Wearin’ O’ the Green

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To continue the year of “firsts,” this week was Baby Knitspot’s 1st St Pat’s. Well, since being out of the womb. If you remember last year’s post, he celebrated quite a bit! This is my favorite holiday and fortunately Matt’s too.

Anne was in town last week and we worked quite a bit together. But while she was teaching a class on Sunday, I snuck off with the fam to the Detroit St Patrick’s Day parade. It’s always the Sunday before the holiday and kicks off a great week of fun. The weather was spectacular and we couldn’t resist going.

We donned our festive gear, including Padraig in his DetroitGT “Irish Spirit Motown Soul” shirt.

I couldn’t resist dressing this kid up in the colors of the flag!

Matt and his excellent parking skills got us to the parade just before it started. We were even able to find our friends through the sea of thousands of spectators!

We fought the crowds for a bit and Padraig loved all the bright colors

and music but once the fire engine sirens started, that was it. Crocodile tears started pouring so we headed home. All that stimulation wore him out!

The rest of the week Matt and I daydreamed about my mom’s traditional feast. We couldn’t wait for the weekend fare of corned beef and cabbage. And, one again, she did not disappoint!

She set out a gorgeous buffet for a small group of family and friends

and we stuffed ourselves silly with these delectable plates.

This morning we rose to the smell of breakfast cooking.

Mom turned last  night’s heavenly dinner into corned beef hash, complete with rolls turned into toast. My favorite!

After breakfast, we spent the rest of the morning at O’Duffy’s visiting with old friends.

It was getting close to nap time, as you can see,

so we bid our farewells and headed back to Detroit to see Matt’s side of the family. On the road, I found our glove compartment was a very clever spot to hold knitting essentials.

As I knit my next Slöfock, in Breathless DK colorway Emerald Isle, Padraig rested for more of the day’s festivities.

Our last stop was Gaelic League

for live music, dancing, and lots of singing along to Irish favorites. Padraig loved watching all the little kids and their parents dance to the music!

It was a perfect weekend and now it’s time to rest up because it is going to be one busy week! I have to finish up my mitts for the BNW mitt KAL and get things in order to announce the next artisan yarn! Yes, you heard me right. Not a new color…but a whole new Bare Naked Wools yarn! I’m beside myself with excitement! Stay tuned, watch our ravelry groups for sneak peeks, and warm up your ordering finger because you will want to click and buy this new yarn. It’s pretty special…

11 thoughts on “Wearin’ O’ the Green

  1. Lovely pictures of such a cute baby!
    And I’m very impressed that even the yarn for the hat you’re knitting is green for St. Patrick’s Day!

  2. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I’m a long time reader/lurker and am excited because like you, my family is very Irish. My sister was determined to have her baby today and at 7pm made it happen! She named him Kieran, which I think is very fitting.

  3. Despite the croc tears, Padraig seems to be a real trooper. What a fun day. love the Slofock in the green!

  4. This post just makes me so happy!!! Such lovely family memories 🙂 Ok, I may need Candy’s recipe for the corned beef hash. Dad would love that, and we have leftovers to spare 🙂

    Padraig is just too too cute in his green!

    Oh, and I’m going to crash one of your St. Patrick’s Day holidays one of these years, okay?! xoxo

  5. Still lovin’ that boy!
    What a good sport. Little does he know that next year, he will be back to celebrate again…but with some great corned beef hash to top it all!
    Enjoy every minute.

  6. I met my husband at the Gaelic league 38 years ago, and we have been married for 36 years. I have fond memories of it. St Patty’s day has always been fun in the “D”.

  7. Well, Padraig is adorable, as always, in your posts! Thought of you yesterday (and missed a golden opportunity to photograph BNK yarn in the wild); we went to a St. Patrick’s Day concert by the Detroit Symphony, complete with Irish tenor (Robert White), flute and uilleann pipes, fiddle and Irish step dancers! You would have enjoyed it, I think!

  8. Every time I see your posts, Erica, I hope for more Padraig photos. Those cheeks!! Looks like you all had a wonderful weekend.

  9. Erica, what a fabulous post, so much fun! I just love your little man so much, please give him a snuggle from me. And even though I just had breakfast, I am so hungry looking at your food pics, mmmmm.

  10. Looks like such a fun time! Wish I would have seen you at the parade! I too would love to tag along and celebrate the day with you. Padraig is just the cutest baby in the world! Love that little guy. Thank you for sharing, I LOVE reading your blog.

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