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This week I’m at Knitspot headquarters.  I can’t even explain to you how exciting it is to stay in a house with walls of yarn in almost every room. Can you believe how little is left of the Breakfast Blend Cocoa and Oatmeal?

Yes, this is it!

The yarn is flying out the door due to David’s speedy purchasing process and the diligent packaging of college students Brittany and Zach.

It has been so fun to read everyone’s posts in the raverly thread about their squishy packages arriving in the mail. I love seeing everyone chat about what they’re going to cast on with the yarn and exchanging ideas with each other.

Back to that top photo, I couldn’t help but notice the tubs that were under the small bags of yarn. What could that be? Well, I had to peek. It’s not like Anne and David were hiding it from me; the yarn is in clear tubs.

Oh my! It’s the next color of Breakfast Blend! I had not seen it in person. I snuck a photo of it so I could remember it when I got home. Anne saw me do this and said, “Erica, go ahead and show it on the blog.” So here it is, the next part of a complete breakfast…Earl Grey.

I swear, each yarn Anne creates is as gorgeous as the next. I am loving this color for Isadora.

Wouldn’t it be stunning with those delicate, yet crisp details on the edge in grey? I’m hoping to go home with a couple skeins (hint, hint Anne) and you’ll be able to order some from the website very soon.

You’ll notice that the grey is a little darker than the DK Anne’s been knitting her shawl with. This above color is going to be the real Early Grey. The lighter grey will be renamed Morning Smoke. Do with that what you will.

I love how I’m running around the house snapping pictures and dreaming of things to cast on, while Anne is working so hard writing the February chapter of BNK 2013.

The club yarn packages start shipping out today (there’s a handful of memberships left here) and the first chapter of the eBook is released Feb 17. Can’t wait! I have so many little Knitspot secrets stored in my brain, my head is about to burst.

I got a little knitting in last night during Anne’s spinning class and was able to finish my Slöfock! It’s drying this afternoon on the vent in Anne’s office.

That’s one benefit of cold, dry temps! I’m hoping Anne will snap a nice pic of me in it before I leave town. I have loved this cap KAL and since I have two skeins of the Breathless DK Emerald Isle colorway, I can make matching mitts and maybe a wee cap for Baby Knitspot. I miss him so much.

My mom is taking good care of Padraig. She even knit a wee Hot Waffles for him while I’ve been away and sent along this pic.

Well, I must get back to work with Anne and David. It’s been WAY too long since we’ve all been together under one roof and and our idea wheels are in motion!

17 thoughts on “Ferreting

  1. Thanks for sharing the next beautiful yarn. I was thinking the Curling cowl and mitts would be nice with this yarn. Your little boy is so cute with those rosy cheeks!

  2. Thanks for the sneak-peek at Earl Gray, Erica!
    I would die of excitement if I was there walking around all that yarn. Love Padraig’s mini Hot Waffles. He’s so darn adorable!

  3. The earl grey is gorgeous!! Such a cute picture of Padraig – can’t you just hear him saying mama? 🙂

  4. Oh, I saw Anne knitting the earl gray at my house (which was the DK, so I guess that’s the mountain smoke? Is that true), and it was just delectable! And Padraig has the most kissable cheeks I’ve seen this week!

  5. Another yummy yarn–get thee behind me…lol. Padraig is too cute and the waffle hat looks precious on him…he’s geowing so fast!

  6. Oh Erica, I don’t know how you can keep from spending all your time knitting wee garments for that beautiful child! I’m betting he will never be cold in his entire life.
    (If I promise to pay First Class shipping and handling both ways, could I borrow him for just a little while? Maybe just until my son and daughter-in-law decide to have one? Pleeease?)
    I’ll knit you some more samples 🙂

  7. Oh Erica- he is getting so big and EVEN CUTER!!! I love his eyes. And he is a perfect handknit model!

  8. I think I would be dizzy from the yarn fumes!! LOL. My skein of Cocoa DK arrived yesterday and it’s everything that you have been saying – so, so soft. I had it in mind to make a hat – but now I’m pretty sure that it will be turned from string to cowl in short order.

  9. What’s not to love about EVERYTHING in this post!
    Love, love, love
    And a special hug for the cutie wee one

  10. With an angelic face as his, I can’t stop myself from knitting goodies for my cutie patootie! Can’t wait to get my hands on some new yarn also! And Erica your hat is beautiful!

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