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thank you for your patience today while the store was down—we are back up and running smoothly now, phew! please email me if you ordered patterns last night and did not receive them; i have a very short list of payees who may not have been able to retrieve downloads.

what a day—i still haven’t packed my bag, so i’ll make this quick.

kim arrived late this afternoon—yay! and that’s a finished jackie jacket that she’s wearing, yay.
i whisked her home and the three of us had a lovely dinner with the very last of the garden produce—winter squash soup, greens, potatoes, and salmon, yum. we talked about knitting for a while and then she was ready for bed (it’s midnight for her).

i finished my bison/cashmere neckwarmer last night to wear on our trip but with all the chaos earlier today, i did not manage to get a photo. i can assure you that it’s luscious. it’s drying now on the living room floor in front of the heat vent, heh.

we are leving at the crack of dawn to drive to the catskill mountains. i am not bringing my computer (since w get only very poor internet service where we stay in the woods). david will keep an eye on things while i’m gone and handle any emergencies that come up. i tried to get him to guest blog, but then we didn’t have time to go over the process. maybe next time . . .

ok, now i have to pack—see you next week!

10 thoughts on “back in business

  1. Have fun, we’ll miss you on the blog but it will be fun to hear your news when you get back. Hope everything is a success. Hope the trip is richly inspiring. Safe travels.

  2. Have a good time but try to get a picture of that buffalo cowl will ya? I’m a neck-thingie addict!

  3. Hey Anne, I know it’s been like 50 years since I’ve commented, but I just thought I’d pop in and say hi! (I’ve definitely been reading all your wonderful posts, I just don’t seem to have a lot of constructive commenting energy left after work these days)

    Anyway, I’m heading to Rhinebeck this year! I’m flying out tomorrow with my Mom and we’re making a weekend of it, so I’ll look for you when I’m there!

  4. Hi, Kim! Gorgeous jacket!! I hope you guys have a fabulous time — I can’t wait to hear all about it so I can do some vicarious living 🙂

  5. It would be so great for David to guest-blog! It would be something for those of us not at Rhinebeck to look forward to!

    Have fun at Rhinebeck – someday I’ll get to go!

  6. Hi Anne! I saw you at my hotel Sunday morning, but was too shy to say hello! LOL! Hopefully I will be able to see you when you come to my local yarn store this spring! I had a great time at Rhinebeck, I hope you did as well.

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