road food: frosted cherry

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sighted at approximately 6:40 am yesterday in ligonier, PA:
weeping cherry in full bloom, each flower perfectly frosted.
temperature at the time of morning run: 27 degrees
mmm, brisk.

more later; i’m dashing around trying to get settled back in my office after a weekend teaching event. i have much to blog after class is over this evening.

for now, here’s a pretty for you from the road:

spectacular, isn’t it?

7 thoughts on “road food: frosted cherry

  1. Did the cherry blossoms survive the frost? Weather is crazy this spring, at least in the Rocky mountain area. Snow on its way this afternoon for the fourth week in a row! My niece (who is an East Coast girl going to school here) calls ourmweather bipolar.

  2. Just beautiful. When I was growing up, we had a cherry tree in our front garden and I used to love lying underneath it and being showered with the petals!! I’m picturing a blousy lacy shawl in pale pink – would be fab!!

  3. green grass … *whimper* flowers … *whimper whimper*

    So. Jealous. Stuck in “Never Gonna Be Spring” here in Wisconsin…

  4. Wow I think Toronto must be 2 or 3 weeks away from cherry blossoms yet. The daffodils and mini-irises only appeared late last weekend.
    I love cherry blossoms!

  5. Really enjoying the photos of budding trees, flowers and grass. Here, in southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada, I am only dreaming of these fantasies. The temperature is low, the wind is cold, the sun almost non-existent. However, because of these photos, I have hope.

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