nightingale wing

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sheer and weightless, this stole whirls around the shoulders like a soft breeze to caress without “covering”. light freely filters through a field of arabesque lace that beats with the whisper of a nightingale’s wings, bordered by a wide, delicate band of vines and buds along its length.

shown here, size tall in a verb for keeping warm holding alpaca lace, colorway nightingale (similar to colorway dusk)

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kristine dyes the most beautiful yarns, doesn’t she? i am so lucky that she approached me last winter to collaborate on a piece. and though it took me a while to find my way with it, the fiber eventually revealed the story it wanted to tell. you can peruse kristine’s gorgeous yarns and spinning fibers, all dyed with natural materials and processes, in her online shop or in her booth at several upcoming events.

once again, many thanks go out to karolyn, who test knit the pattern (and much faster than i did); thank you so much karolyn!

ronni, as always, does a superb job of getting the pattern in ship-shape form for publication, despite my many changes (it blocked out bigger than i expected, what i can i say??)

and to david, who took 683 photos of four items yesterday and has the patience of a saint.
a saint, i tell you.

63 thoughts on “nightingale wing

  1. Oh… I’ve been so good lately. Knitting from stash. Knitting from my queue. But this is gorgeous. I think I’ve got yarn in the stash that would be perfect, so it wouldn’t be completely bad of me to buy this pattern! 😉

  2. I love your photo shoots.But I have to say my absolute favorite this time is that evil little smile right after you said David had the patience of a saint.

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