Espresso Anyone?

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We have just added Espresso to our line of Breakfast Blend yarns. For the coffee drinkers out there, you’re now feeling that a complete breakfast is offered by Bare Naked Wools. Or for someone like myself, I enjoy that I have even more choices. Some days I feel like Earl Grey, while other days I need a little Espresso in the morning.

Espresso is a rich merino/alpaca blend of black and brown, just as you would imagine the color would be inside the cup  from your favorite cafe. It’s bold and rich, but at the same time warm and comforting.

Perfect as a one-cupper, maybe fit for La Novia

or Leafprints;

projects that are quick to accomplish and great for on-the-go knitting.

But I’m thinking you will fall in love with this color and end up wanting a good supply of it,

in order to brew up something larger at home. Maybe a Highlander

or Caïssa?

You can also get some great project ideas in the Bare Naked Wools group on ravelry. New projects are being shared daily! Today kicks off March is for Mitts KAL. Grab a skein of DK or fingering Breakfast Blend and come join the group. It’s going to be a lot of fun and they’ll be prizes involved!

So here you are, the parts of an ever-changing complete breakfast.

What will you have this morning?

7 thoughts on “Espresso Anyone?

  1. Hi Anne I was wondering where you got the shawl pin shown in the La Novia picture. It is stunning. So are your new yarns – I’ve been trying to be strong and not order any new yarn lately, but they sure are calling (more like yelling) and I think I might just have to break down and order some.

  2. I received my skein of fingering Earl Grey, and I just love it Anne! I can not tell you how many skeins of grey yarn I have ordered, tried, and they just don’t come close to the quality I wanted. Your Bare Naked was THE PERFECT YARN I was wanting! Thinking about which sock pattern of yours to knit it into. Looking forward to seeing what your next big order holds. THANK YOU! Have a fabulous trip to Michigan!

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