I purchased when Twist Collective came out. It’s really lovely!

  14. absolutely gorgeous — have bought the pattern and will spin yarn for this one. Lovely. My husband is a woodworker so this one especially caught my eye.


  15. The shawl is absolutely gorgeous and David’s excellent photography shows it in all its beauty!

  16. so beautiful, my eggplanted wool was just waiting for this pattern

  17. Love this pattern, got it back when it was published in Twist. I neglected to read the part about using fingering so I’m making it in Malabrigo lace. My first lace project… still not finished (I just started the second half…) but I pick it up every so often and work on it. I love the organic nature of the pattern 🙂

  18. I guess I’m like Susan: this is my favorite one of yours yet – cosy and sort of rustic.

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