ground control, we have a problem

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as you know, amad has made it perfectly clear that he loves his new socks. what none of us could imagine is that he is quite intent on never removing them.

he stands on them whenever one of us tries to get near . . . and if push comes to shove, he has two very strong hands to clamp over them

and it’s not just clowning around for the camera, trust me.

by this morning there was nothing left for it but to pile in the car and head for the yarn shop. can you believe that with all the yarn i carried out of the sock summit market, i have none with me to knit a pair of boy socks??
arggh, i just knew i should reconsider sending it ALL home . . .

fortunately we are lucky that las vegas has several nice yarn shops. the one we headed for today was gail knits. i thought one shop in a day was probably enough, but maybe on monday or tuesday we’ll try another

because folks, i think we have a budding yarn addict here. at first, he was a little shy in front of all the ladies at the knitting table, but once we got him in a secluded aisle full of sock yarn, he picked out four skeins before i could blink. we pared it down to two and he settled on the sofa to inspect one of them closely while the other was wound up for us into a very nice pull skein (love that yarn shops do this now).

when i looked over i saw a familiar sight and knowingly winked at david

yarn sniffing it a true sign of yarn love, as we all know.
i have to hand it to gail, the shop owner—as soon as she sized amad up she showed me the berroco sock with the glitter.

“oh no, i doubt it” i said.
but i was quickly proven wrong—after he got over the fact that we weren’t going to find more of the sock yarn he already had on his feet, his first choice was the blue metallic berroco—go figure.
(his other choices were green and brown, so it’s no like he doesn’t have the usual guy instincts).

back in the car we headed off to game stop to pick up an overdue birthday gift—a little something to keep him busy while i knit

which has been on his wish list for a very long while. this gave nan and i time in the afternoon to watch a movie together while i started the new socks.

i’m not sure how the steady diet of children’s video games is going to affect david, but he seems content enough to help amad get to new levels.

and it’s a good chance for amad to practice his english (his native language is swiss german and he speaks some thai as well, but he starts school in under two weeks, so the practice in english is good and david is a great model for it).

before the sock emergency became apparent, i focused most of yesterday on the sleeve of the gray maze sweater and have it about 2/3s complete now

i’ll probably finish it while i’m here, yay. that means i can sew it all up when i get home and finally be done with that sweater.

meanwhile, baby micah sleeps away most of the time that he’s not eating—he’s just not as compelling a conversationalist yet (but he’s super-cute!)

here he is enjoying a siesta yesterday under the new baby bee blanket i knit for him before i left ohio. i think he likes it . . .

and yes, kim at the woolen rabbit will offer a kit with choice of three gorgeous yarn colors. we will also be offering the pattern in the shop as a standalone item. stay tuned—all will be pulled together in just a couple of weeks (maybe sooner)!

62 thoughts on “ground control, we have a problem

  1. Sock Summit, adorable Amad with his blue socks, gorgeous blanket keeping Micah cozy, great family fun, Vegas, Ya da Ya da Ya da….enough, come home righ now! We need you back at our Monday afternoon class. You should see the messes we have. Just kidding (about the messes). We need you.

  2. I have really enjoyed reading about your family visit as well as seeing the beautiful bee blanket and Amad’s socks. Please provide update on Amad later … there is real joy in his enthusiasm!

  3. You absolutely cannot beat blue socks with glitter! I can’t believe we haven’t found any of that yet ourselves. And I love the baby bee blanket! I may need one of those for my ownself, just as soon as I get a few things off the needles 😉

  4. Heh Heh Heh! My son (1-2 years older than Amad, and nearly as handsome) does the same thing with new “yarn socks.” Good thing the stink holds off longer with wool!

    I must find some of that glitter Sock Yarn! There is not enough glitter for boys.

  5. Well, first I was going to say the baby is the cutest thing (looks like a doll) – then I scrolled down and saw his brother! It just kept getting better! A young sock addict and yarn sniffer!
    Last year I knitted a mulitcolor hat for my 8 yr old grand- niece and was surprised by her exhuberance! She even took it for show and tell! Maybe socks are next for her! How old is Amad?
    The blanket it gorgeous too!

  6. i love that blanket! can’t wait for the kits/patterns. there’s lots of babies heading into my life in the coming months!
    and amad is a lil’ yarn rockstar. he knows a good thing when he sees it!

  7. It’s the blue metallic sock that has brought me out of lurkerdom after all this time. I absolutely adore all the socks you’re making for your nephew. Knitting for kids who are old enough to know what they want is unbelievably alluring, don’t you think? Great work!

  8. Such cute pics. The baby blanket is beautiful. What a great yarn addict, at such a young age. He’ll be knitting before you know it. He’s already so talented and working on his multi-linguistics!

  9. That really is a stunning baby blanket, Anne. What a precious gift to give someone! I’m definitely making this next time I have a baby to knit for.

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