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upon my arrival in ohio from the west coast this morning, the first thing i wished for was a nice, warm hat—not only was it below 20 degrees outside, but the wind was a-blowin’. i immediately foraged in my bag for something to cover my ears, but came up wanting—i had  very rightly left this slouchy, cozy confection on kim’s pretty head, where it totally belonged.

it is completely her—i’ll just have to knit another for myself. my pleasure—it will give me an opportunity to try out yet another color of our bare naked wools breakfast blend DK yarn. poor me.

not that i mind; knitting this cap was some of the best knitting fun i’ve had this winter.

you say you need something now to protects you from those sub-zero temps you’re suffering??
well, here’s your project baby—this cap knits up fast, despite the urge to stop and pet it ridiculously often.

shown here, size medium in bare naked wools breakfast blend DK, a comfy 60/40 merino/alpaca blend colorway oatmeal.

kim said, “you are so not getting this hat back, anne”.

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many thanks to my dear friend kim for doing us the honor of bringing this design to life; she’s perfect for it isn’t she? and to think she was previously convinced she couldn’t wear hats! sooo not true.


18 thoughts on “squish me

  1. You are so right. This is Kim’s hat…she rocks it. Besides, in my humble opinion, you’d look better in a darker color.

  2. I ordered my pattern on Monday. I’d been stalking it. Now I’m impatiently waiting for my yarn from David which should be here any day!

    Kim looks like a rock star in that hat! I don’t blame her for not wanting to give it back.

  3. Oooh, Anne, another pretty hat pattern! Hats will be the new socks for me, um, only for the winter months, everyone in the family & friends network thank you for keeping their head warm! Now, this is for me, yes for me!! Hooray! Now only if I can look as cute as Kim.

    & Kim is definitely styling! She’s super cute & a beautiful model!

  4. What a fabulous hat! I would have missed this if Manise hadn’t posted it on FB. Kim looks absolutely wonderful in this – I hope I look half as good when I finally knit it. L.

  5. Kim looks fantastic in the squish me! I really enjoyed test knitting this fun pattern and loved knitting with your new Breakfast Blend DK. It’s super soft and has wonderful squish factor to it!

  6. Kim looks amazing in that hat – and she claimed that hats didn’t suit her! Fabulous! (Just catching up with all the knitspot happenings after moving house last week!)

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