Feeling Like A Kid Again

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My parents came in for a visit this weekend and we all we all got a like stir crazy being cooped up in the house. The weather was frigid, so the reasonable outing with a baby seemed a couple hour walk around the mall. Plus, we were all dying to take a trip in the new family vehicle.

Yep, that’s right. I traded in my little sporty hatchback for a minivan. I’m pretty ecstatic about it too. Gosh, I NEVER thought I would say that. But seriously, we were busting at the seams when we went on a family trip. I think Anne pointed this out to all of of you back in October. For a quick refresher, this is what the car usually looked like for a weekend getaway.

We crammed everyone AND Buddy into the minivan for our trip and we could have easily picked up two friends along the way. We now own a magic bus (of course I’ve been humming this song by The Who). My mom actually took the above photo sitting in third row seating next to Buddy. I can’t wait for Anne to take a spin in it next week when she’s in town.

None of us needed anything, but we just felt like an outing. As soon as we got there we all turned to Matt, our tour guide and chauffeur for the afternoon, and said “what shop would be fun?” We went to a few baby stores and picked up a couple cute outfits and debated on this hat.

I can’t believe he kept it on. It must be because I’ve forced him to wear handknit hats since birth. I feel this kid’s head was made for a hat. Everyone tired of baby shopping quickly, including Padraig, and Matt took us to the perfect place – The Lego Store.

It was like we were kids again. We spent forever in the store looking at all the cool new Legos, but of course we were all drawn to the basics.

Padraig was fascinated with all the commotion, lights, and bright colors. It was the perfect stop.

Around the store there are kid-level peepholes

that have Lego displays inside them. Each one is so different from the next.

Matt loved dreaming of what Padraig would play with one day

while the rest of us made our own Minifigures.

The options are endless and it’s one of the hottest displays in the shop.

We couldn’t believe this poor girl’s job was to pop apart all the rejected figurines. All day. She separates and sorts all these pieces over and over again. My mom and I couldn’t help ourselves. We jumped in and helped her sort. It was pretty fun because you really got to see all the options and laugh at all the crazy concoctions people create.

Our last stop was The Detroit Shoppe,

a non-profit store that sells all kinds of food, art,

clothing, books, jewelry, etc. that is native to the Detroit area. My parents had a great time feeling nostalgic as they looked at these items

but I landed on one of my faves – Vernors.

I have lots and lots of favorite drinks – hot and cold – but one of my top fives is a warm Vernors. There is nothing like it. If you leave it set out for awhile open, to let some of the fizz out, you have the perfect pop. Which brings me to the real purpose of the blog today – the winner of the Vintage Knitspot contest.

Thank you all for the awesome comments about hot drinks. I love how passionate everyone is about their perfect drink and how they like it made. I even got several great recipes from commenters. You all are fabulous, but unfortunately I have to randomly pick one winner. Congrats to Jessica W! You have won the Snow on Cedars pattern and I have notified you by email.

I’m so glad you get a kick out of the Vintage posts. I really enjoy putting them together for you. I know there isn’t much knitting and yarn in this post, but I promise the next post is something you’ll love – a shop update of Bare Naked Wools! Some time tomorrow a new color will be available…

For the rest of the week, my plan is to get as much knitting done as possible in the passenger seat.

8 thoughts on “Feeling Like A Kid Again

  1. Yay!! Congrats on the new car! Now there is room for me on our road trip to TNNA, right?! And yes, the Lego store is awesome…one of lil guy’s and lil snowboarder’s favorite places to go when it is cold…or not cold… They love it!

    And yay for more bare naked wools!

  2. Lego is so much fun. I found two boxes of it dating back to my childhood when we moved house recently. We even have Legoland (a Lego theme park) here in the UK.

  3. Wow! A Lego store! I’d planned a little whining until I checked and found there are two of them in the Denver metro area. Cancel whining! I have driven a mini van for the past 16 years and would not have any other car–and I don’t have a beautiful Padraig to stash in it. My friends call it the party van and we love it for group outings! Speaking of Mr. P–he really knows how to rock a dashing hat–cute, cute!

  4. I live here in the (not so sunny) South and can get Vernor’s ginger ale in a couple of the grocery store. I like it waaaaay better than big-name brand of ginger ale. You’re so right about it being good warm (and diluted). I found that out after an attack of acute gastritis last year. It was one of the few things I could keep down for a couple of days till the medication kicked in.

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