wait, wait i wasn’t done yet

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after our relaxed family evening at the art institute, i packed the car and headed over to the hotel that would be my home for the next several days as well as the site of our weekend workshops with the black sheep knitting guild of metro detroit.

it was late when i got in and knowing i had to get up early, i sank straight into bed, so i could get up in time to work out in the morning. thinking i would use the hotel gym, i woke up when it was still dark, dressed and headed downstairs to check out the facilities.

haha, i couldn’t get any of the equipment to run; i’m not really sure WHAT i was doing wrong, but for some reason the machines would just not go for me. being of a make i was not familiar with (and i’ve seen a lot in my many hotel stays over the last few years), i just chalked that experience up to fate and went back to my room to change into heavier outdoor clothing.

i’m so glad i did! the sky was still dim at first, but brightened rapidly and i saw that the hotel was actually situated on the edge of a nice residential area, with long, straight tree-lined streets, perfect for running or walking.

i headed into the wind at a jog and quickly settled into a nice pace as the sun rose. after threading up and down several streets, i found myself at the edge of a stretch of  property with no houses and not much else going on. i saw a small playground area near the entrance, but other than that, it was just filled with trees and grass that were very neatly maintained. i decided to see where the path inward would take me.

it turned out that the path just wound in an out, in and out through the trees, which made it possible to appreciate them from any angle. the constantly changing light made each turn in the road a unique moment.

what a great way to begin the day, huh?

the next two and a half days were filled with classes—beginning lace on saturday, a bittersweet vines project class on sunday, and designing off the cuff on monday evening. as usual, i got so involved that i forgot to take photos, but erica took tons, which she’ll post soon on our facebook page and twitter, as well as our terrific ravelry groups.

i did get this one great shot of me with the “troublemakers gallery”—each of them sporting a well-done knitspot project.

after my sunday teaching session, erica and i met up with our good friend and long-time reader/rav member cherie, who was joining us for a relaxing evening of dinner and chatting, which i was very much looking forward to.

i was on pins and needles also to see the gorgeous sample she was handing off, which she knit in the next yarn of our bare naked wools lineup, to go live in our online yarn shop in just about a week or so.

but look! she ALSO had a new sock on the needles which obviously tickled me pink: cookie A’s design in OUR yarn—how cool is that?? but for some reason i can’t pinpoint what pattern they are—cherie is going to have to chime in with a comment to let us know.

we headed out for dinner to vinsetta grill, where we ate a delicious meal, lingered over a nice bottle of wine, and finished the evening with ridiculously large desserts.

(she did not finish that!)

i got some facetime in with erica here and there over the next couple of days; we are getting the 2013 fall in full color club organized and having a couple of meetings with other people while i’m here. yesterday she hosted one of them at her home and made us a lovely lunch

isn’t that pretty?

last evening was my final event with the guild; we met the guild officers for supper in the club room  at crispelli’s and had some really yummy pizza, then moved on to the monthly meeting, at which i was speaking.

the black sheep knitting guild is a really wonderful group, full of good spirit with a nice communal feel. if you live in the detroit area and are looking for some people to knit with, you should check it out. they made both of us feel welcome and loved the whole time i was here—so much so that erica joined last night.

well, now it’s time for me to pack my things and hit the road for home. the weather was supposed to be snowy all day, but i think it’s going to hold off long enough for me to get there.

one last stop for breakfast with my buddies before i go; i can’t leave with a little sustenance, like a big hug and a kiss.

but before i close, i bet you want to know who won the three bags full giveaway, right??

the winner is . . . . jo m.!
i have emailed the winner and michele will be in touch regarding your prize.

thank you all for participating; giveaways are so much fun. and now it’s time for me to hit the road; so long detroit for now, i’ll be back before you know it.


12 thoughts on “wait, wait i wasn’t done yet

  1. Good morning! The socks are Vilai, in the Sock Innovation book by Cookie A. They are a fun knit, and so soft in the Breakfast Blend yarn!

  2. The perfect post–nice scenery, great looking food, a beautiful sock pattern, vicarious fun with other knitters, FINDING OUT THAT I WON THE DRAWING, and a sweet photo of Erica and Padraig. Have a safe trip home, Anne!

  3. As one of the “troublemakers” I’m sure I can say that we had a great time in your class. My Bittersweet Vines cowl is just yummy. Thanks again for being here. I think your presentation last night at the meeting went really well and was enjoyed by everyone.

    Hope your trip home is uneventful and really hope to see you again another time.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together Anne and Erica.
    I am glad you joined the guild. You will be happy you did.

  5. What a wonderful trip you had, Anne! But I have 2 questions: 1) Running alone in Detroit? Were you ever concerned for your safety? 2) I love the pics of you and Erica and Padraig, but where is one of you and Cherie? It would have been great to see her smiling face! (Her sock is really pretty in the BNW yarn.)

  6. Looks like a great trip! That scenery looks so nice. I would’ve probably gone outside just like you did. Nothing like a pleasant morning to get you going.

  7. I’m so bummed that because of working way too much I had to miss the classes and the BSKG meeting as I was really looking forward to meeting you, Anne. I’ve bought a number of your patterns. Now to find the time to knit. Great pic of you and the “troublemakers.”

  8. Love all those knitspot sweaters in your rogues’ gallery!! That’s my next big project, a knitspot sweater, but I am worried about the fitting because of my height. When I have lengthened things in the past, it has also added too much width.

  9. What fun (mostly) you look like you were having…and getting a sweet baby smile from adorable Padraig is the frosting on the cake! I realize there is usually a lot of work involved with all that you do but you seem to do it so effortlessly Anne.

    Now…do you suppose Erica would share her luncheon recipes? The casserole or egg dish or ? looks yummy! Pretty table too…

  10. I so enjoyed your visit with us Anne. I not only finished my cowl in black, but I have done the lace edging for both mitts. I can never seem to knit something without a little change of my own…I decided to not do a gusset and thumb piece, but to leave just a slit for the thumb. That way I can wear them in reverse as a pretty little bit of lace tucked out from under a long sleeved shirt. Or I can wear them as fingerless (and thumbless)mitts. Your talk was inspiring! I hope to run into you again sometime out in the knitting universe.-Kim T (Sunshinekim)

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