Vintage Knitspot – Snow on Cedars

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Ah, it’s time once again for me to dust off the archives! Anne is super busy with all kinds of fun stuff (she’ll fill you in on Sunday) and I didn’t think you’d mind a little trip with me down memory lane. Plus, there’s a contest involved!

With the metro Detroit area covered in a new blanket of snow, it seemed apropos to highlight this beauty of a mitt pattern.

Snow on Cedars is a mid-length mitt with allover lace motifs of pine trees and snowflakes. Doesn’t this seem like the most delightful thing to knit for a friend? It’s the perfect accessory for chilly offices or knitting in drafty places. Or to wear running errands and not be bothered with taking your gloves on and off.

It’s a pretty quick knit as well because the right and left are interchangeable. I can’t imagine I’m the only one that has knit two left mitts. Even I can’t screw this one up!

Don’t you just want to wrap these mitts around a hot cup of tea as you gaze out the window at the snow covered pines?

Can’t you see these mitts done up in Breakfast Blend Fingering? Won’t they be a little piece of heaven for your hands?

I think this duo and I are going to spend some time together this weekend. Hmmm…coffee, hot cocoa, tea, hot toddy…I definitely have options. Or maybe you guys can help me. What is your fave hot drink? Leave your suggestion in the comments by 10 pm EST on Feb 24 and I’ll pick a winner to receive this mitt pattern!

I’m off to check on Baby Knitspot before I turn in for the night. Today he turned 6 months!

I can’t believe it. It seems like Aug 22 was yesterday.

Happy weekend everyone!

252 thoughts on “Vintage Knitspot – Snow on Cedars

  1. I love many hot drinks. But if you force me to choose just one…I’d go with strong black tea with milk. My husband brings me a cup of tea just like that in bed every morning. I’m a lucky girl.

  2. Having recently had a heart attack I am now struggling to find hot caffeine free drinks that don’t taste like they were mowed up in the yard…I love coffee in the am sweet and white and the hot chocolate at bedtime with a shot of flavored creamer…alas those are now pleasures of the past…I’m learning to enjoy Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea at bedtime but still can’t find the right thing for mornings.
    I want to cast on these mitts right now so I’m not sure I’ll wait to see if my name is drawn as the winner…I’m just a bit impulsive that way 🙂

  3. My favorite daily hot drink is an organic dark coffee with organic cream! For a treat I through a little Baileys in there in the late afternoon. ( :

  4. I love a hot chocolate with amaretta added for a little extra inner warmth. Yum. Add a few freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and I am in heaven!

  5. Home made Latte: Fresh ground espresso beans run through the espresso machine (no kcups here!) steamed 2% milk with a dusting of ground chocolate on top in a big 20 oz mug…last through my first hour of knitting!

  6. Spicy Chai with a generous portion of milk…would love to win these mitts! Thanks for the chance to…
    Stay warm and cozy!

  7. I’m not big on hot drinks, I often get overheated by them. If I have a cold I drink lemon ginger tea with honey. If it is very cold out I drink hot chocolate!!

    Baby Knispot is very cute! Great smile:)

  8. hot tea (at the moment) just came across a really nice caffeine lemon tea, by lipton. and then, of course, there are lattés….

  9. I am a fan of many kinds of hot drinks – decaffeinated, caffeinated, hot toddies all included. But, my favorite splurge is a well-made cappuccino 🙂 Great question!

  10. For a recent cocktail competition I created a hot chocolate drink that got me 3rd place! I used real hot chocolate- hot milk with bittersweet chocolate dissolved in it. Here is the recipe:

    Hot Carl
    1/2 cup good hot chocolate
    1/4 cup whiskey (I used Jamison)
    1/8 cup caramel liquor (I used Godiva)
    Pinch of salt
    Whipped cream
    Caramel sauce

    Mix the hot chocolate, whiskey, caramel liquor and salt in your favorite mug. Top with whipped cream and drizzle with caramel sauce. Enjoy!

  11. Strong black organic coffee for me, not any of the flavored stuff either. Can’t be bothered with having to keep fresh milk and sugar in the house.

  12. In the evening: decaf coffee, add one packet of no sugar added hot cocoa mix (love the GFS brand), a splash of sugar-free caramel syrup, and a splash of half and half. Tastes like a decadent coffee shop drink with less than 100 calories!

  13. From the first mug of green tea DH brings me in the morning, have a mug of green or white tea or green/white fusion with me all day. End the day with a mug of Trader Joe’s Well Rested herbal tea while I knit.

  14. Hot Chocolate. Or if needing more the hot toddy line….Apple Cider warmed and a bit of something added (Grand Marnier, bourbon, some apple brandy….just what is about that would blend/complement….)

  15. Harney and sons hot cinnamon tea. With a wee bit of sugar. I hope I win! I live in Troy, MI. You would save on postage! Win-win.

  16. Hot Chai Latte with Tazo Chai as the base. Now I’ve got my tongue curled for a mug, off to the kitchen…..

    And I love that pattern!

  17. When I have a cold, or am not feeling well, it is green tea with a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. But all other times, I am a coffee girl through and through. The stronger the better!!

  18. Just a simple cup of hot tea makes me happy. Although I wouldn’t say no to hot chocolate with a hint of peppermint.

  19. Coffee, Earl Gray, Hot Dark Chocolate, Spiced cider, Hot Dr. Pepper. Really, anything that warms my fingers when the snow flies. I adore winter!

  20. hmm- special treat lately: hot chai tea with some Rum-Chata mixed in. mmmmmm. and those are lovely mitts. My current obsession is knitting mitts including teensy ones for my 2 year old niece who wanted some!

  21. Hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows and a flake to dip into it – as long as I have my knitting right there with me, too!

  22. My favorite hot drink is hot cocoa, very chocolately hot cocoa of course. I would love to become a tea drinker as I have a vintage Hall teapot that was my mom’s and several teacups that she collected. I do love iced tea, just haven’t found a tea that I like to drink hot.

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