fruit of the vine

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this spritely green scarf is the essence of summer knitting—practically weightless, it takes up no space in a purse or tote. the pattern is simple to work and to memorize; with wrong side rows all in purl it is the perfect knitting for hazy, daydreamy summer evenings. come autumn, when mornings are nippy again, you’ll have a bit of sun-soaked color to wrap up with, mmm.

shown in shivaya naturals cashmere lace, in colorway, sea grass.

the dragonfly brooch shown above purchased at the albany institute of history and art (please contact the museum shop for more information)

bee brooch shown below was created by romi; see more at her website

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

many thanks to heather at shivaya naturals for providing the beautiful green cashmere yarn for this piece. her web store is temporarily closed for reconfiguration but will be open again on august 1st.
rachael test knit the pattern to perfection and i so appreciate it; thank you rachael!

and now, let’s see a few more photos . . .

24 thoughts on “fruit of the vine

  1. fabulous anne. of course it is so frustrating that shivaya is nearly always sold out of the cashmere lace. and right now the store is completely closed. i have been trying to snag her cashmere for a while.

  2. Mmmm…cashmere. Lovely scarf and pattern. That is such a cute pin and perfect for that scarf. I wonder if any of our local museums or the arboretum would have anything like that…

  3. I am so excited to start this scarf! Thanks for another great pattern. Now to finish “David’s sock” and get the lace wound. I think this would be a lovely early autumn scarf. I’m envisioning it in warm amber colors or lovely browns with hues of purple.

  4. I can’t keep up. You keep designing all these wonderful things. My queue just keeps getting longer!

  5. I so love this scarf! And the dragonfly brooch is perfect! The dragonflies are all over our garden basking in the sun, and in those very colors, too!


  6. Love this one and that dragonfly is perfect! I’m curious – do you have a favorite of all of your scarf designs?

  7. It is lovely. I especially like it when the vine is hanging down, rather than pointed up. Makes me wonder what knitting it seaman’s scarf style would do, so that both sides pointed the same direction – maybe some way to incorporate the width of the vines into ribbing, even some lacework between the ribs. I might have to try that. Hmmm…if my list of patterns to buy from you at SS gets much longer, I won’t have money left for yarn.

  8. Hi Anne – beautiful new scarf! That bee broach would go lovely with the bee fields shawl.

    On another side note, I was wondering if you still plan on writing up the woolrich jacket pattern that you had made up for David. My boyfriend is determined that this pattern will be his first knitted sweater-ish project that he knits! He keeps asking me about the pattern. We both love it tons and tons. The Highlander sweater that you posted almost seems a bit like it, but I think it is the coller that he likes best~ Thanks so much!

  9. One word: yummy. I love green and that pattern looks like a lot of fun to knit up..hmm must go look at the stash!

  10. Anne, I’m loving the pattern. Unfortunately the lace weight I purchased has about 500 yrds per ounce and I don’t have a smaller circular needle size (just dpnt sock size) so… I started knitting it up with a sock yarn I have on hand and armed with a size 5 needle. Because of the yarn I’ve ommitted 2 repeats of the pattern (47 stitches instead of 63) and I am in love! This is being knit up as a gift for a dear friend back home and I know she’s going to adore the pattern.

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