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yes, we’re here in vegas, as a few of you guessed—not exactly to gamble, but to celebrate for sure. david’s brother scott and our darling sister-in-law nan have delivered a healthy baby boy.

we were supposed to be here for the birth but little micah was an anxious one and made his way into the world two weeks early at 8 lbs. 14 oz (and he’s already gained another pound since!).

isn’t he cute? big brother amad is beside himself with excitement

and nan is mostly very tired but very happy, too. this is our first chance to spend time together in person and we love her SO much; it’s going to be hard to leave next week . . .

we are having a ton of fun with amad actually; he’s getting ready to start school in a couple of weeks but he’s already very proficient at gaming and computer so he and david bonded quickly. still, on my first day here, he got curious about my knitting.

i showed him the recently-completed nate sock i knit for david and after staring and aqueezing it a bit he said, “you made this”??
i replied that i had and asked if he’d like me to make him a pair. we found some blue(ish) yarn in my bag and i got right to work on a young gentleman’s pair of gridiron socks on 36 sts.

the first one was done in just a few hours and the second one started early the next morning. while he waited, amad became completely smitten with my knit knit tool thingy and pronounced himself master of scissors.

by the time amad finished breakfast, it was time to cut the last strand of yarn. BTW, this is new hue handspuns bamhuey sock in colorway fruit of the vine.

i’ve been carrying it around for some time to knit myself a plain sock, but i’m happy to knit socks for amad with it, instead. this pair took about 150-160 yards on size 2 needles (much less than the 200-yard skein).
after weaving in the ends we had a little try-on

perfect fit—he loved them. in fact, despite the 105 degree heat, he wore them all day and this morning, asked where they were.

all good socks deserve a little dance and these certainly got an admiring first run (honestly, if you haven’t knit yet for a kid, you should—you are in for a huge treat when you see their reaction to feeling the knit)

and the boy is a born sock model, to boot—you should have seen him workin’ those socks (scroll to the end to see lots more).

one of the reasons i’ve had so much time to spend on socks, is that yesterday morning i woke up to a dead computer, arggh.
tuesday night it was perfectly fine and running like a top—yesterday morning . . . nothing.
no chime, no lights (but the hard drive seems to want to start if only it could). so no blog til now and no answering email til i can get into my accounts.

i have david’s laptop (our very old mac), so i’m receiving mail, but i still need to set up access to a few more things before i can answer all outstanding questions. i thought the blog should be the first item to address, don’t you?

one thing we know is that it’s not something simple—we finally got an appointment at the apple store today and they couldn’t get it to wake up either. we all suspect a logic board failure, but we’ll just have to wait and see—it’s on its way to the mac hospital now.

which means we had to take a couple of trips to the strip, even though we would have been perfectly happy not to. but you know, it’s a lot different than i thought so i’m glad i saw it, at least.

inside is even more elaborate than outside—in caesar’s palace (on our way to the apple store), we were transported to another time completely . . .

anyway, we weren’t there very long—i don’t think it’s really david’s milieu. or mine; it’s awfully noisy in there.

yesterday after we got back, scott, who is a chef, made us a fabulous dinner of eggplant parmagiano, which we all enjoyed together, accompanied by music and lots of laughing. he also made a big pan of shrimp fried rice to leave with us for a few future dinners; he left early this morning to go back to work in another state.

today i think we might try to hit the farmer’s market which is held from 4 to 6 pm here (yay, a good time for us to get out). later tonight, i’ll work on david’s computer a little more setting up my access and answer some of the emails i haven’t been able to.

but for now, i’ll leave you with a sock dance and tomorrow, a little baby blanket viewing, ok?

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  1. love the reaction to his socks! those are the kinds of gift receivers you will always make things for…aren’t they?

    hope the doctors can figure out what is wrong with the ol’ apple…

  2. Beautiful baby!
    His brother is a great sock model, and a yarn addict in the making. Beautiful job, it’s nice so see them so appreciated!

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