struggling to be nice

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well, one good thing—i did get away from the snow and severe cold by coming to the west coast this week. and maybe—just maybe—we are beginning to move past the rain and heavy gloom that has been plaguing the area since i got here friday, haha.

it reminds me of home; they’ve had so little sun for the last few days that the solar power for the greenhouse ran out. yesterday it dried up a bit at least, though the heavy cloud cover remained. i went out for a long run while kim’s family went to church, which felt glorious after being cooped up inside for most of the previous two days.

and today, finally, things are looking better, albeit intermittently.

ten minutes ago it looked like this—very promising, yay.

a good-sized expanse of blue sky, even—WOW.

haha, but no sooner did i download those photos than it all changed again. no matter; we are heading out anyway for some kind of nice walk or something in just a few minutes.

you might be thinking that all this bad weather is good for knitting and you’d be RIGHT. except . . . it’s all been secret knitting so far but for one item. i got a whole secret something knit on the plane on my way here—seriously, that felt SO good. i even got a lot of work done on another item during my travel time.

then when i got here, i started swatching for a third secret item, which i can’t show you either. but i want to . . .

however, i do have this, which is just a beginning, but which i’m VERY excited about.

this is that little shawl i mentioned the other day, the design based on the peu bourgeons scarf/cowl/hat pattern we released in last year’s BNK club. i’m knitting with the earl grey color of our new breakfast blend DK. it’s going to go very quickly, yay. i’m intending to write the pattern so it can be used with both the DK and fingering yarn weights.

last night the boys and i cooked some rockin‘ indian curries; i had my hands too full to take pictures, but boy oh boy, did they turn out good, YUM. we are going to do plenty more cooking together this week and i’ll try to be better about photo ops, or assign one of the guys to camera duty.

kim has been wearing the infinity scarf i brought for her nearly all weekend, even with her pajamas, haha. that makes me feel really good; i’m so glad she likes it. and wow, it’s a perfect fit for her, don’t you think?

so, actually, that’s all i really have for today. we are heading out soon, so hopefully there will be more later.

but here’s a blog that you might find a fun read—one written by our friend jo-ann of knitographical. she interviewed me a while back and the post has gone live; it’s a wonderful piece that really warmed my heart to read. jo-ann’s blog is fairly new, but she’s doing a wonderful job with it—could be a good one to add to your list of weekly reads. thank you so much jo-ann!


14 thoughts on “struggling to be nice

  1. Thanks Heaps Anne. I’ll try and send some Australian sunshine your way. Though It looks like rain here today too. Thanks to everyone who read my interview with Anne and the nice new followers I woke up too! It’s a good day.

  2. Tring to be nice…momentarily thought you were referring to yourself…nah, couldn’t be!!?!! Glad you got out for some walks and put in some cooking time with the boys. You are making memories that will be cherished forever.

  3. It’s absolutely beautiful outside now, and it looks like we are in for nice mild weather this week…so things are looking up for your stay here! Love the pink scrumptiousness on Kim…perfect! =-)

  4. Even with rainy skies, it sure beats the weather the east coast has been hit with, Anne. I even heard y’all got in a little trip to Blondstone!

    Kim looks like a rock star in that scarf. It’s perfect for her. Gorgeous gift. You are such a good friend.

    Hope you have clear weather for the rest of your visit.

  5. Anne, I am a member of the 2012 Fall in full color club and plan to make the infinity scarf. I love the way Kim’s scarf looks. What length did you make it?

  6. Can not cast this on soon enough.
    Just one more WIP that must be finish by the end of the month.
    YIKES! It’s almost the end of the month.

  7. sounds like a great time, regardless of weather! Kim looks lovely in her scarf – and a great burst of cheer! Hmmm, I may have to re-order my projects…. safe travels! oh, and looking forward to that breakfast blend yarn!

  8. An infinity pool and an infinity scarf…what more would Kim want? Hope you have been able to get out a while. In the meantime, the storms have hit the Ohio Valley and soon it will be colder than cold again. Have a great time in CA.

  9. I agree with Jo Morgan–I have to catch myself everytime I read this post (I keep coming back to look at the scarf and that infinity pool!!!). I couldn’t imagine it was a reference to you or the Knitspot team. Of course, we all are so anxious for the Bare Naked Wools…..

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