tidal sands

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spring is here and with it, that changeability that only she can orchestrate in the weather—one minute we are bathing our faces in fresh breezes and balmy sun and the next thing we know, the breeze has turned to wind that bites with the last of winter’s chill.

we want to stick with her to discover the gifts she is to reveal, but wow, the going can be unpredictable at best.

thankfully we knit and are armed for anything she throws at us.

take this wonderfully versatile infinity scarf—knit entirely in the round in an easy-peasy stitch pattern.

it’s a cinch to memorize, completely reversible, and sized so that you can wind it around once, twice, or thrice—perfect for changeable spring days.

one skein of a special luxury blend—i used our breakfast blend fingering for mine—and a few evenings of TV knitting will get you an accessory you won’t leave home without.

and don’t forget that mother’s day is just around the corner; this gift will melt your mama’s (or MIL’s) heart.

shown here, size medium in bare naked wools breakfast blend fingering, a comfy merino/alpaca/nylon blend, in colorway oatmeal.

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doesn’t helena wear it well? she’s such a great sport for modeling so often, thank you helena!





16 thoughts on “tidal sands

  1. Love being the first commenter and love the scarf. It looks like a shawl in some of the photos.

  2. I couldn’t resist. I just printed the pattern and ordered the yarn. Can’t wait to receive the yarn and start this project. Thanks!

  3. Helena is such a pretty girl. I love the creative names you come up with for your designs. Mine would probably be called something clever like, “Cowl.” 🙂

  4. Oh Anne, that is just gorgeous! I think I have to get the pattern and cast on this evening! Helena is growing into such a beautiful young woman, you must be so thankful to be able to use her as a model. She complements your designs so well.

  5. Hmmm…could there be a pair of mitts waiting to be published to match this beautiful cowl/scarf? That would be a wonderful ‘set’ for a gift. Helena is a sweet model with a very gentle look.

  6. This may be the ticket to get me out of my knitting funk. So beautiful and I can’t wait to CO!

  7. Yet again, a gorgeous design! How do you do it!
    Helena is a beautiful young woman…what a great model for your designs.

  8. That is just gorgeous! I’ve not had that ‘just GOT to cast that on!’ for a while, but this is it! Can you wave a magic wand and magic me up some Breakfast Blend to arrive in my hands NOW please! ;-). Just lovely!

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