Bare Naked Wools

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It’s here. What you’ve all been waiting for. The yarn that was inspired by our uber-popular Bare Naked Knitspot club! That’s right, Knitspot’s very own line of artisan fibers is now available!

Over the last couple weeks we have debated about delaying the launch of this line because all the colors wouldn’t be available at the end of January. We really did want everything to be perfect. So we contemplated delaying the launch until the end of February. But with even more contemplation, we thought – why? Why wait to reveal this beautiful, gorgeous yarn that has been arriving for weeks in giant boxes

via this delightful UPS man

and so diligently organized by Mr. Knitspot in lovely totes?

All of you have been patiently (and impatiently) waiting for the yarn to be debuted, chatting it up in this ravelry thread, guessing the names of the colorways, drooling over the sneak peek photos, and dreaming of possible projects.

Why oh why wait to release all the colors at once? Why not give Knitspot fans the colors we have for now and release the rest later when it comes in. It didn’t take long for us to ponder this option. All we kept thinking is, “give the knitters what they want!” So, without further ado…I give you Breakfast Blend, our first artisan yarn, in


and Oatmeal

available now in fingering and DK weight here.

Here is kim (lucky girl) modeling Squeeze Me Hat and Hot Waffles Mitts

to show off both colorways. Don’t they look nice together?

I know I’ve lost some of you at this point, because you hurriedly went over to the knitspot shop to score your skeins. You already know all about the yarn and you’ve just been dying for its release. For the rest of you that are sticking around to learn more about the yarn, here’s the skinny…

Breakfast Blend DK is a delicious, 3-ply pairing of soft, combed merino and alpaca, which knits up into a luxurious, velvety fabric. The alpaca contributes a silky hand while the merino keeps the yarn bouncy and light; the resulting fabric has a warm density and soft halo without weight, perfect for garments, accessories, or blankets.

The Specs:

60/40 Merino/Alpaca

approx 250 yards

4 oz/115 gr ±

4.5 to 5.5 sts per inch

needles size 5US/3.75 mm to 8US/5.0 mm

made in the USA

Suggested pattern ideas: Jackie, Bloch Ness, Rene, Caissa,

Slöfock, Strömming, Squeeze Me Cowl, Creel,

Hot Waffles, Fall Line Scarf or Cowl, Cabled Keyhole Scarf, Haselnüsse, Oktober Zest, Woodstacking Cowl.

Breakfast Blend Fingering is a delicious, 3-ply pairing of soft, combed merino and alpaca with a touch of nylon for added strength, which knits up into a luxurious, velvety fabric. The alpaca contributes a silky hand while the merino keeps the yarn bouncy and light; the resulting fabric has a warm density and soft halo without weight, perfect for socks, lace shawls and accessories, or light garments.

The Specs:

50/40/10 Merino/Alpaca/Nylon

approx 425 yards

4 oz/115 gr ±

6 to 8 sts per inch

needles size 1US/2.25 mm to 6US/4.0 mm

made in the USA

Suggested pattern ideas: Dovecote Shawl, Hazeline, Stonewall, Obstacles, LOVe Shawlette, Les Abeilles, Budding Apple Shawlette,

Longjohn Sock, Sign of Four, Bricker, Fishbone Gansey Sock, Gridiron SockRoger Sock,

Waffle CreamsCurling, Snow on Cedars, Tabata, Cloverleaf Lace Mitts.

So now that you have all the details, I’m dying to know which yarn strikes your fancy. And most of all – what will you be knitting? I’m off to work on my Squeeze Me infinity in Oatmeal.

22 thoughts on “Bare Naked Wools

  1. Congrats on this 1st release! I am very excited for you guys (and for me, too! yay yarn!)
    I wanted to buy LOTS of ALL OF IT. Especially the DK, as I seem to be attracted to several patterns in that weight right now. I had to exercise a little self-restaint, however…I know I will be back for the grey, and I bet a sweater’s worth. So tonight I picked up some DK in both cthe Oatmeal and Cocoa colorways to make the Creel Hat & Mitts (and I used the gift certificate I won in the raffle last week to buy the pattern…thank you!!), and I also bought a skein of the fingering in cocoa to make some socks for my man 😉
    Can’t wait to squish it!!

  2. How exciting for all of us! 🙂 Placed my initial small order, but I see many yards and yards of this in my future! Congratulations!

  3. So exciting to wake up to this! I’m not really a brown person although the cocoa is lovely. I ordered Oatmeal on DK for now – but I am anxiously awaiting the release of the Earl Grey we’ve seen glimpses of 🙂

  4. Love it! The icing on the cake were all of the suggested patterns. Beautiful yarn but now it’s time for decisions (overload). Kim looks wonderful in the hat and mitts.

    Erica, are you sure you still like your job – LOL?

  5. They are all so gorgeous, and this is so exciting! I love the pattern suggestions, especially the hats and mitts. BNK is the best club evah! Now to knit some of my stash so I can order more!!

  6. Score! Can’t wait to see all the colors in the ‘ready for my closeup’ glory! And this should calm the wheedling and begging over on Rav for a good 2 days I’d say. Now, I have to go run sit by my mailbox and wait!

  7. Gotta say – that hat and mitts were wonderful to wear! I had a bunch of teenage girls over at my house last night and had to pry their grubby little fingers off that hat. . . . they all sooooooo wanted it. The drape is fabulous, and I LOVE that oatmeal color!

  8. Congratulations! Gorgeous yarn and can’t wait to put in a order for a skein for Stromming. What a perfect addition to Knitspot!

  9. Congrats! The yarn looks eminently squoosh-able, and thank you so much for the pattern suggestions. I may have to take a day off to decide which one and how much 😉

    Keep up the amazing work!

  10. I ordered mine this morning. I have problems with alpaca, too, so I’m very hopeful I can work with this yarn because it’s so beautiful. *crossing my fingers*

  11. Brilliant! So glad you decided to release them one by one, so to speak, instead of waiting for the whole group to be ready.

  12. Congratulations to Anne, David and the whole Knitspot crew! What a wonderful adventure you are embarking on. I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Breakfast Blend and I am so happy it’s here!! I am looking forward to the next wave of colorways. I don’t know how you all do it, but I am one happy camper. :o) All the best!

  13. Woo hoo! I may try both in 1 skein projects to start. I am holding out for the grays though. They look scrumptious!

  14. i think what i love best about your designs is that that celebrate beautiful yarns and lovely stitch patterns while keeping the item simple. keep up the beautiful work anne! thanks!!!

  15. I have been waiting impaitiently for the e-mail from David and he made my day! I had to order some sock yarn and I’ll be back for more. I hope you have a lot of grey coming, cuz I like me some grey! Congrats on the new adventure. I wanna be like Anne when I grow up.

  16. I am beside myself with excitement! I’ve been waiting patiently (barely!) to knit Stromming in the DK (I chose cocoa) and then I want to knit a petite pea vines shawlette in the fingering. The problem is that I couldn’t choose which colour of fingering to get so of course I had to get both. The second skein will likely become some long arm warmers or a pair of socks.

    Thank you so much for not waiting until the end of February!

  17. Hooray! Congratulations! I wish you every success! i can’t wait to try some. Thank you for this new venture.

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